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Camus the Sable/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Marth: I wish to avoid a battle with you, General Camus. Fighting you would serve no purpose. Princess Nyna wants to see you too. Forget the quarrel between us and lay down your weapon.
Camus: It is too late for words, Prince. My homeland has joined the cause of Dolhr. As a knight of the glorious land of Grust, duty demands that I fight to the last. By defeating me, you will avenge your father as well. Let our blades meet gallantly!
Nyna: Camus, wait! I beg you, wait! I cannot bear the thought of you and Marth fighting. If you would only lend us your strength… Please…
Camus: I am sorry, Nyna. If it were possible, I would… But my homeland is on the brink of ruin. I cannot betray my people. Though our time together was short, it meant much to me. I hope that you find happiness… Now, farewell.


Old man: It's good to see you, Prince Marth! Is my granddaughter Lena in good health? Please…give her this staff, Hammerne. It has been passed down in our family for generations. It can repair some weapons and items, but not all. Be sure to tell her to be careful when using it.
(Received Hammerne)

Lorenz initiates a battle

Lorenz: So Grust's glory ends here… For this, I curse you, my king.

Recruiting Lorenz

Caeda: General Lorenz, I am Caeda of Talys. My father told me much of you.
Lorenz: Princess Caeda! You have grown into a beautiful young lady. Yes, your father was a great help to me.
Caeda: General… You did not truly want to become an ally of Dolhr, did you? Why then did you not put a stop to the alliance?
Lorenz: Grust's king is a coward. He fears the power of Dolhr.
Caeda: Dolhr's aim is to conquer all of mankind with an army of manaketes. For the sake of all of the innocents, including those in Grust, we must put a stop to that ambition. Stop fighting us. Instead, join us!
Lorenz: My feelings have not changed… I fought only because I was ordered to. But it may be time to act. Very well, Princess. It is painful for me to betray my homeland, but I will join you in this fight!
(Lorenz joins)

Camus initiates a battle

Camus: I pity you, for as long as I wield Gradivus, you have no hope of defeating me. Retreat and avoid this fate.

Camus dies

Camus: My dear… Nyna… Farewell…


Marth: Princess Nyna… I am sorry. I could not do what you asked.
Nyna: Marth… It is I who should apologize for putting you through this. In truth, since the moment I entrusted the Fire Emblem to you, I knew this would happen. I saw that once the royal family was restored by the Fire Emblem, I would lose something precious to me. Our land has a legend of the emblem, Artemis's Curse, that foretold this…

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


The Kingdom of Grust is a knights' country which was founded by one of the three heroes of the liberation wars, General Ordwin. Since the country's formation, the neighboring tribes were conquered by its mighty knights. And finally it became one the strongest of Archanea's seven kingdoms. However, the current King, Ludwik, was weak. He feared the power of the resurrected Medeus, and so allied with Dolhr. Also, following several consecutive defeats, he fell dangerously ill. The once brave and mighty Kingdom of Grust has finally entered the age of ruin.
— Chapter 16 Intro


Nyna: Prince Marth. About Grust, there is something that I wish to tell you. You should know that Grust's famous Sable Order is led by General Camus. 3 years ago, Archanea was occupied by his men. I was also captured by him. Dolhr wanted to capture the entire Archanea royal family to be killed, and they prepared to kill the sole survivor, me. But Camus didnt't fear Dolhr's Dark Earth Dragon, Medeus, and he constantly protected the young me. Once he discovered that Medeus had sent his personal guards, he had me escape to Aurelis. Afterwards, he was only held captive until recently, because he had won many victories for Dolhr. At first I really hated him.... But now, no matter what, I cannot find it in myself to do so... If possible, I don't want to fight against him. ....I just want to see him one more time...


Old man: Oh, Lord Marth, you finally came. Is my granddaughter, Lena, alright? This repair staff, Hammerne, has been passed down by my family. Please take it. However it can only repair weapons, so take notice when you use it.
Hammerne obtained!

(Est flies in)
Est: Ah, are you Lord Marth? I am Est of Macedon! I was captured when I tried to recover the stolen Mercurius from the Grustian army. But that young knight, Camus, rescued me and I was able to escape. This is the Mercurius, a truly impressive sword, no? But, can your highness wield it?
(Est joins)

Marth nears Camus

Marth: General Camus. I don't want to fight you. You should understand that this battle is meaningless. Nyna also wants to see you. Please forget about the past, and drop your sword.
Camus: Prince Marth... It's already too late... My homeland, Grust, must help Dolhr achieve its ambitions. It is my duty, as a member of the glorious Grustian Knights, to fight until the very end. And besides, I caused your father's death... Why don't we just end everything here?
Nyna: Wait, Camus... I beg of you. Your fight with Prince Marth isn't what I wish to see. Please... I beg of you, help us... No, help me.
Camus: I'm sorry... Nyna. If possible, I would like that. But... Betraying my homeland, right as it nears ruin, is something that I cannot do. Nyna... Our days together may have been short, but I was very happy. ...Farewell. I pray for your happiness.*

Fighting Lorenz

Lorenz: The glorious Kingdom of Grust is finished... Your highness, this was all because of you...

