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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Caesar's paired base conversations.

Caesar and Kris

First conversation

(If Kris is male)
Kris: Caesar... Oh, are you reading?
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Caesar... Sorry, are you reading?

Caesar: I am. Kris... right? You're not disturbing me. It's a book I've read many times already.
Kris: You seemed to be engrossed in it... What kind of book is it?
Caesar: It's a book about tactics. As the leader of a group... I figured I should enhance myself. The platoon I lead is far smaller than an army, but tactics is still important.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Nonetheless... I felt my blood run cold in that battle. Your mercenary company was meant to be no match for a proper army, but it was like fighting a unit of elite one-man armies.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Nonetheless... I was in disbelief during that battle. Your mercenary company was meant to be no match for a proper army, but it was like fighting a unit of elite one-man armies.
Caesar: Though you still beat us in the end.
Kris: That's because... Prince Marth carefully selected our numbers and equipment and made the best preparations he could.
Caesar: Exactly.
Kris: Hm?
Caesar: The victor is often decided before the battle starts. Prince Marth prepared himself to win. We could not. That difference decided the outcome. The tactics used later were mere details.
Kris: Is that written in that book?
Caesar: Yes.
Kris: That sounds interesting... May I have a look?
Caesar: Sure. You can return it once you're done.

Second conversation

Caesar: Hey, Kris. How is the book going?
Kris: I started reading, but... There are many words I don't recognize, so I'm having trouble.
Caesar: Yes, I forgot to warn you. That book originates from another continent. It's no surprise you find it hard to read.
Kris: Where did you get it?
Caesar: Have you ever been to Warren?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: No. I know it's a port city, though.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: No. I know it's a port city, though...

Caesar: My base is in Warren. Ships from all over the world go there. I got the book as a reward for escorting a foreign ship... basically.
Kris: So you can understand their language?
Caesar: Yes, with no trouble. After all, mercenaries do more than just fight in wars. I often escort people, too-- all sorts of people.
Kris: You're quite knowledgeable... It appears there's more to a mercenary's way of life than I thought...

Third conversation

Kris: Do you have a family back in Warren?
Caesar: Yes... I have a little sister.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: A sister, how nice. Is she all right without you?
(If Kris is female)
Kris: You've a sister...? I'm sure she's really cute. Is she all right without you?

Caesar: Well, it's rather complicated, you see... My sister... is sick.
Kris: I see...
Caesar: Her life won't be in danger as long as she takes her medicine, but... The medicine is expensive. I couldn't pay for it with just the salary I earned at my old job in Warren, so I had to look for faraway work like this.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: ...Then you must return home alive, for your sister's sake as well.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: ...Then you must return home alive, no matter what, for your sister's sake too.

Caesar: Yeah. And I'm counting on you to make that happen, Kris.
Kris: Me?
Caesar: Kris, I believe you are the cornerstone of this army. It's not just because you're Marth's Royal Guard. It's pretty clear to anyone who sees you in battle. The way you fight will decide the outcome of this war... That's how I see it.
Kris: ...
Caesar: Suffice to say, Prince Marth isn't the only one relying on you. I know I'm asking too much, but... Kris, that is why I'll lend you my strength. In peace and in war.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: You have my thanks, Caesar.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Thank you, Caesar.

Caesar: No need for thanks. I am a mercenary... Ultimately, I only think of my own profit. So, don't be shy. Feel free to ask me if there's anything I can do for you.

Caesar and Radd

First conversation

Caesar: Did you like the book I lent you the other day, Radd? Was it informative?
Radd: Uhh... Y-yes! It sure was! I feel so much stronger already!
Caesar: ...You could just admit to me you hadn't read it. I won't get mad.
Radd: Ahahaha... sorry... The letters are too small... It's kind of hard to read.
Caesar: Your fencing style is self-taught. I'll admit that you're skilled, but it might cause you problems in the future. So... read, Radd. Read. You need to get some real instruction. You'll regret it later, if you don't.
Radd: I know that! I'm just... no good at book-learnin'. It just goes right out of my head as soon as I head into battle.
Caesar: Good heavens... That's because you feel your way through fights. If you could combine that with a little formal knowledge... Why, you'd be the strongest mercenary on the continent!
Radd: The strongest on the continent!? Who, m-me!?
Caesar: Yes, you. You've got a ton of potential in you, Radd.
Radd: Really!?
Caesar: I guarantee it.
Radd: ...Caesar! Can I borrow your book for a little longer!?
Caesar: Sure. If there's anything you don't understand, just ask.
Radd: Thanks!
Caesar: ...That attitude of his... isn't going to change, is it?

Second conversation

Caesar: Radd, we have to talk.
Radd: Wha... What is it?
Caesar: What was that pathetic display of swordsmanship? Do that on a battlefield, and you'd be dead in seconds.
Radd: Ah, well, y'see... I'm feeling a little sick today.
Caesar: We mercenaries fight on the frontlines; our blades lashing out at the enemy. Do you really think that I'd let a poor excuse like that slide?
Radd: N-no! The truth is... I was testing out a style from that book.
Caesar: Book...? You mean the one I lent you?
Radd: Yeah. The minute I gave it a shot... I understood. I can't fight with those techniques. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get stronger learning like this, Caesar.
Caesar: I see... Actually, I was wondering if that wasn't the case, myself. Your strength lies in your instincts. You've got a very primal style. I suppose it'd be a problem if we tried to dilute it...
Radd: Got it. I'll have to work hard to get stronger, my own way.
Caesar: It's a pity. I really did think you'd be the strongest, if you learned how to fence properly...
Radd: There you go again. It can't be helped if I can't do it. Well, there goes that dream!
Caesar: ...I wasn't lying, you know.

Third conversation

Radd: ......
Caesar: ...What? You've been staring at me for quite some time. Can't you see I'm reading?
Radd: ...You're incredible, Caesar.
Caesar: That's not sudden at all. You want something from me?
Radd: No, that's not it... You're always giving it your all, right? Doing your best to get stronger, I mean. Learning tactics from difficult books, sparring with all kinds of opponents, and learning new techniques...
Caesar: We're fighting in a war. I just want to raise my chances of survival, even by the tiniest amount. This army has many skilled warriors. There's a lot I can learn from them.
Radd: Guys like you are probably those "first-rate mercenaries" that everyone talks about.
Caesar: If that's how you feel, why not follow my example?
Radd: I just can't. This is the only way I can fight... Improvising my way out of the worst scrimmage. Caesar... Please don't ever leave me.
Caesar: What are you spouting now? Of course I won't leave you. ...Now shoo. You're distracting me.
Radd: Heh heh...
Caesar: How can Radd even say things like that... His style's been improving each battle. I've got to be careful I don't fall behind him....