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Calling of Blood/Script

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Part 1: Hearing Voices


Alfonse: We will take the route Director Letizia informed us of and return to Askr, Princess Veronica.
Anna: We need to investigate that village that’s enclosed in darkness as well. I hope there’s something we can do.
Veronica: Indeed. Likewise, I will check on the situation here in Embla.
Ash: …On that note—although I admit that I cannot make promises, of course—I will say this, at least: Keeping hope is a key factor of success and I, too, endeavor to maintain mine going forward.
Sharena: There’s no need to worry! I’m sure everything will turn out well. Then Askr and Embla can cooperate and aid each other!
Veronica: … Yes… Askr and—and Embla…
(the screen flashes red)
Veronica: Hrk! Urgh… Guhhh…
Sharena: Princess…Veronica?
Veronica: Why… Suddenly, I— AAAGGGH!
Alfonse: V-Veronica!
Ash: Oh no… This is sure to be trouble. For such a terrible thing to happen, and now, of all times… The curse of Embla’s blood haunts her body and mind, waiting for the moment to take control of her… And she…Embla will seek to kill all those who have come from Askr, myself included…
Veronica: I must…kill.
(the screen flashes red)
Veronica: Kill…Askr…

(scene change to the map screen)

Veronica: Here… You die here… Askr!
Alfonse: I’ve never seen Embla’s curse manifest like this before… Fight it, Princess Veronica!


Veronica: Kill.. KILL…Nyah-AAAGH! The voice… It won’t stop…telling me to kill…
Sharena: Princess Veronica, are you back in control? Let me take a loo—
Veronica: No! Stay back. Run… Hurry! If you stay here… You’re as good as dead… I won’t be able…to stop it!
Anna: Everyone, pull back! Quickly!

(scene change to a mountain pass)

Alfonse: The sight lines on this mountain route are certainly not ideal for understanding the terrain. That said, I suppose it is preferable to a retreat over an open field…
Sharena: It’s a good thing Letiza told us this route was an option. Um… Ash? Are you all right back there, by the way?
Ash: Oh… Heh… Yes. Thank you for asking, and I do apologize for my pace. I am impressed by you all.
Anna: A scout report’s just come in!
Sharena: What is it?
Anna: We have a problem. The bridge up ahead has been knocked out. In order to get back to Askr from here, we’ll have to take a lengthy detour…
Alfonse: Commander Anna, does this mean…
Anna: It means someone is trying to stop us from returning to Askr. But…who? Surely it couldn’t be anyone who serves Princess Veronica, could it?
Alfonse: Hm… An unknown foe…and one that is likely close by even now. I suspect our return to Askr will prove to be more of a challenge than we had anticipated…

Part 2: A Thief’s Perspective


Rennac: The name of the game is making money. Money is all that matters.

Part 3: An Archer’s Tears


Neimi: I’m Neimi. I’ve learned a little of archery. I hope it will be helpful to you.


Bruno: My sincere apologies, Prince Xander. It seems I’ve brought you on another long journey to a fruitless land.
Xander: You needn’t worry. Princess Veronica requested I accompany you, so it is my pleasure, of course.
Bruno: Thank you, Prince Xander. You’ve managed to give her the support I always wished I were able to. Even if something were to happen to me, I know that I can trust that she will be safe with you beside her.
Xander: Please. You are her only brother. You cannot be replaced so easily! …So, what shall we do now?
Bruno: We keep going. No matter how long it takes. No matter the cost… I must find a way to break the curse of Embla’s blood.

Part 4: A Sandstorm’s Ascension


Joshua: I was a fool in my youth, yes, but I learned much over these ten years.


