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Camilla/Quotes (Engage)

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Battle quotes

Camilla: Corrin! I'm just elated to see you again!
Corrin: I am happy to see you too, Camilla. Sadly, it looks as though we're on opposing sides. I wish I didn't have to fight you, but once we claim victory, you and I can be together again!
Camilla: Hearing you say that almost makes me want to lose... But no, I won't be holding back while I'm fighting.

— Camilla as an enemy, when fighting a unit synced with Corrin in The Doting Sister
Camilla: I forgot to tell you, I'm terrible when it comes to restraining myself. If you don't fight me with all you've got, I may just be forced to really kill you.
Alear: I know you're not an opponent to take lightly, Emblem Camilla.
Camilla: Well then, it seems I have no need for concern. In that case, I won't hold myself back.

— Camilla as an enemy, when fighting Alear in The Doting Sister

Critical quotes

Say night night!
— Camilla
Time to play!
— Camilla

Engage attack quotes

Hurry up and die!
— Camilla
Sweet dreams!
— Camilla