Killing Lorenz

Lorenz: This is fate...

Recruiting Lorenz

Caeda: General Lorenz, I am Caeda of Talys. I have heard much about you from my father.
Lorenz: Ah, Princess Caeda. You have become more beautiful now. I really must thank your father, for his care in the past.
Caeda: General, you're opposed to Grust allying with the Dolhr Empire, right? Why didn't you stop them?
Lorenz: The current King of Grust is a weak and cowardly man. He feared Dolhr's enormous strength.
Caeda: Genearl. Dolhr wishes to use Manaketes to conquer humans. For Grust, and for the innocent people of this world, we must stop Dolhr's ambitions. General, please stop fighting, and please help us.
Lorenz: Uh... But... Well... I was ordered by my king to fight, but times have changed. I understand Princess Caeda. Even though betraying my country is wrong, I will still join your cause.
(Lorenz joins)

Fighting Camus

Camus: It's such a shame. As long as I have the Gradivus, I will not fall. You guys are out of luck, give it up.

Killing Camus

Camus: Nyna... Farewell...


Marth: Nyna... I'm sorry. I couldn't fulfill my promise to you...
Nyna: No, Marth... You have also suffered. I'm sorry. ...Really. I already knew that this would happen. Since the time I handed the Emblem to you, I knew that... The Fire Emblem must be used to restore the royal family. But there is a price to pay, which is to lose your most loved one. That is the curse of the Emblem... The fate of Artemis.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


It was General Ordwin, one of the Three Heroes of the War of Liberation, who put Grust on the map. His peerless knights tamed their neighbors the barbarians in the kingdom’s infancy, securing its place as one of the greatest of the Seven Kingdoms. However, the current king, Ludwik, was weak-willed and easily cowed:

Dolhr had little trouble forcing him into an alliance. Now he had taken ill, even as Grust suffered its string of defeats at the hand of the League. The once mighty kingdom was poised to fall...

— Chapter 20 intro

During battle

Marth: Nyna, we’ll soon be launching the attack. If you have something to tell is the time to do it.

Nyna: All right, Marth. As you wish. When the Dolhr-Grust allied forces seized control of Archanea, the entire royal family was killed, save me. I was given into Grust’s custody- the custody of the Sable Order, to be more specific. I am told Dolhr wished for my execution- and with it the end of the holy lineage of House Archanea- and Grust was willing to comply.

Marth: But you are not dead.

Nyna: That is right. I was not put to the sword. The Sable Order’s captain came to my defense. His name...was Camus.

Marth: ....!

Nyna: Camus protected me, knowing he risked incurring the wrath of the Shadow Dragon. He was the one who eventually arranged for my escape to Aurelis.

Marth: ...I had no idea. That certainly explains Dolhr’s displeasure with him.

Nyna: I hated him, too, at first. But in the time, I found my hatred tempered by the compassion he showed me, my feelings...changed. And now, all I wish is to see him again…But not if it means you and he must fight.

Marth: Nyna... Do you... I cannot make any promises. But I will do what I can. I hope you can accept that.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth. I could not ask for more.

Houses and villages

  • Old Man: Ah, Prince Marth! Welcome, welcome. Tell me, have you seen my granddaughter Lena? Is she well? If she happens to you, would you see she gets this Hammerne staff? It’s a staff of repairing passed down through our family. I’m certain she’ll make good use of it. Of course, not all items can be repaired; be sure to caution her about that.

(Obtain Hammerne)

When talking to Camus

Marth: General Camus! Can you hear me? It is I, Marth of Altea! I must speak with you! Please, show yourself!

Camus: Prince Marth. I am Camus of Grust.

Marth: General, I have no wish to fight you. You know this battle is pointless; surely you must!

Camus: So long as Grust continues to support Dolhr’s ambitions, it does not matter what I know or think. I am a knight; I have a duty to fight for my motherland’s glory till the very end.

Marth: But surely-

Camus: Prince Marth, there is nothing you can do or say. I am party to your father’s murder. Are you a man or not? Draw your sword.

(Enter Nyna)

Nyna: Stop! Camus!

Camus: Princess Nyna...

Marth: Nyna, what are you doing here?! This is the middle of the battlefield!

Nyna: I know, I know... But please, Camus, listen to me... Camus, you gave me back my life. And Marth, he gave me back my kingdom. I do not wish to see that the two of you fight. It is unbearable. Please, Camus, fight with us. We need your strength. ...I need it.

Camus: I am sorry, Princess.

Nyna: What? But, Camus!

Camus: Were my heart my master, I would do exactly as you say. But what sort of knight abandons his kingdom- his king!- now, when they need him the most? Would you have me toss away the life I have built as if it meant nothing at all?

Nyna: No, Camus, I.... I don’t know...

Camus: I have lived as a knight, and I intend to die as one. There are no other roads left for me to walk. Farewell, my princess. I shall never forget our days together at the palace, few though they were. I pray you meet someone who can bring joy back into your life.

