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Champions of Aurelis/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Hardin: Princess Nyna, the Altean Army has appeared on the opposite side of the river.
Nyna: Oh, Hardin, have they really? So Prince Marth has come…
Hardin: Finally, we can build a force to fight back. Princess, it is dangerous here. Please wait for the prince inside the fortress. Together with Altea, we will retake the castle!

Houses and Villages


  • Old man: There are many treasures within the castle walls. However, if you do not have a thief in your army, you will not be able to open the chests!
  • Woman: I hear that the shops in Port Warren sell many rare items. If you plan to travel there, don't waste your gold beforehand!
  • Woman: Many foes wait inside the fortresses, ready to enter the battle. Block them so they can't get out!


Young man: Boy! What's that look on your face? Haven't you ever seen a backwoods village like this before? Speaking of rare sights… When I was last in Pyrathi, I saw a manakete! An old man stood there, but suddenly, he turned into a dragon! What a shock… Truth told, I was scared out of my wits at the sight of it! I've heard rumors about the dragonkin, that some survived to this day. Still, I never thought I'd see a manakete with my own eyes! What are you looking at? Oh, this? I picked it up on my trip. It's unusual, this glowing stone… I have no idea what it's for, so you can have it! It makes me uncomfortable anyway. What a nice young man! I hope we can speak again.
(Received a Firestone)

Recruiting Wendell

With Marth

Wendell: Prince! I am Wendell, a bishop of Khadein. We are a peaceful people. But our pleas were met only with cruelty by Gharnef as he seized the city. Thanks to his dark influence, many mages have now allied themselves with Dolhr. Please, with the strength of your forces, find a way to put an end to Gharnef's ambitions.
(Wendell joins)

With Merric

Merric: Oh! Master Wendell? Yes, it's you!
Wendell: Ah, Merric! How have you been, lad? You certainly look well.
Merric: I was able to find Prince Marth of Altea! And I have joined his army as well. We are fighting the tyranny of Dolhr! Why are you here, Master?
Wendell: How can I say this… Sadly, Khadein has fallen into darkness. A fiend called Gharnef has seized control. He has turned the city toward the shadow… I could not bear to serve him, so I fled on my own.
Merric: What awful news! Master, please… Consider lending us your strength. If Gharnef serves Dolhr, he is our enemy! We will find a way to take Khadein back. I know the prince would be overjoyed to have so great a bishop as you as an ally, Master.
Wendell: Hmm… Though I deplore violence, I cannot see another path… Very well, Merric. I will join your fight. Please let the prince know I am at his service.
(Wendell joins)


King of Aurelis: Well met, Prince Marth! Princess Nyna has taken refuge in a fortress, but you will see her soon. Many enemies await you in the castle. You face many dangers. Do be careful.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


The plains to the north east of Archanea are ruled by the Kingdom of Aurelis. Since its formation, it has had a close relationship with the Holy Kingdom of Archanea, to the north. Other countries have completely fallen, and one half of Aurelis has been conquered by Macedon. However the King's younger brother, Hardin, nicknamed the "Wold of the Plains", continues fighting. It was also thanks to Duke Hardin that Archanea's Princess Nyna was able to arrive safely. It has already been several months since letters were sent, containing plans to defeat the Dolhr Empire... But these sad cries for help were left unanswered. Facing the Macedonian army's elite forces, their fate is also reaching its end...
— Chapter 4 Intro


Hardin: Princess Nyna, the Altean army has appeared across the river.
Nyna: Huh? Is that true, Hardin? Does that mean Prince Marth has finally come...?
Hardin: That's right. Now we can finally restore our army's strength. But, Princess Nyna, it's going to be dangerous, so please wait inside the fort. We will come back together with the Altean knights. Men, charge!

Houses and Villages


  • Old man: Hoho! Horses and Pegasi can't be used inside castles. You wouldn't want those animals wandering around inside your own home, would you? The smell would be awful.
  • Old man: If you get separated during battle, it can be dangerous. But, having somebody distract the enemy is also a good tactic.
  • Old man: In castles there will be many chests filled with treasure. However only thieves can open them.
  • Man: In the forts, there are many enemies making preparations for battle. It's best to take control of them before reinforcements start appearing.
  • Old man: The scariest foes are Dracoknights. If you're careless you'll get yourselves killed by them.
  • Old woman: You can use a key in front of a door or drawbridge to open them.
  • Man: The Armorslayer is effective against Knights and Generals. The Ridersbane is effective against Cavaliers and Paladins. The Rapier is effective against them all, but only princes can wield it. Also all weapons will break if you use them too much. Be wary of that.

