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Chosen by Fate/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Gotoh: To make it this far, Marth... It is the measure of a true hero.
Marth: Sage Gotoh! Why have you come to this place?
Gotoh: Men are foolish...and I had sworn to let the affairs of the world proceed without me. But watching your struggles, I came to think perhaps I was too hasty in my judgment. I cannot defeat Medeus on my own. But I will happily lay his minions to rest. Go forth, he who has been chosen by the goddess... Altea's prince of light! Cast the Shadow Dragon back into the darkness! Bury him in the earth he crawled out from!

Medeus initiates a battle

Medeus: Rebels that dare disturb my consumed by the flames of hell!

Medeus dies

Medeus: Me? Defeated? By humans... Mere humans... Take this to heart, Altean prince, inheritor of the light... One day... As long as wickedness dwells in the hearts of humans... I will rise anew... Never forget... As long as there is light...the darkness can never be extinguished!


Medeus is defeated. The Dolhr Empire once again fades into darkness. After three long years of battle across Archanea for Marth and his friends... Light breaks upon the land, and the darkness recedes. And after a long journey Marth can finally put down his sword.
— Ending

If Caeda is alive

Caeda: long last, we can return to Talys!
Marth: Yes, we can. And I must report to your father. But after that, I will immediately head to Altea...
Caeda: Yes...
Marth: War has brought my land to ruin. We must not waste any time in rebuilding.
Nyna: Oh, Marth. Hehe. I see you are not one to speak easily of what is most precious to you. You are a hero! This is a challenge you must not shrink from! Hurry and tell her.
Marth: Princess Nyna! I- I would never... Well, how shall I put- Caeda?
Caeda: Oh! Y-yes?
Marth: Would...would you journey to Altea with me?
Caeda: Why...yes! I would love to.

If Caeda died

Nyna: Prince Marth, your remarkable struggle has come to an end. You have saved us all. The cost of that victory, however... For you, it was far too much to bear. I am sorry.
Marth: Princess Nyna... It is my fault that Caeda was killed, not yours. Do not apologize. I will soon... No, as long as I do live... I will never forget her.
Nyna: It is as I suspected. Do not blame yourself... Perhaps for us, this victory could only come at the cost of those we loved. Sad as it may be, it is the fate the Fire Emblem has borne across generations...

The long war has ended. The darkness over the world has been dispelled. Marth and his companions are now victorious. But this is but one legend of Falchion, the blade of light. To arms! For the next adventure has already begun...
— End crawl

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe12 menu background 01.png

The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After a fierce battle, the allied army finally entered Dolhr castle. They had surrounded the castle, and charged inside from all four gates. But separating Marth's army was Medeus's trap. The final battle, which will decide life or death, has begun. The chosen heroes' destined battle...
— Chapter 20 Intro


Gotoh: Marth. You truly are a hero for being able to reach here. In the past I used to hate these stupid humans, and so I cut off communications with them. However, after seeing you, I have now realized that humans aren't a lost hope. Go forth! The deities' chosen one, Altea's Prince of Light. Send the Dark Earth Dragon, Medeus, back to the eternal darkness once again!!

(Medeus transforms)

Fighting Medeus

Medeus: I have awakened from my sleep. Rebels! You will suffer a fiery death by the flames of Hell.

Killing Medeus

Medeus: Urgh... I could be... Defeated by humans... But the heart. Altea's prince, protected by the light... There will be... one day... When the peoples' hearts only have evil inside them, and that is when my manifestations will appear. The heart... As long as there is light, darkness will never fade away...


With the Dark Earth Dragon, Medeus's defeat, the Dolhr Empire disappeared into the darkness once again. The 5 year war of Archanea was finally over. The continent of Archanea, which was surrounded by darkness, once again welcomed the light. And so, Marth's long journey had now finally come to an end...
— Ending

If Caeda is alive

Caeda: Lord Marth... I can finally return to Talys.
Marth: Mmm... Caeda. You must go back to report to your father, right? But if you don't return to Altea immediately afterwards, then...
Caeda: ...Yes....?
Marth: Uh... Well... These lands, which have been ruined by war, must be restored as soon as possible.
Nyna: Haha, Marth, always leaving the most important things until last. If you're a hero, then don't try to beat around the bush! Go ahead and tell Caeda about your feelings.
Marth: Nyna... What should I...? Ah, my head... Caeda...
Caeda: Oh! Ye-yes!?
Marth: I hope... That you and I can go back together to Altea...
Caeda: ! ... Yes. I would like that...

If Caeda is dead

Nyna: Prince Marth... Thank you. Everything's finally over. Because of your efforts, this world was saved. But to you, the price to pay for this victory was too large. I am truly sorry.
Marth: Nyna, please don't say that. Caeda's death was because of my own mistake. But... Caeda, for a while... Even to my death, I won't forget her.
Nyna: Marth... Your love for her is... But, don't put the blame on yourself... Perhaps it is because we lost our loved ones that we were able to reach this promised victory. Although it is sorrowful, this is the eternal curse of the Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

The long war had been fought, Archanea’s many lands freed, and now the League had cornered their archenemy within his castle. They broke into four groups and stormed the four gates of Dolhr Keep- unaware that this was exactly what Medeus was expecting. Bravely, these warriors fate had chosen steeled themselves for one last struggle.
— Final Chapter intro

During battle

Marth: We made it. Now we just have to find Medeus...

(If went to Chapter 24x)

(Nagi teleports into the map)

Nagi: I can sense it...A sinister will is at work here...

