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Bridal Blossoms/Script

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Part 1: Competition


Shanna: Hey! It’s almost time for the bridal festival. Aren’t you going to get ready for the tournament?
Sue: How am I supposed to fight in something that formal? I prefer clothes I can move around in. The rules don’t require us to wear anything specific. So why do I see so many frilly outfits like yours?
Shanna: Well, I guess most girls want to feel pretty on their big day? Appearances are important too, you know!
Sue: Hmm… The people of the plains have always preferred practical attire. I’m still not sure about all this…gaudiness.

(scene change to a different area of the festival)

Lilina: Cecilia! Cecilia, did you hear?
Cecilia: What’s wrong, Lilina? Slow down and take a deep breath.
Lilina: The prize for the bridal-festival tournament has been announced! It’s… It’s…
Cecilia: A special ceremony…but only if you find the bridal bouquet and best everyone else in combat. Right?
Lilina: Yes, and Roy’s going to be the last one standing. I just know it! And that means… He’ll have to choose someone to join him for the ceremony…
Cecilia: Ah, so that’s what’s driven you into such a tizzy.
Lilina: And to make matters worse, rumor has it he already has his eye on someone. Oh, who could it be? We’ve known each other for so long, but we’ve never talked about this sort of thing…
Cecilia: If you’re that concerned about it, why not win the bouquet yourself?
Lilina: Huh?
Cecilia: The victor can ask anyone they wish to accompany them, right? So win and ask him yourself. At the very least, you won’t have to fret about him asking someone else. That said, please remember that even if he does accept, this festival is just for fun.
Lilina: Yes, of course! Oh, Cecilia, you’re the best teacher I could ever ask for. Thank you! Just watch! I’m going to win this tournament no matter what!

(scene change to the map screen)

Larum: A twist here, a twirl there…and a final flourish to top it all off. All right, my dancing’s never looked better! I’m going to get that bouquet and make Lord Roy my partner in victory celebration!
Cecilia: You’re certainly in high spirits. It seems Lilina has some competition! Are you after Roy too, Sophia?
Sophia: I’m happy…just to have worn such a pretty outfit. I don’t mind…not having a ceremony…


Larum: Lord Roy, where did you run off to? Sheesh, and I was just getting warmed up. This is the best part!

Part 2: Tongue-Tied


Roy: Lilina! There you are.
Lilina: Oh! Hello, Roy. And hello to you as well, Uncle!
Eliwood: You look radiant in that outfit, Lilina. I couldn’t be more proud, and I’m sure Hector feels the same way.
Lilina: Oh, Uncle, please… At this rate I’ll be too embarrassed to ask…
Roy: Ask what?
Lilina: Well, if I win, will you… Erm… Actually we should focus on the upcoming battle. Just forget I said anything, OK?


Lilina: I’m going to search for the bouquet over there, but let’s talk later, Roy!
Roy: Oh, uh… Right! Hmm… What’s gotten into her lately? I hope everything is all right…

Part 3: Joined by You


Lilina: Bah… I can’t find the bouquet, much less tell Roy how I really feel. This is NOT how I hoped today would go…
Cecilia: It’s too early to give up, Lilina. Focus on what you can do and the rest will come naturally.
Larum: Yeah! We haven’t been knocked out of the tournament yet! So just you wait, Lord Roy!
Sophia: I’ll…do my best…
Eliwood: It seems the ladies are ready and raring to go. It wouldn’t do for us to fall behind now, would it, Roy?
Roy: Right, Father! I’ll give it my all!


Lilina: Roy managed to clinch the win, and he even found the bouquet… Now what am I supposed to do?
Cecilia: Why so glum? We haven’t heard who he’s going to choose yet. I can make a guess as to your preferred outcome, but only Roy knows his exact intentions. As hard as this may be for you to hear, you should prepare yourself in case he chooses someone else.
Lilina: Yes, you’re right… Oh, there he is now, and with Uncle in tow!
Eliwood: Congratulations on your victory, Roy. Have you thought about who to invite to the ceremony?
Roy: To be honest, I would rather let that honor be yours, Father. Please, take the bouquet.
Lilina: Wait, what?!
Roy: I intended for you to have it from the beginning. My victory means a ceremony for you and Mother. I thought since we’re all here together… What better time to reaffirm your vows?
Eliwood: That’s very thoughtful of you, but are you absolutely sure? I know how hard you worked for this.
Roy: Of course. After all, I’m only here today because you and Mother once came together like this. This is a gift from a child to his parents. Now let’s go and surprise Mother with the good news!
Eliwood: Very well. I can’t say that I saw this coming, but I would never refuse such an earnest request.

(Roy and Eliwood leave)

Lilina: Roy really does care for his family, huh? Just one of the many reasons why I…
Cecilia: Oh my. Your face is as red as an apple. Is this what they mean by “blushing bride,” hmm?
Lilina: Please, Cecilia! This is serious…
Cecilia: Yes, of course. With so many girls after Roy’s affections, I suppose you’ll have your hands full.
Lilina: You’re right. I have a long road ahead of me, but I know where it leads. I will become a woman eminently qualified to stand side-by-side with the future marquess. In doing so, I will follow the path that our fathers in Ostia and Pherae blazed for our generation. Even if we—if I don’t reach my desired destination, the journey will have still been well worth it.
Cecilia: Wise words, Lilina. You know, I may have to take a more proactive approach…
Lilina: I’m not sure I follow…
Cecilia: I imagine the ceremony is starting soon. Come, we must see what his mother chooses to wear!
Lilina: Oh. Right!