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This page contains all of Catria's base conversations.

New Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Catria and Kris

First conversation

Catria: Greetings. You are Prince Marth's Royal Guard... Kris, correct?
Kris: And you are Dame Catria of the Macedonian Whitewings...
Catria: Just Catria is fine, thanks. We're comrades, so I'd be happy if we could talk normally between us.
Kris: All right. I'd like that too. We've already fought together for a while.
Catria: That we have. I've seen you battle many times. You fight with peerless devotion to protect Prince Marth... Just as I'd expect from Prince Marth's Royal Guard.
Kris: I'm honored. Thank you for your praise.

If Kris is male
Kris: I've watched you fight, too. You're incredibly powerful. I admire you as a warrior.
If Kris is female
Kris: I've watched you fight, too. You're incredibly powerful. I admire you as a fellow female warrior.

Catria: Ha... you embarrass me.

If Kris is male
Kris: In the coming battles... I bet we'll fight together many more times.
If Kris is female
Kris: In the coming battles... I believe we'll fight together many more times.

Kris: I'm counting on you.
Catria: Yes, likewise.

Second conversation

Catria: Kris, about that last battle... I'm sorry. ...You had to save me.
Kris: It's fine, we're comrades after all. But you left yourself wide open in battle. That's not like you. Did something happen?
Catria: N-no... I just lack experience.
Kris: That's not true. If you fought with your full strength, you wouldn't need my help at all.
Catria: ...

If Kris is male
Kris: That reminds me. Sometimes I'd see you just staring off into the distance.
If Kris is female
Kris: That reminds me... Sometimes I'd see you just staring off into the distance.

Kris: Were you watching Prince Marth?
Catria: ...Ah! N-no. It isn't like that! I was, uh...
Kris: You don't need to hide it, Catria. Prince Marth is a great man, after all. Everyone is fighting in this army because they admire Prince Marth. I'm no different. You feel the same way, don't you?
Catria: Y-yeah... That's right.
Kris: For your sake as well, Catria, I must do my best as a Royal Guard.

If Kris is male
Kris: I will become much stronger. For Prince Marth, for you, and for all...
If Kris is female
Kris: I will work my hardest. For Prince Marth, for you, and for all...

Catria: Kris...

Third conversation

Catria: Say, Kris. Haven't you been overdoing it lately?
Kris: W-what do you mean?
Catria: I admire you for so fervently protecting Prince Marth, but you've been pushing yourself beyond your limits...
Kris: ...Catria. It looks like I couldn't hide it from you after all. Our enemies are becoming stronger. Protecting Prince Marth is not easy. However, I promise you this: no matter what happens to me, at least Prince Marth will be...
Catria: I'm not worried about Prince Marth, I'm worried about you. If you surrendered your life, even if to protect him... ...I'm sure he would be distraught.
Kris: That's... Yes. You're right. I might have been taking things too far.
Catria: No matter what happens, I'm here if you need help. We're comrades, after all.

If Kris is male
Kris: Got it. Thanks, Catria. You have my gratitude.
If Kris is female
Kris: Got it. Thanks, Catria. I'm glad you're here for me.

Catria: It's okay. You've already helped me too, after all... Hey, Kris...
Kris: Hm?
Catria: You see, there's something that was bothering me for a long time... Something I couldn't tell anyone. A forbidden feeling... A terrible burden deep within my chest, and I could do nothing to alleviate it... I hated it... It was horrible.
Kris: If you want to talk about it, I'll listen.
Catria: Thanks. But right now... I feel a little better. I believe it's probably thanks to you.
Kris: Me?
Catria: You have always been by my side. We'd talk and laugh together... We'd talk about Prince Marth and about each other... And as we did... Little by little, my pain lessened. As time passes, then maybe, someday... I'll be able to forget it entirely...

If Kris is male
Kris: Huh? I don't really get it...
If Kris is female
Kris: Huh? I'm sorry, but I don't really get it...

Catria: That's fine. You don't need to. Anyway, thank you Kris...

Catria and Minerva

First conversation

Catria: Good... It seems this armor and lance are still going to last.
Minerva: You sure are earnest about your arms maintenance, Catria.
Catria: Of course. They're precious items I received from you, Commander.
Minerva: It's okay to hold them dear, but you can't afford to have them break during battle. Try not to get too attached to them.
Catria: Yes, Commander, but... I can't help but to be drawn to this armor.
Minerva: The Whitewing armor. I see...
Catria: For a long time, the Whitewings lived in the shadows of the gallant Dragoons. Commander, it was thanks to your proposal to the king that they were restored. I honestly can't thank you enough.
Minerva: All I did was argue about the pegasi's superior resistance and mobility compared to wyverns. It was the three of you who used the few chances you had to prove the Whitewings' prowess.
Catria: We only had those opportunities thanks to you as well, Commander. And in this war too, I plan to make the Whitewings' prowess known throughout the entire world.
Minerva: ...I see. I believe your mobility is going to be pivotal in this war as well. I have high hopes for you, Catria.

