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This page contains all data pertaining to Cecilia's supports.


Cecilia Portrait cecilia fe06.png Initial: 20
Per turn: +2
Is gba animaaffin.png × Is gba fireaffin.png
Portrait roy fe06.png Roy
Support Level Attack Defense Hit Avoid Critical Dodge
C 1 0 2 5 2 2
B 2 1 5 10 5 5
A 3 1 7 15 7 7
Ending Cecilia accompanied Roy to Pherae, where she helped rebuild the battered land. She eventually married Roy, continuing to offer him close support and aid as the marchioness of Pherae.

C Support

Cecilia: Roy, how should I move next?
Roy: Oh, yes. You
Cecilia: What's the matter?
Roy: No, it's just that... It feels strange giving you orders...
Cecilia: Why? You are this army's leader. You are supposed to give orders.
Roy: That's true, but...
Cecilia: Roy, you mustn't soften up. If the leader gets soft, so do the troops. You are the general leading this army, and I am a squad leader in your army. So you must be strict, as a general should be.
Roy: Y-Yes!
Cecilia: Good. Now, General Roy, what is my next move?

B Support

Roy: Phew...
Cecilia: Roy.
Roy: Oh, General Cecilia.
Cecilia: Are you tired? Perhaps you should rest.
Roy: No, I can't. We must keep moving.
Cecilia: Rushing will only bring failure.
Roy: I'm not rushing. I won't try anything impossible. But we must move as quickly as we can.
Cecilia: Why?
Roy: The quicker we move, the more people in need we can reach. Right?
Cecilia: ...Yes, that's true.
Roy: We are fighting to win this war. However, if we focus only on winning and ignore those people needing help, is that a true victory?
Cecilia: ......
Roy: Oh, I'm sorry... I shouldn't be so outspoken. Have I angered you?
Cecilia: No, I'm glad. I was too focused on winning the battle. You are already becoming a great leader.
Roy: Please... But...hearing that from you is encouraging.
Cecilia: Really? That's nice to hear.

A Support

Roy: What are you going to do after this war is over?
Cecilia: What? Do you already think you've won?
Roy: No... That's not the case.
Cecilia: Well... We must rebuild Etruria, so I will return there first. Why do you ask?
Roy: I was just wondering if you could teach me again once the war has ended.
Cecilia: Like the time in Ostia?
Roy: Yes!
Cecilia: Well... There's no need for that any more. You have become a wonderful leader. There is nothing more I can teach you.
Roy: But...
Cecilia: Roy, you must have confidence. Troops will not follow a leader who does not even have confidence in himself.
Roy: ...Yes.
Cecilia: That is the last thing I can teach you. From now on, you are not my student. You are my colleague and friend. If there's anything I can help you with after the war, I would be glad to assist you.
Roy: Really?
Cecilia: Of course. I will always be on your side. Never forget that.


Cecilia Portrait cecilia fe06.png Initial: 1
Per turn: +1
Is gba animaaffin.png × Is gba iceaffin.png
Portrait saul fe06.png Saul
Support Level Attack Defense Hit Avoid Critical Dodge
C 0 1 2 5 0 5
B 1 2 5 10 0 10
A 1 3 7 15 0 15

C Support

Saul: Oh, dear God... To have me meet such a beautiful lady... Dear God, would you understand my happiness at this moment? I am witness to your work of beauty standing in front of me...
Cecilia: Oh, you are Saul, are you not? Good day.
Saul: ...... Oh... Uh, yes, good day.
Cecilia: I'm sorry, I was thinking some things over, and I didn't hear what you were saying. Would you please repeat what you said to me?
Saul: ...Well... Anyway, General Cecilia, seeing that we are both servants of God, might you be interested in having dinner with me some time?
Cecilia: Oh, I'm sorry. I am not a servant of God.
Saul: Of course you are, my lady. Everyone in this world is serving God.
Cecilia: Do you think so?
Saul: Yes. So can we make arrangements for dinner?
Cecilia: I suppose I'll think about it.

B Support

Saul: Ah, General Cecilia!
Cecilia: Oh, Saul.
Saul: I have had the privilege of meeting you again... It must be your overwhelming beauty, do you not agree?
Cecilia: Are you always like that?
Saul: Well, yes I am. However, I am only trying to make you feel comfortable around me... Ah, yes! We must decide on a date for our dinner meeting. Have you thought about it?
Cecilia: Dinner?
Saul: T-This cannot be! Have you forgotten? The other day, we met and we agreed that there is no person in this world who does not serve God.
Cecilia: Ah yes, I think I can recall vaguely...
Saul: Vaguely?
Cecilia: I'm sorry, I was busy with the battle.
Saul: Oh...I see. Well then, I suppose it shall have to be another day. But please do not forget next time.
Cecilia: Yes, I'll try not to.

A Support

Saul: Ah, General Cecilia!
Cecilia: Saul.
Saul: I trust that you have thought about our dinner meeting this time.
Cecilia: Ah, yes. Very well, I shall invite you my manor when the war ends.
Saul: I shall be looking forward to that! It is not every day that one is invited to a high-class Etrurian noble's mansion.
Cecilia: But you might want to bear in mind that my father can be a little...difficult.
Saul: Difficult? What do you mean?
Cecilia: Well, ordinarily my father is a very kind and caring man. However, once when I was still a child, I invited a male friend of mine to our house. When my father saw that, he just drew his sword on my friend.
Saul: Um... Is that really a matter of being difficult?
Cecilia: My father lost his temper, so we tried to calm him down. However, it was not easy. The tea spilled everywhere, the table was sliced in two, and what was supposed to be a dinner party became more like an arena. My friend somehow escaped with his life. That will always be a day to remember.
Saul: ......
Cecilia: But my father is still on the good end. You see, my grandfather can be even more difficult than my father sometimes...
Saul: Oh, I just remembered! I had some work left at the church that I must attend to. I'm terribly sorry, but since it seems that arranging a dinner meeting would be difficult, I shall be off now... Good day, General Cecilia!
Cecilia: Oh? Well, I'm sorry to hear that.