Veronica: Ugh…
Letizia: Ah, Veronica… There you are. Are you all right?
Veronica: S-Sissy, I…
Letizia: Listen to me, Veronica. I’ve been looking for you. Something terrible has happened. You have been accused of treason.
Veronica: Treason? Me?!
Letizia: They’re saying you are a traitor to your country—that you want to help Askr destroy Embla. And with the sudden attacks on the villages across Embla. They say it was you who ordered them. Powerful nobles are claiming you planned this for a long time now, and that they have proof.
Veronica: All lies. I would never wish suffering on my own people.
Letizia: Of course you wouldn’t. I know that, and I believe you’re telling me the truth. This is a conspiracy against you, designed to frame you for heinous crimes against Embla. In all likelihood, they have been planning this strike against you for some time now… But…how could we possibly prove any of that? What counterevidence do we have?
Veronica: …And what does Mother believe?
Letizia: …Her Majesty has ordered you be apprehended so that the truth might be ascertained. I am sorry, Veronica. I have no desire to harm you… So, please, come with me, peacefully.
Veronica: Guh… This voice…
Letizia: Veronica? Are you all right?
Veronica: The voice… It won’t stop… I can’t fight it! Must… Kill Askr…
Letizia: Veronica, I cannot allow you to leave here to easi— Veronica! Where are you going?!

Part 5: Curtain’s Fall


Anna: Princess Veronica is still in pursuit. We need to put some distance between us!
Alfonse: Embla’s curse… She’s being forced to turn on us against her will.
Ash: Yes, your assessment is accurate. Mortals who have inherited Embla’s blood cannot disobey her.
Sharena: So even though Princess Veronica doesn’t want to hurt us, she can’t help but fight us? How can we ever hope to build any sort of relationship between Askr and Embla in that case?!
Veronica: Urrrgh… Rrraaahhh! …R-run! Be— Before the voice…
(the screen flashes red)
Veronica: Kill… Run while y—Kill…Askr!


Veronica: Rrr-raaaghhh!
Anna: Let’s go—while we can!
Sharena: B-but, Princess Veronica… Should we really just leave her like this?
Alfonse: …We have to go. We have no choice. There’s nothing else we can do for her right now.

(scene change to a forest)

Veronica: Ungggh… My head…feels like it’s splitting in two. This voice…won’t stop… Why has this…just started happening to me? Why…now?
Letizia: Veronica, there you are. Please, do not run again.
Veronica: Sissy… Forgive me… I did not mean to.
Letizia: That is good… But unfortunately, Veronica, I have more bad news to deliver… It seems a forbidden tome was stolen from the imperial vaults. All the guards were found dead.
Veronica: Who would do such a thing?
Letizia: According to a soldier who claims to have survived the attack… It was you.
Veronica: More lies! It could not have been me!
Letizia: Yes, yes. I know that, of course. My little Veronica could never do such a thing. It seems you’ve stumbled into a trap. Someone is framing you.
Veronica: Wh-who would do something like that to me?
Letizia: I would.
Veronica: …Y-you?!
Letizia: Yes. Me. Letizia. Your “Sissy.” I did this to you. Who else could have won the loyalty of lords and nobles, leading them to suspicion, to think you treasonous? Convincing that “surviving” soldier to say exactly what I wanted was the easy part. Simple, but effective.
Veronica: I don’t understand…how could you do this to— You were always so kind to me… So caring…
Letizia: Of course! I have been nothing but kind to my sweet little Veronica. It makes the sting of your undoing that much sweeter, doesn’t it?
Veronica: Sissy… Why?
Letizia: Tell me, Veronica, do you remember when you told me royal status meant nothing to you? I remember as if it were yesterday. The two of us were sharing some tea in the garden one bright, sunny day. You said that…as long as we were able to stay close, you didn’t care about titles. Such lovely words… Only later that day did I learn it was the spawn of a usurper that had spoken them. And after you had already taken everything from my family—from me.
Letiiza: Now I will extend you the same courtesy and take everything from you! Your role as princess, the faith of your people… Everything you hold dear reduced to ash. Then, when you have lost it all…then tell me how little your royal status matters to you.