Second conversation

Minerva: Good, good... I know I'm pushing you too far. But the war isn't over yet. Please lend me your strength for a little while longer.
Catria: Taking care of your wyvern, Commander? If you're just talking to it, then I could do it in your place.
Minerva: No, this is something I must do myself. We can't fight properly during battle if there isn't trust between rider and wyvern, after all. It's just like pegasus training.
Catria: I see... But you're well-informed, if you know about pegasus training.
Minerva: That's because I used to be a pegasus rider, myself.
Catria: Is that true? I honestly had no idea. .........
Minerva: What's wrong?
Catria: ...Commander, why did you switch from a pegasus to a wyvern?
Minerva: Are you curious?
Catria: Yes... Forgive me. Have I asked too much?
Minerva: I don't mind. It isn't such a private matter. To put it simply... I had to, to become stronger. Macedon isn't a large kingdom. And there's only one reason it's recognized by other kingdoms as an independent nation: Because of its legion of dracoknights. So, to symbolize Macedon's might, those of House Macedon must ride wyverns... And that's why I released my pegasus into the forest and took a Skydrake Whip.
Catria: So that's what happened...
Minerva: I wonder if the pegasus I befriended is still in Macedon's forests... Once this war is over and peace returns, I'd like to go see how he's faring. ...It's almost time for the war council already. I'm going ahead, Catria.
(Minerva leaves)
Catria: Commander is truly a gentle, peace-loving soul... I wonder if the white wings of a pegasus would truly be best suited for her...

Third conversation

Catria: So, how did you like riding astride my pegasus?
Minerva: I had a most enjoyable time. Thank you, Catria.
Catria: Your joy honors me, Commander.
Minerva: The wind felt so soft from your pegasus... From my wyvern, the wind is almost like a cutting edge. It felt like it softened my battle-hardened heart a little.
Catria: Please ask me again anytime, if I'm worthy. However...
Minerva: What is it?
Catria: You'd probably feel far more at ease if you were to straddle the pegasus you left in the forest.
Minerva: ...You're too kind, Catria. But indeed, I look forward to the day when I can be enveloped by a soft wind alongside you.
Catria: Yes... I'll help to the best of my limited ability so that day will arrive as soon as possible.

Catria and Palla

First conversation

Palla: ...Check.
Catria: Ohhh... I-I don't believe it. I give up...
Palla: The way you move your pieces is lacking in composure. Also, if you had focused on setting up a strong defense, it wouldn't have crumbled so easily.
Catria: I see...
Palla: You need to be more composed when observing the whole situation. Reading your opponent's movements, and focusing your attacks on what pieces you've lured... These are the basics of tactics.
Catria: ...You're right. Perhaps I was too impatient...
Palla: Is there something on your mind?
Catria: Err...
Palla: It hurts but you can't do anything about it, so you act recklessly as if running from that pain... That's how I see it.
Catria: I'm no match for you, Palla... How did you figure out that much?
Palla: Well... I didn't really...
Catria: Alright, I'll make an effort to observe things with more composure. Something might change if I do... Thank you, Sister.

Second conversation

Catria: ...Not again. I give up.
Palla: You lowered your guard. Oversights are forbidden in the battlefield.
Catria: I know...
Palla: In the battlefield... Especially for us, since we're often charged with scouting enemy camps from above... A single oversight can alter the fate of an entire army.
Catria: ...I'm just no good, am I?
Palla: Why the lack of confidence all of sudden?
Catria: I'm not rational like you, and my intuition isn't as good as Est's. It feels as though I have no redeeming features...
Palla: Oh dear. So you want me tell you that isn't so?
Catria: Umm...
Palla: It'd be easy for me to say that, but how about you took some time to think what's really your strong point? I believe now's the best time than ever.
Catria: Sister...
Palla: Don't worry, you're very good at finding other people's strengths. You just need to turn your eyes to yourself. You can do it.
(Palla leaves)
Catria: As I thought... I really am no match for you, Sister.

Third conversation

Palla: .........
Catria: ...Check.
Palla: ...Seems I've no choice. I forfeit.
Catria: I won...! I beat you for the very first time!
Palla: I take it you've found where your true strength lies, am I right?
Catria: Yes, I have. It sounds like I'm bragging when I say it, but my reliability is my forte. The fact I'm always growing, even if slowly at times.
Palla: That's right. You learn from your failures and you prepare. You never commit the same mistake twice. And so, you become stronger and stronger with each passing day... That's your biggest strength.
Catria: Thank you, Sister. It was only because I figured it out myself that I am able to accept your evaluation with confidence. That's what you intended, right...?
Palla: Yes, you're right. But... I too have a strength you don't have, and that's experience. Don't expect to surpass me that easily.
Catria: You want a rematch? I've won once, so I'm not going to lose again, Sister.
Palla: You said it. I'm not going to hold back this time.
Catria: What...? Are you serious...?
Palla: I wasn't using all of my pieces properly, you know. I'll make full of them from now on.
Catria: As I thought... I just can't match you, Sister...