When recruiting Lorenz with Caeda

Caeda: General Lorenz! My name is Caeda. I hail from Talys. My father has told me quite a bit about you.

Lorenz: Princess Caeda! My, look what a lovely young woman you’ve grown into. Your father was a good friend to me, many years ago.

Caeda: General, I heard you opposed Grust forming an alliance with Dolhr. Why didn’t you try to stop it?

Lorenz: You think I did not try, Princess? Our king is meek; in the end, Dolhr proved better at cowing him than I did.

Caeda: But sir, surely you know that Dolhr intends to use Manaketes to conquer humankind! You must act now- for Grust’s sake, if not the world’s! Join us, General Lorenz. We can put an end to this battle right now.

Lorenz: Hmm...What you say makes sense enough, but I serve Grust. I cannot simply betray my country.

Caeda: Ah, but what makes a country?

Lorenz: Pardon?

Caeda: Is it one man- your king? Or is it the countless innocent people who make their home here?

Lorenz: Well, that’s- Hmm...

Caeda: My father has a saying: “A kingless country is a country still; but a king without subjects rules naught but hills.” If you disobey your king to ensure his subjects’ safety, how is that a betrayal? You are protecting his reign.

Lorenz: Protecting his reign? ...Aha ha ha, ha ha! Ahh, that mad logic! I feel as though I’ve shed twenty years and I’m talking to your father again. You win, Princess. I yield! I will join you, in the interests of king and country. Har!

Conversation: Marth and Lorenz(if Caeda recruited him)

Lorenz: Prince Marth? I am General Lorenz of Grust. I have decided to join you, in the interest of my fellow Grustians.

Marth: I am honored, General. Thank you. Shiida tells me you and her father were close.

Lorenz: Yes. How the princess has grown, though! Sharp as a tack, that one. Such a change from when she was- Now what am I saying? Caeda has always been clever. Even as a wee girl she knew how to wrap her elders about her little finger.

Marth: You knew Caeda when she was little?

Lorenz: Oh, yes. The mischief she got into! Well, those are stories for another day. First, we’ve a battle to finish!

Marth: So we do, sir!

When recruiting Lorenz with Marth

Marth: General Lorenz, hold!

Lorenz: What? You are Marth, the Altean prince...

Marth: Yes, sir. The king of Talys told me much about you. He said you opposed Grust forming an alliance with Dolhr, right from the very start.

Lorenz: That’s right.

Marth: Then fight with us! With your help, we can defeat Dolhr!

Lorenz: Forgive me, Prince Marth, but am I to just abandon my country, then?

Marth: ...

Lorenz: I know yours is the just cause. Still, I wish to remain a Grustian general, right to the end. I am fighting here because that is the way for me to honor my kingdom.

Marth: Forgive me, General, it, really?

Lorenz: Pardon?

Marth: Since you are a Grustian General, then surely you fight for Grust’s future first and foremost. But tell me…from where you are standing now, do you see any future for your country?

Lorenz: ...I shall have to learn to mask my misgivings better, if you can pluck them from my heart so easily. You are quite correct. If I care what becomes of Grust, then I cannot continue to stand by Dolhr. So, I will stand by you instead, Prince- and hope the future is a bit easier to spot from there.

If Lorenz is engaged in battle before recruitment

Lorenz: No victory here can give Grust back her glory.

When defeating Lorenz

Lorenz: This, too, must be fate.

Against Camus

Camus: With this lance, Gradivus, I am all but invincible. A pity you had to waste your life.

Defeating Camus

Camus: Nyna...Fare...well...


Marth: Forgive me, Nyna. I was unable to reunite you with your general.

Nyna: No, Marth, I...I should not have made such a selfish request. I am sorry, so terribly sorry...

Marth: ....

Nyna: The worst part, Marth...the worst part is, I knew it would come to this. Ever since I gave you the emblem, I just knew...Have you heard the story of Artemis’s Curse?

Marth: No...

Nyna: The last time the Fire Emblem changed hands to save House Archanea, it was not without cost. There was a princess named Artemis who loved your ancestor, Anri, with all her heart. He loved her as well- but when Medeus appeared, the two were parted forever. She cursed the Fire Emblem- called it the end of war, but also the end of love. Now the emblem has changed hands again, and I am the one who is cursed...

If Camus was defeated

Marth: Nyna...

Nyna: Look at me, so quick to fall apart... You lost loved ones in Altea and took it so bravely; but I cannot be so brave... Please...leave me for a moment. This is too much to bear. I need confront my feelings...

Marth: ...Say no more, Nyna... Princess. I will step out. Send for me if you need anything.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth...

(Marth leaves and the bottom screen blacks out)

Nyna: Ahh...! Camus, Camus... Oh, why...

If Camus was not defeated

Marth: Nyna- Princess.

Nyna: I am told Camus has not been found. Perhaps he still lives. I know how selfish it is to wish it...But if he cannot be with me, then I must cling to the hope his life has not been cut short. It is all I have left.