Southern Village

Boy: Kid, what are you looking at? You haven't seen many rural towns like this? Now that you mention it, I remember the time I went to Pyrathi. I was really shocked when I first saw a Manakete... An ordinary looking old man suddenly transformed into a gigantic dragon. That was really... surprising. Well... I knew that the dragon tribe had some survivors. But I didn't expect them to be so impressive. Huh...? Oh... This? I found it there. I don't know what it is, but you don't see many glowing red stones like this, right? Oh well. It doesn't seem normal to me. If you want, you can have it. See you, kid. I hope we can meet again.
Firestone obtained.

Northern Village

Merric: Oh! Prince Marth, it's been a while.
Marth: Huh? Oh, Merric... Merric!?
Merric: Yeah, it's me! When I was studying at Khadein, I heard war broke out, so I came to look for your highness.
Marth: Really...? Thank you. With you in our ranks, I can relax. You will help me, right?
Merric: Of course. Check out the might of my Excalibur magic that I learnt at Khadein.
(Merric joins)

Fighting Matthis

Matthis: Lena... Where are you? Even just once, I want to see you before I die...

Killing Matthis

Matthis: Lena... Forgive this useless borther.

Recruiting Matthis

Lena: Matthis, brother! Brother, it's me Lena.
Matthis: Ah, Lena!? Why are you here...?
Lena: I was captured by the Ghoul's Teeth bandits, but the Alteans rescued me. But, brother, why are you in the army?
Matthis: After you fled from Prince Michalis, Macedon became more and more ruthless. The prince despised me, so he forced me to join the army and fight here. I detest fighting, but if I don't cooperate, they'll execute me. I don't really have a choice.
Lena: No, brother. You should have been brave and walked on your own path! It was Macedon that was wrong, for allying the Dolhr Empire and causing its people to suffer. What they're doing is deplorable. Brother, it's not too late. Come with us, and join the Altea Alliance. Everybody will welcome you, because they're all good people.
Matthis: ...Really? I understand. Since I'm going to die anyway, I might as well die a glorious death. However I heard that you flatly denied the prince's proposal. My life is going to be hard with a sister like you. That said, you're still a woman. Are there any guys that take your fancy?
Lena: Huh...? No, there's nobody...
Matthis: Huh? I was so sure there was. Nevermind, you've already reached the age to freely love. But, remember what I am about to say: Never fall in love with a thief.
Lena: ...Huh...? But...
Matthis: ...Okay, that's good. Well, Lena, don't push yourself too hard. I'll just go and say my farewells to the Macedonian army.
(Matthis joins)

Battling Merach

Merach: This castle is Minerva's. I won't let you enter freely.

Killing Merach

Merach: You... Don't think you've won.


King of Aurelis: Oh, Prince Marth, you came at the perfect time. Princess Nyna has almost arrived here from the fort. However there are still many enemies in the castle. Please be careful.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Trace a line around the continent's north-eastern plains, and you have Aurelis. This kingdom alone had somehow resisted Dolhr's attempts to conquer it, but only by some miracle. By the time Marth arrived in Aurelis, much of its territory had already been carved up by Dolhr's ally Macedon.
Still, the king's younger brother, Hardin, refused to give up without a fight. The people called him Coyote, and he intended to live up to the name. Since its founding, Aurelis and the holy kingdom of Archaneia shared close ties and months ago Princess Nyna of Archaneia had come to Hardin's aid. By his side, she had called on the people to fight- but few remained to answer.

Macedon's finest soldiers were closing in. Nyna knew they were out of time...

— Chapter 5 intro

During battle

Hardin: Princess Nyna, I've spotted them! The Altean army is on the far side of the river.

Nyna: They're here? At last! Prince Marth has come for us!

Hardin: So it seems. Now, what say you we turn this battle around? I'm going to take my men east to join our might with Marth's. Together we will retake the castle. Stay here, my lady, and wait for the good news.

