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This page contains all data pertaining to Chloé's supports in Fire Emblem Engage.


C support

Alear: ...
Chloé: Hehehe, you're so adorable when you sleep, Divine One.
Alear: Huh?!
Chloé: Oh, good morning. Did I wake you?
Alear: Were you watching me sleep? Again?!
Chloé: Yes. Sorry about that.
Alear: You should just leave me be if I nod off while I'm sitting outside. It's unnerving to wake up on your own and find someone staring at you.
Chloé: Oh, I never mean to do that, Divine One. But you slept for a thousand years, just like a character from a fairy tale. Your sleeping form is so heavenly that I can't help staring at it.
Alear: I get that. But I still must have been a ridiculous sight, sleeping here of all places.
Chloé: Oh, no! Not at all. But I have a compromise in mind. Hear me out. If I'm always there when you wake up, maybe you'll get used to it and it won't be so startling. All we'd have to do is set up an extra bed for me in your chamber.
Alear: Nope! Not doing that!
Chloé: Oh dear. Shot down...

B Support

Chloé: You slept for a thousand years. And when you woke, you were thrust into battle against the forces of evil. You're the absolute picture of a fairy-tale hero!
Alear: I?
Chloé: Oh yes. One doesn't meet people as extraordinary as you every day. Yours is not the average person's life. You are fated for exhilaration and excitement! Oh, how I wish it were mine...
Alear: I don't know...
Chloé: What? Why not?
Alear: There are many burdens I must bear, and while I don't regret this life... You're absolutely right that my days will never be considered average. Sometimes, average seems like it might not be so bad.
Chloé: Oh. I'm really sorry about that. I was just so swept up in my own desire for a fairy-tale life... I didn't stop to consider how someone already living one might feel.
Alear: You don't have to apologize, Chloé. I know you didn't mean anything by it.
Chloé: I still feel a little guilty, though. Oh, I know! I'll bring you a special, delicious treat as an apology. There's this rare, picked, deep-sea fish I've been into. It's sour enough to knock you flat! I'll go fetch some right now. You're gonna love it!
Alear: No need! Really! I'm getting queasy enough just picturing it!

A Support

Alear: You know, I've noticed how often you bring up your wish to live a fairy-tale life...
Chloé: Uh-huh. I've wanted that for myself ever since I was a child. I was born into a noble family. Everything in my life was planned out for me by my parents. My role as a noble daughter was to get married and then devote myself to my partner's family. They wouldn't even let me eat the street food I love so much. It wasn't ordinary for a noble girl. I hated every part of that life.
Alear: I had no idea.
Chloé: The life I wanted for myself was free, thrilling, and very out of the ordinary.
Alear: I didn't mean to stir up so many painful memories, Chloé.
Chloé: Oh, it's OK. They're just memories. And my dream came true when I got to be a knight. Meeting Princess Céline—and you—let me live the kind of life I always fantasized about. Isn't fighting alongside the Divine Dragon and the royal family better than any fairy tale?
Alear: When you put it like that, you might be right.
Chloé: I wonder if they'll tell stories about this war someday.
Alear: It's certainly possible. And when they do... I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up as a major character in them.
Chloé: What?! I...never thought about that. But it's a nice idea! I must become the kind of virtuous knight little kids aspire to be when they hear the story.
Alear: You're already well on your way there, Chloé.
Chloé: Haha, thanks, Divine One.

Ring Support

Alear: I think you've been rubbing off on me, Chloé.
Chloé: I have? How?
Alear: Just like you wish for a fairy-tale life, I've been thinking about a dream life of my own.
Chloé: Well, I think that's wonderful! Now that you have an idea of what your dream is, you can start to make it real.
Alear: It might not be that simple. There are parts of this dream I can't fulfill by myself.
Chloé: What else do you need?
Alear: You, Chloé.
Chloé: Me?!
Alear: When I think about the life I want after the war, it feels hollow if you're not in it somewhere. And if you're the hero of your own fairy tale, I want to be your supporting character.
Chloé: Oh my goodness...
Alear: If you feel the same way, then I hope you'll accept this gift. I saved it just for you.
Chloé: This is the Pact Ring...
Alear: You were right when you said that mine is not the average person's life. And it may be a lot to ask for you to share in that life, knowing it won't be ordinary. But I had to know.
Chloé: You had only to ask, Alear. I never wanted an ordinary life. The chance to see myself in your story... I can't think of a happier ending than that.
Alear: Well?
Chloé: Of course I'll wear the ring. And I'll be right there, building your dream along with you.
Alear: Thank you, Chloé.
Chloé: Today is the opening chapter of the tale of the Divine One and me. A story for the ages!