(Nagi joins)

(If didn’t went to Chapter 24x)

(Enter Malledus)

Malledus: Sire! Lord Gotoh is here to see you.

(Enter Gotoh)

Gotoh: Marth, you have fought splendidly.

Marth: Lord Gotoh?! What are you doing here?

Gotoh: I washed my hands of humankind and their foolish ways long ago. But you and your companions have convinced me that was a rash decision. Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Allow me to offer what help I can.

Marth: You mean you’ll fight with us?

(If playing in Normal Mode)

Gotoh: Yes. I may lack the power to stop Medeus, but his minions are another story. Let this old man strike them down and clear a path for you. ...The gods have chosen you, Marth, prince of light. Go now, and win back a future for us all. Your family would be proud.

Marth: ....!

(Flashback to all the way back in Prologue)

Cain: His last words were as follows: “Tell my son that I leave the future of Altea and our continent in his hands.”

(Flashback to another scene in Prologue)

Malledus: Your sister knows that you are the future of Altea- nay, the whole land!

(Back to present times)

Marth: Come, my friends! We have a dragon to tame! Help me confine Medeus to the shadows for all eternity and bring light back into the world!

(Gotoh joins)

(If playing in Hard Mode)

Gotoh: Yes. I may lack the power to stop Medeus, but his minions are another story. Let this old man strike them down and clear a path for you. ...The gods have chosen you, Marth, prince of light.

Marth: Come, my friends! We have a dragon to tame! Help me confine Medeus to the shadows for all eternity and bring light back into the world!

(Gotoh joins)

(A scene is shown where Medeus transforms into his dragon form)

Against Medeus

Medeus: Foolish humans! You dare disturb me while I slumber? Oh, how you will regret it as you die slowly...painfully...writhing in the fires of the inferno!

(With Nagi)

Medeus: Hmm? So... I am not the only dragon revived. I had heard you perished the last time. No matter; you’ve recovered even less of your power than me. This time, you have no chance!

Defeating Medeus

Medeus: Nngh...Defeated humans! Know this, Altean prince... That light which surrounds you is only a temporary respite. So long as the darkness in your hearts continues to sustain me...I cannot be...destroyed..... Rrraaahhh!!!!!


After Medeus’s demise, Dolhr would relax its shadowy grip on the land and fade into obscurity: the empire was finished. The fires of war that had raged across Archanea would die, and light would come to take darkness’s place. But before any of that came to pass, there were a few final moments of Marth’s tale that need telling...
— Final Chapter Ending

(If Caeda is still alive at the end of the game)

Caeda: Marth, you did it. It’s finally over.

Marth: I’ve waiting a long time for this day. And now I’m not entirely certain what to do with it...

Caeda:, we haven’t talked much since leaving Talys. But I thought.. Do you know where you will be going?

Marth: To Altea, of course. War has left my kingdom in shambles. I cannot waste another day; I must return to help rebuild.

Caeda: So...I suppose that means you have bid Talys farewell for good...

Marth: Don’t be silly, Caeda. I need to at least go thank your father and tell him the fighting is done.

Caeda: My father...? Marth, I’m not asking about my- Never mind. Please excuse me...

(Shiida leaves and Nyna walks in)

Nyna: Marth, did something happen? I just passed Caeda, and she looked heartbroken...

Marth: No... Well, we were just talking. And she asked me...

Nyna: Ha ha, oh, Marth... How can a man who faced the Shadow Dragon be so desperate to avoid facing his own feelings?

Marth: I- my- what? I don’t know what you are talking about.

Nyna: You wish to send Caeda home to Talys, then, and return to Altea alone? That is what you want?

Marth: Well, that’s where we both belong. I don’t see what my wants have to do with anything.

Nyna: Clearly not. Marth, if you have anything to say to Caeda, say it now. Love cannot always make the leap from heart to heart by itself; sometimes you must speak it aloud and give it wings. Surely a great leader like you can muster the courage for that?

Marth: .....

(Marth leaves and finds Caeda)

Marth: Caeda...might I, er, have a moment?

Caeda: .....?

Marth: I did not speak with my heart before. When I said I would go to Altea, I... Well, I had meant... I hoped you would be at my side.

Caeda: .....!

Marth: As you said, we have not spoken much since Talys. With you, I felt I never had to say a word. If the battle started to take its toll, you were always there...close by...I would see you there, so beaut- ahem, so brave... and I would, um,....derive! Yes, derive great strength! Derive... ....Ugh, why is this so difficult?! Caeda, I’m just trying to tell you I-

Caeda: Marth... Shh. Me too... Me too.

(If Caeda died)

Nyna: Well done, Marth. Our struggle is finally over. You have saved our world.

Marth: Not just me. Many fought at my side... And died.

Nyna: Marth... You loved her, didn’t you? Caeda.

Marth: ...She was the one I most wanted to keep safe. But I failed, and I have lost her forever... It occurs to me now that perhaps she was the one protecting me all along. Caeda... Why did you take up arms with a fool like me?

Nyna: Marth, do not blame yourself. ...Remember Anri and Artemis. We are their descendants; perhaps we were always meant to share their curse as well as their blood. And... perhaps only the curse has exacted its price could our battle with the Shadow Dragon be won. This peace we have made... We must cherish it, Marth. We have both paid so dearly for it. Let us work together to ensure none must endure a tragedy like our again.

“So concludes the tale of Falchion, blade of light; Marth, its wielder; and his battle with the Shadow Dragon. Herein its events have been chronicled, that none may ever forget.”