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Bridal Beloveds/Script

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Part 1: Hoshidan Bridal Spirit


Leanne: Brother…you look…nice. Very handsome.
Reyson: It’s true. You cut a striking figure.
Rafiel: Thank you. Now that I think about it, you didn’t see my wedding to the queen… I’m glad, then, that you can see me now!
Leanne: Where…is she?
Rafiel: Hm. She’s taking quite some time to prepare, isn’t she? Or rather… I imagine her attendants are taking some time to assure her that her preparations are sufficient.
Leanne: So excited… Wish for…pretty dress too.
Reyson: You too, hm? …Hmph.
Leanne: No good?
Reyson: Well…it’s just, wearing bridal dress has certain implications…
Rafiel: Heh. Come now, Leanne, don’t force Reyson into an awkward situation.
Leanne: Hm?

(scene change to the map screen)

Oboro: Hold it, Hinata! …WAIT, I said!
Hinata: Ah, shut it! You’ve been yappin’ away at me all morning. Gimmie a break already!
Oboro: Your collar is still all wrong! And a kimono must be worn properly or not at all! I will not allow this assault on my sense of aesthetics to continue! So…HOLD STILL!


Oboro: Gotcha! Now, time to get you all straightened out. Come with me.
Hinata: … Whoa! Is that Lord Takumi?! What’s HE doing here?
Oboro: Wh-where?! Oh no, oh no… I haven’t looked in a mirror since the last battle. I can’t let him see me like this! …Wait. Where is Takumi, exactly? Oh, of course. He ran away when I wasn’t looking.

Part 2: A Groom’s Gloom


Rafiel: *sigh*
Nailah: Is that any face to show your bride, Rafiel… What troubles you so?
Rafiel: Ah, forgive me. It’s just that Leanne…
Nailah: …Ah, I see. Her, marriage… The idea of being separated again must be a painful one.
Micaiah: Well, cheer up, Rafiel! I’m sure the very idea of marriage is still far from her mind.
Nailah: Girls like her, at her age…she can’t help but want to wear a pretty outfit. Don’t read into it.
Rafiel: I hope you’re right…


Nailah: All right, that’s enough. Your moping has earned us a defeat now. …I might be almost justified placing blame on Leanne, would you say?
Rafiel: No! Please. None of this is her fault. It was just…I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful bride! It was my fault, but…I couldn’t look away.
Nailah: Hm, well then. I can’t very well hold that against you.

Part 3: On Love’s Wings


Micaiah: None can challenge the strength of our bond! Right, Sothe?
Sothe: Just let them try it.
Nailah: Don’t think for one second that this outfit will keep me from protecting my dear husband.
Rafiel: And I will ensure your safety in turn, my queen.
Oboro: Hey, Hinata! Be careful out there. You don’t want to mess up your kimono! …You hear me, Hinata?
Hinata: Sure, sure, sure… Now, C’MON! Let’s do this!


Leanne: My Queen…
Nailah: Oh, hello! Enjoying yourself, Leanne?
Leanne: All the brides…so beautiful. I… I wish…me too.
Nailah: Hm. I see why Rafiel is getting bent out of shape…
Leanne: What do you mean?
Nailah: Come, Leanne. You have only just reunited after so long apart. Be patient with him. Besides, there’s no need to rush. Of course, the heart wants what it wants, no denying that…
Leanne: I see. But someday…I will marry…
Nailah: Indeed you will! And when that day comes, Hatari will celebrate in kind. But for now, let’s not distract anyone with any of those ideas. Just for a little while longer…
Leanne: Hee hee! I can’t wait…