C Support

Chloé: This mission is taking so much longer than I thought. By the time I'm done, it'll be too late.
Framme: What's the rush, Chloé? Ooh, do you have a hot date tonight?!
Chloé: Nope. There's this folk-food stall I was hoping to visit.
Framme: A folk-food stall?
Chloé: Yeah. I have a thing for local foods made with unusual ingredients. But the shops that sold them were already rare, and the war has made them almost nonexistent. I'd heard there was a food stall opening today, so I was hoping to check it out.
Framme: If it's that important to you, I can go in your place. I'll be your personal shopper!
Chloé: You'd do that for me?
Framme: Sure! I'm not so busy that I can't make a slight detour on the errands I was running anyway.
Chloé: Whoa, thanks! I think I'll take you up on that.
Framme: So, what can I get for you?
Chloé: It’s roasted snake meat between two buns. They call it a snake sandwich!
Framme: Wh— Why would anyone...
Chloé: Folk food is always tied to local traditions. Eating it is like taking a bite of history. That's what makes it so great.
Framme: Oh... Huh. I think that makes sense…from a certain point of view. Anyway, I'll be back in two shakes with your sandwich of snakes!
Chloé: Here’s some money. Buy one for yourself, too, so we can eat them together!

B Support

Framme: One snake sandwich, as requested! Here you go.
Chloé: Thanks! I'm gonna try it right now. ... What a sandwich! The fluffy bread lulls you in, and then crunch! The roasted snake hits you! It's a flavor cascade from the first bite. Twelve out of ten.
Framme: Yay! I'm so glad you like it.
Chloé: What the?! There's something slightly off about this...
Framme: Huh?
Chloé: Are you sure this is a snake sandwich?
Framme: Sure, I'm sure. Look, you can see the roast snake right there, yeah?
Chloé: No. It's close, but it's not snake. I think it's actually...eel?
Framme: Ah! I think you're right… I'm so sorry! I remember now... The snake sandwich stall was next to the eel stall.
Chloé: Oh, so you went to the wrong one? Aw, Framme.
Framme: This is just the kind of screwup I keep making as Steward of the Dragon too. I'm real sorry.
Chloé: Don't worry about it. Even if it's eel and not snake, my rating stands. Here, try for yourself.
Framme: OK. Here goes... What the heck? Has eel always been this good?!
Chloé: That's what I'm saying. It's like I'm tasting it for the first time. The true appeal of eel. Oh, that reminds me. I heard about another new food stall opening up soon. If you don't mind, could I ask you to go buy me some more eel dishes?
Framme: I'm on it! And this time, I'll definitely get your order right.

A Support

Framme: OK, I'm back. And I brought fried eel.
Chloé: Nice. Ooh, they cut it into little bite-sized chunks too. Time to give it the ol' taste test!
Framme: Go for it!
Chloé: Mmm, these are good. There's a nice softness to the inside once you get past the outer crust. Hm? Oh.
Framme: What's up? Oh no, don't tell me...
Chloé: This isn't eel.
Framme: Aww! I'm so, so, so sorry!
Chloé: So, uh, what am I eating?
Framme: I just checked the receipt, and it's...fried bugs.
Chloé: Bugs?! Oh... That's amazing! I had no idea bugs could be so delicious.
Framme: Are you— You're really OK with that?!
Chloé: Hm? Well, sure! It's gonna be tough to stop myself from eating all of them.
Framme: Wow. I thought for sure you'd be mad.
Chloé: What's to be mad about? Thanks to you, I've got a new kind of folk food to look out for. If I'd sent anyone else, I'd just be eating the same old fried eel again. I should keep you in mind for the next time I'm too busy to hit up a new food stall too.
Framme: I'd love that! Anything to be helpful. So, can I take your order for the next time?
Chloé: Hmm, what am I in the mood for? Wait, what am I saying? The whole point is to see what you manage to come up with. Finding out what you somehow bring me is half the fun. Who knows what I'll end up eating next!
Framme: Hahaha, thanks! Here’s to more mystery meals!