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Champions of Yore 1/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in Champions of Yore 1, triggered when a character either speaks to a specific NPC ally character or gets into battle against a specific enemy character.

Conversations with ally characters

Chrom with Pr. Marth

Chrom: If it's all right...might I ask you something?
Pr. Marth: What is it, sir?
Chrom: ...Do you realize what you are? Where you came from, I mean?
Pr. Marth: I am Prince Marth of Altea.
Chrom: No, I don't mean who you were. I mean...
Pr. Marth: ...I fear the significance of your question eludes me.
Chrom: Right...sorry. Never mind. It was a silly thing to ask.
Pr. Marth: Not at all.
Chrom: He doesn't seem to realize he's been summoned from the card...

Robin with Ike

Ike: Are you the tactician? Your army is visiting from another world, isn't it?
Robin: You're very perceptive.
Ike: Do your people fight more or less the same as we do?
Robin: As far as I can tell, yes.
Ike: Good. Shouldn't be too difficult for me to adapt, then. But if my style gets in your way, don't be afraid to say so..
Robin: I won't. Thank you.

Lissa with Alm

Alm: Hmm... What have we here?
Lissa: Uh...I dunno. What do we have?
Alm: I'm just surprised to see women fighting for your army.
Lissa: I'm pretty sure the women in my army would take offense to that! I ate a bear once, you know. With my teeth!
Alm: I'm not mocking you. One of my closest comrades is a woman. They say women have a high resistance to magic.
Lissa: Maybe chauvinism is just highly flammable.
Alm: Ha! I will keep that in mind.

Conversations with enemy characters

Chrom vs. Eirika

Eirika: So you really are brigands. Why did you lie to me, sir? I will not stand for being deceived!
Chrom: How can I deceive you if I can't even get a word in edgewise? ... But if it's a fight you want, I can deliver in spades.

Robin(M) vs. Celica

Celica: The brigands' tactician. Why have you attacked us without provocation?
Robin: You're asking me? It's that old coot's fault we're even— Ugh, never mind...
Celica: If you will not state your motives, then I must take that as an admission of guilt. Now open your arms, sir, and welcome justice's embrace!

Lissa vs. Julia

Lissa: about we just stop fighting now? Is that asking too much? I think we'd all like each other if we just sat back and had a nice cup of—
Julia: You speak poetry, milady. But not reality.
Lissa: Um, I wasn't being serious, actually. See, you were supposed to... Oh, never mind. Let's just get this over with already.

Virion vs. Elincia

Virion: What is that bouquet upon the wind? Ah, it is you, milady. A woman of your beauty and caliber must exude grace upon the battlefield.
Elincia: There is no grace to be found in war. Only sorrow. But if that is the currency in which you trade, then let us barter and be done.

Miriel vs. Lilina

Miriel: I sense voluminous reserves of magic amalgamating within you. It should prove quite elucidating to dissect you piece by piece.
Lilina: What?! I'm not some frog for you to pick apart!
Miriel: No, of course not. I have no interest in frogs. But come at me anyway. Let us see whether or not you croak.

Kellam vs. Caeda

Caeda: You have a kindness about you, sir. Why do you cast your lot with brigands? Lay down your arms now, and let us make peace.
Kellam: ...Why does the first person in a week to even SEE me think I'm a brigand?

Maribelle vs. Micaiah

Micaiah: I demand you cease your attack on this kingdom!
Maribelle: And why should I care what you want? You dress like the basest of baseborn. ...Hmm? But then again...the way you bear yourself...

Gregor vs. Lyn

Lyn: I am Lyn of the Lorca tribe, and I will give brigands no quarter!
Gregor: Oh, for crying out loudly! What part of gentle Gregor resemble hairy brigand?
Lyn: The unwashed part.
Gregor: Oy! You make the joke with Gregor, yes?

Henry vs. Deirdre

Deirdre: Must another battlefield run red with blood and sorrow?
Henry: Nya ha! That's what battlefields are for! Otherwise we'd call them "boringfields."

Owain vs. Nanna

Owain: Ah-hah! At last I have you, fiend! My blood curdles like milk spoiled by your!
Nanna: If your humors disagree with you, sir, perhaps you ought retreat?
Owain: Urgh... Actually, I feel fine. Damn your cleverness!