Houses and villages

  • Villager: A castle like ours must be chock full o' royal treasure! Ah, but only a thief could get inside chests locked that tight...
  • Villager: The shops in Port Warren feature wares both rare and wonderful. Be thrifty with your gold now if you've any plans to venture that way later! Also, keep in mind that shops only keep a limited stock of some items; once they're sold out, you can't buy any more.
  • Villager: Word has it the enemy is mustering its forces in the fortresses nearby. You'd better hurry and send units to bar their exit.
  • Village:

Villager: Well g'day, there, son! ...Why the wide-eyed stare? Ain'cha never seen a country village before? You know, speakin' o' rare sights, I once went to Pyrathi, where I saw me a real live Manakete! Cripes, let me tell you what a shock THAT was! In a blink, this regular old feller turned into an enormous dragon! I mean, I ain't stupid. I'd heard of the dragonkin before. I'd just always assumed Manaketes looked somethin' like parakeets. Sheesh... ...What? Oh, this? I picked this stone up while I was there. Dunno what it is, but how often do you spy a glowin' red rock, ya know what I'm sayin' But honestly, it's been kinda creepin' me out lately. You want it? Go on ‘n' take it. Sheesh...
(Obtained a Firestone)

When recruiting Wendell with Merric

Merric: Oh... Master Wendell! Teacher!

Wendell: Well, hello, Merric! What a surprise! Good to see you haven's blown yourself up yet.

Merric: Not yet, sir. But I did find Prince Marth, just like I said I would. I've joined the Altean army in the fight against Dolhr. ...Why are you here, Teacher?

Wendell: Hmm... It's Khadein, lad. The land is not as you remember it. That fiend Gharnef seized power, and now he's draped the city in darkness. I fear Khadein is doomed... I could not stay and serve him. So, I snuck out alone.”

Merric: Very brave of you, sir. Hmm... Why don't you join us, then? If Gharnef is helping Dolhr, then he's a bitter enemy of ours as much as he is to yours and Khadein's. We couldn't possibly leave the city in his clutches. And I'm sure the prince would be pleased as pie to have magic as robust as yours in his arsenal.”

Wendell: Hmm, you do know how to argue a point. I've no taste for war, but war is what I've been served. Come, Merric. We'll fight together. Tell your prince of Altea that Wendell is at his service.

When recruiting Wendell with Marth

Wendell: Prince Marth, I am Wendell, a pontifex of Khadein, city of magic. Our pleas for peace have failed, and Khadein has been taken over by one of the other pontifices. His name is Gharnef, and he and the many mages who swear allegiance to him have allied themselves with Dolhr. Prince Marth, I ask you now: please lend me your help in thwarting his vile ambitions.

Conversation: Marth and Wendell (if Merric recruited Wendell)

Wendell: Prince Marth, I am Wendell, a pontifex of Khadein, City of Magic. Our pleas for peace have failed, and Khadein has been taken over by one of the other pontifices. His name is Gharnef, and he and the many mages who swear allegiance to him have allied themselves with Dolhr. Prince Marth, I ask you now: please lend me your help in thwarting his vile ambitions.

Conversation: Marth and Hardin

Marth: Lord Hardin, I am Marth of Altea. I've come to offer what help I can.

Hardin: And I very gratefully accept it. Stories of your exploits travel fast, young prince. I feel as though I've gained a thousand allies in one.

Marth: I've heard a few stories of you as well, Coyote. It will be an honor to fight alongside such a courageous man.

Hardin: I've left Princess Nyna someplace safe for now. We need to decide who will command here. I was hoping it would be you.

Marth: Me? But, Sir Hardin, you are far more qualified-

Hardin: Tsk, Princess Nyna would not be pleased to hear us nitpicking over who will be listed in the history books. Take command, so we can oust this Macedonian scum and be done with it.

Marth: You are sure?

Hardin: Make no mistake. Lord Marth. I consider myself an exceptionally good judge of character. If I thought you acted out of selfishness or ambition, I would not extend the offer I have. You have my trust.

Marth: Lord Hardin, thank you. That is an honor. If you don't mind me saying so... I feel as though I've made a good friend. We share the same ideals, I think.

Hardin: That we do. May our friendship be a long one.

Against Merach

Merach: Princess Minerva bade me guard this castle in her absence. You shall not take it so long as I stand!

Defeating Merach

Merach: Heh... You think you've won, wretch? Far from it...


Aurelis King: Prince Marth, your arrival could not have been better timed. Please accept our gratitude. Princess Nyna of Archaneia is en route from the fortress. I am sure she will wish to meet you. The battle is not won yet, though: many of the enemy continue to hold out within the castle's halls. Stay wary.