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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Cain's paired base conversations.

Cain and Kris

First conversation

Cain: Hah! Hiyah!
(Kris appears)
Kris: Sir Cain! Are you practicing here?
Cain: Yes, Kris. Is something the matter?
Kris: Actually, there is something I'd really like to ask of you, Sir Cain. I wonder if you could provide me guidance during my own practice?
Cain: Me?
Kris: Yes. You were our instructor back when we were apprentices, after all. Your strict training would surely encourage me to become stronger.
Cain: Alright. If you say it'll help you, then I'll lend you my help. However, you must steel yourself. I won't take it easy on you, like last time. This time, I'm going for real!
Kris: Yes, just as I hoped!

Second conversation

If Kris is male

Cain: Not good enough! Faster!

If Kris is male
Kris: Yes sir! Guh...
If Kris is female
Kris: Y-yes! Ah...

(Kris collapses)
Cain: What's wrong, Kris? Are you done already!?
Kris: No, Sir Cain! I can still do it!
Cain: Then stand up!
Kris: Got it! Hah! Hiyah! Haah!
Cain: ...Alright. Time for a short rest.
Kris: No, Sir Cain. I can still...!
Cain: No. If you go too far and break your own body, all this training will be for naught. Training your body is my task. Trust me. Leave it to me.
Kris: Understood. Then, I'll take a rest. ...When I'm with you, Sir Cain, I remember my grandfather.
Cain: Your grandfather?
Kris: Yes. My grandfather used to train me just like this. It really brings me back...
Cain: I-I see. By the way, Kris... Do I really look that old?
Kris: Huh?
Cain: Well, I'm still in my twenties... I see, I'm like a grandfather... That's really depressing...
Kris: Oh, no! I didn't mean it that way...

Third conversation

Kris: Hah! Yah! Haah!!
Cain: Alright, time to rest. Very impressive, Kris. Your strength is building up quickly.
Kris: Yes, it's all thanks to your training, Sir Cain.
Cain: However, don't lower your guard. This doesn't mean the practice will get any less difficult from now on. Use the strength you've obtained here to protect Prince Marth. Kris, I don't want you... to experience regret like I did.
Kris: Sir Cain? What regret...?
Cain: I ought to tell you, I suppose. Years ago, I failed to protect Prince Marth's father... It happened a few years before the last war... When the world was plunged into chaos following the Shadow Dragon's resurrection. The late King Cornelius sortied to fulfill his blood destiny and vanquish Medeus. I was right beside him. However, we were defeated... King Cornelius died in battle... and I fled back to the castle...
Kris: ...
Cain: I lost my liege, whom I swore to protect, and yet I clinged to my meager existence... There is no greater disgrace for a knight. When I told Prince Marth of his father's last words... I...
Kris: Sir Cain...
Cain: ...Sorry. I don't want you... to feel like I did. If you or Prince Marth fall in battle, it'll be my fault. Kris, that's why I do my best to train you. My regrets, my feelings... I know you'll accept them. I believe it.
Kris: Yes... Sir Cain!
Cain: Alright, now back to practice!