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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Castor's paired base conversations.

Castor and Kris

First conversation

Castor: Ooh... I'm in trouble. I'm in big trouble...
Kris: Sir Castor? What's the problem?
Castor: Oh, Kris. The truth is, because of me mother's sickness, I'm short on money...
Kris: Oh! That's troublesome indeed. This isn't much, but please accept this gold.
Castor: Unh, this is pretty much the first time we've met and yet you're so kind to me... Thank you so much!
Kris: Don't mention it, helping those in trouble is a knight's duty.
Castor: Kris... No, Lord/Mistress Kris! You have saved me life. I offer me life to you!
Kris: ...While I appreciate the thought, you don't need to be that happy...
Castor: No! Unless you accept me life as your own, I don't know how I can calm down!
Kris: ...I understand your feelings, Sir Castor. However, I am a mere knight. If you want to offer your life, then you should swear fealty to my liege, instead.
Castor: B-by liege, you mean...
Kris: Yes, Prince Marth. Then, without delay...
Castor: P-please wait a moment. I'm, er, not quite ready......Ooh, er... What did I tell Prince Marth that time I got gold from him again...?
Kris: Sir Castor?
Castor: Uwah, no, it's nothin'! I-I'm sorry, I just remembered I have some urgent business to take care of, so please excuse me!
Kris: Ah, Sir Castor? Didn't you need the gold...?

Second conversation

Kris: Sir Castor.
Castor: Eeyaah!? Lord/Mistress Kris!?
Kris: I couldn't give you gold the other day. Please take this.
Castor: Oh, yes, thank you so much. ...Then, if you'll excuse me.
Kris: Come, let us go together to Prince Marth.
Castor: Eeeeeerr... Ah... Alright, I'll be honest. I have no trouble pledgin' meself to you, Lord/Mistress Kris. But Prince Marth is too, er, noble, and it makes me nervous...
Kris: I see... Then, how about Sir Jagen?
Castor: Si-Sir Jagen!?
Kris: Yes, I'm sure he'll have no objections. Which reminds me, I think there was a young man who offered his life to Sir Jagen the other day. Apparently, he said his grandmother was sick, and so was in desperate need of gold...
Castor: E-eh...
Kris: So, when Sir Jagen gave him gold, he offered his life in return... That's a heartwarming tale, isn't it...?
Castor: It sure is, hahaha...
Kris: Therefore, I'm sure he'll accept you kindly, Sir Castor. Here, come with me...
Castor: I-I-I'm sorry, I have another urgent business... Either way, I'm givin' this back to you!
Kris: Sir Castor...?

Third conversation

Kris: Sir Castor. It seems to me that you've been behaving oddly since the other day... Don't tell me you're hiding something from Prince Marth and I/me and Prince Marth?
Castor: Eeeeeerr... Of course not, hahaha... I'm sorry, Lord/Mistress Kris. Truth be told, I'm terrible at makin' pledges in front of people...
Kris: I see. Then, how about this...? You make your pledge inside your heart and protect Prince Marth from the shadows, together with me?
Castor: Y-yes, that sounds good to me!
Kris: Excellent! Then, you'll be training together with me, starting tomorrow.
Castor: T-trainin'?
Kris: Yes. We wake up before dawn, then first we run ten laps around the base, followed by a thousand sword swings...
Castor: E-err... I did say I would offer me life... But I'm not doin' that for Prince Marth...
Kris: ...... ...What did you just say?
Castor: N-no, nothing, I was jokin'! Long live Prince Marth! Me life is Prince Marth's!
Kris: How wonderful. You're just the kind of person I thought you were, Sir Castor.
Castor: T-things have gotten rather complicated...