Catria and Est

First conversation

Est: Sister! I got a gift for you today.
Catria: Wow, thanks. What is it?
Est: A lance that brings luck. I heard it brings good fortune when you smash enemies with it.
Catria: Are you sure it's not cursed...?
Est: No way! Everyone who used this lance got a promotion, a lover, money, stuff like that...
Catria: Sounds shady... Luck is something you grasp with your own strength, not something that requires trifles like this.
Est: Don't you want it...? And to think I bought it from the shop just for you...
Catria: ...I guess it can't be helped. Alright, I'll have it.
Est: Hey, you're not faking that unwillingness and going to secretly use it, right...?
Catria: I won't use it!
Est: Hmmm... Oh dear, I don't think this'll sell if I put it on the counter like this... Hey, Catria, what do you think of this? This is the latest lance model. It has a sword and an axe on its tip...
Catria: Est, stop bringing me prototypes and expecting me to evaluate them...

Second conversation

Catria: Est... There's something I've been wanting to ask you for a while, can I?
Est: What is it?
Catria: I heard you started a shop with Abel, and that you were even selling weapons... Did you make a proper living from stocking whatever you could get your hands on? Since it's you, I was worried that you might have started it on a whim.
Est: It wasn't on a whim. Besides, since we're always using weapons in combat, I'm sure we have an eye for their quality.
Catria: Well, that could be true indeed, but...
Est: And since we have connections with the Macedonian and Altean armies, we don't have to worry about customers.
Catria: Oh yes. Both of you used to be in the army.
Est: Plus, even legendary weapons break after being used long enough, so there's never a lack of demand.
Catria: I see...
Est: That's not all! I can carry them with my pegasus, so transportation isn't an issue either... Catria? Are you alright? You look like you're in shock...
Catria: Hmm... You appear unreliable, but you're steadier than I thought.
Est: No way. I'm always relying on you and the others to pull me from danger.
Catria: And that makes me think that perhaps, you just really know how to swim with the tide...

Third conversation

Catria: Yaaah!
Est: Kyaah!
Catria: Oh... I'm sorry, Est... Are you hurt?
Est: No worries; it's just a graze. But... You're kinda scary today, Catria.
Catria: Is that right...? Maybe I'm taking today's practice too seriously. Let's stop for today.
Est: Catria... Tell me straight. Do you hate me now?
Catria: What? Never. What are you babbling about?
Est: Today... it really felt like you were trying to crush your resentment by force... Hey, if there's anything you don't like, let me fix it... Please don't hate me...!
Catria: Don't cry, Est...! I'm sorry; it's my fault. When I think of you and Abel, I get this unbearable feeling in my chest... and I just get so angry... I despise myself for feeling like this... You haven't done anything wrong. It's just that my heart is weak... I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Est: ...Hmmm. So I take it you're in love with someone?
Catria: Wha...? Ah, aaah! You deceived me!
Est: I'm not gonna cry forever. It's your fault for being mean, Catria.
Catria: ...I'm sorry.
Est: I forgive you. However, only if you tell me his name.
Catria: W-w-what...
Est: Don't play dumb. You're terrible at lying, Catria. I can give you advice. Hey, it's fine to rely on me every now and again.
Catria: ............!
(Catria leaves)
Est: Oh dear... She fled. I don't believe it. Catria can be even more childish than me. Next time I catch her, I'll make her confess everything no matter what it takes.

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Conversation 1

Catria: If I had to describe my sister Est in a word, it’d be “free”—which is ironic. When the last war ended, she left the order of knights the next day. Said she was opening a shop with some boy she was fond of. She does what she wants and says what she wants, and damn the consequences. There are times I envy her.

Conversation 2

Catria: A little while back, someone told me I was cold and stand-offish. Do I really come across that way? Certainly I’m more reserved than either Est or Palla, but isn’t that true for most middle siblings? And whenever I DO have something to say, one of them always beats me to it! Who wouldn’t seem quiet in such circumstances?

Conversation 3

Catria: I still can’t believe you’re a princess, Celica. What a surprise! Oh! Is it even appropriate for me to be speaking to you like this? ...Er, ma’am? ...How’s that? You don’t mind? Oh good. I’m glad. People of high birth have their own unique set of troubles, I’m sure. But there’s still some part of me which envies them. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know the kinds of burdens they carry. If only I could stand as an equal and see the world as they do... ...Hm? Did I have someone specific in mind? N-no, I’m just thinking aloud...