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Chouten Sawafuji

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Chouten Sawafuji

File:TMSFE Chouten Sawafuji.png
Official image of Chouten Sawafuji.







Starting class

Dark Flier

Voiced by

Keigo Manaka


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Impressive... Most impressive... That voice... That composure... An infinite vessel that accepts all fans' feelings... It can only be equated to enlightenment... An idol's true essence... To think one could attain this in a body of flesh...
— Chouten Sawafuji

Chouten Sawafuji (Japanese: 沢藤 頂天 Chouten Sawafuji) is a side story character appearing in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE


During the side-story A Wind Colored Tsubasa, Maiko informs Tsubasa that Chouten will compose a song for Tsubasa's first solo concert. However, when Chouten arrives at the office, he refuses the job and acts strangely, talking to himself about making a song for the deceased singer Azusa Maekawa. After he leaves, Maiko explains that Azusa's Performa was consumed whole by a Mirage one year prior, killing her. Kiria and Tharja attempted to defeat the mirage at the time, but Azusa's Performa made it too powerful, and they had to retreat. Tsubasa is concerned for Chouten's safety, and heads to Illusory Daitou TV Station, where Sawafuji is scheduled for a meeting but hasn't shown up.

Itsuki's group find Chouten with a Mirage named Pheros, who is wielding Azusa's Performa and steadily taking Chouten's. Pheros begins to sing Chouten's new song with overwhelming strength, but Tsubasa counters with her own singing to free Chouten from the Mirage's grasp, and the group defeat Pheros in battle.

Chouten, now back to his senses, requests that Tsubasa allow him to compose a song for her, and she agrees. After performing the song, Fly: You're My Wind, at a live concert, Tsubasa is approached by Chouten again, requesting to compose another song for her in the future. He promptly leaves before she can respond.


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Chouten is a very skilled composer, known as the "Platinum-Hit Man" and in high demand in the music industry.

He is socially awkward but has a serious demeanor, speaking in monotone and making several long pauses during and between sentences. He uses a very grandiose and artistic vocabulary, with words such as "enlightenment", "divine", and "revolution". He also has a tendency to approach very close to whoever he is talking to, which tends to make others uncomfortable. Despite this, he shows much more emotion when talking about his craft, shown by his joyful demeanor when giving Pheros a new song. It is implied that he had a close working relationship with Azusa, and had not fully moved on from her passing until after the Pheros incident.


  • Chouten's physical appearance is based on that of Yoshiaki Fujisawa, who was the music composer of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.[citation needed]. His name is also a play on Fujisawa's name, swapping its two characters around.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Chouten Sawafuji

Romanization of his Japanese name.


沢藤 頂天

Chouten Sawafuji. His surname is composed of the elements sawa "marsh" and fuji, the Japanese wisteria; his given name is composed of the elements chou "peak" and ten "sky".



Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Fire Emblem Heroes.



Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Heroes.



Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Heroes.



Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Heroes.



Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Heroes.

Traditional Chinese

澤藤 頂天

Chouten Sawafuji; used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Heroes.



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