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Brodia (Japanese: ブロディア Brodia) is a kingdom in Fire Emblem Engage, located at the northwest of the continent of Elyos. It's a wealthy and strong military nation ruled by a king who values pride and power.[1]


Brodia is often called the Kingdom of Might. Unlike the non-aggression pact Brodia has with Firene, Brodia has frequently experienced conflicts and border skirmishes with its neighboring country, Elusia. After the first fell dragon war Brodia, like the other countries of Elyos, was entrusted with an Emblem Ring by the divine dragon Lumera, this being the Ring of the Young Lion.

Notable locations in Brodia

Castle Brodia

Castle Brodia

A large fortress at the center of Brodia and the residence of its royal family. It falls under attack by Elusian forces under Ivy's leadership, aiming to steal Brodia's Emblem. However, Alear's group, alongside Brodia's prince Diamant and his retainer Amber, successfully defend the castle and force Ivy to retreat.

Grand Crossing

A large bridge connecting the Firenese and Brodian borders, protected by border guards. When crossing, Alear's group is attacked by the Elusian Princess Hortensia, but defeat her with the aid of Prince Alcryst and his retainers.

The bridge is called Grande Souer Bridge in the manga.

Border Fort

The Border Fort is a fort on the border between Brodia and Elusia. Due to the tensions between the two nations, the fort is staffed by border guards, along with Diamant's retainer Jade. This place would become pivotal during the Second Fell Dragon War, when the largest battle between Brodia and Elusia took place here, where king Morion and king Hyacinth personally lead their respective forces into battle. This skirmish would result in the death of Morion at the hands of Hyacinth.

Arena of the Gods

The Arena of the Gods is an arena located in northwestern Brodia. According to Emblem Lucina, it greatly resembles Arena Ferox, where she battled against her father Chrom and his strategist Robin. This is the location of Emblem Lucina's challenge to Alear.

The location is based on Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Fort of Hope

The Fort of Hope is a ruin located on an island off the northeastern shore of Brodia. According to Emblem Ike, it greatly resembles Gebal Castle, where he lost his father. This is the location of Emblem Ike's challenge to Alear.

The location is based on Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Royal Road

Royal road is a road stretching between Firene and Brodia. The road is made up mostly of bridges, a substantial amount of which are drawbridges. The main bridge is made with the ability to be blown up to serve as a chokepoint in the case of an attack from Firene. This bridge is where Alear faced up against and defeated the parallel Diamant and Alcryst, during the Fell Xenologue.

Characters from Brodia

Character Description Appears in
Morion The king of Brodia. Engage
Small portrait diamant fe17.png
The Crown Prince of Brodia. Engage
Small portrait alcryst fe17.png
The second prince of Brodia. Engage
Small portrait amber fe17.png
A retainer of Diamant. Engage
Small portrait jade fe17.png
A retainer of Diamant. Engage
Small portrait citrinne fe17.png
A retainer of Alcryst. Engage
Small portrait lapis fe17.png
A retainer of Alcryst. Engage
Small portrait saphir fe17.png
Captain of Brodia's Royal Guard. Engage
Small portrait yunaka fe17.png
A thief. Engage

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