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Sprite Gallery
Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light
Portrait camus fe01.png Paladin Ma nes01 paladin enemy.gif
Bs fe01 enemy paladin lance 02.png
Portrait zeke fe02.png Ma nes02 gold knight enemy.gif Gold Knight Ma nes02 gold knight playable.gif
Bs fe02 enemy zeke gold knight lance.pngBs fe02 gold knight lance 01.png
Bs fe02 gold knight lance 02.png
Javelin and Gradivus
Mystery of the Emblem
Portrait camus fe03.pngPortrait sirius fe03.png Ma snes01 paladin enemy.gif Paladin Ma snes01 paladin playable.gif
Bs fe03 enemy paladin lance.pngBs fe03 paladin lance.png
Bs fe03 promoted knight male sword.png
Archanea Saga
Portrait camus febs.png Paladin Ma snes01 paladin playable.gif
Small portrait camus fe11.png Shadow Dragon
Portrait camus fe11.png Paladin Ma ds01 paladin enemy.gif
Bs fe11 enemy paladin lance.png
Small portrait sirius fe12.png Small portrait camus fe12.png New Mystery of the Emblem
Portrait sirius fe12.png Portrait camus fe12.png Ma ds02 paladin enemy.gif Paladin Ma ds02 paladin playable.gif
Bs fe11 enemy paladin sword.pngBs fe11 playable paladin sword.png
Bs fe11 enemy paladin lance.pngBs fe11 playable paladin lance.png

Official artwork

CG images

Concept artwork

Heroes artwork

Cipher artwork

Other appearances