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Breath of Destiny/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Man and dragon once coexisted in harmony. However, man shattered that harmony with a sudden onslaught.

A great war now known as the Scouring was fought for dominion of the land. Losses were tremendous for both sides, and in this war the very laws of nature itself were twisted and distorted, bringing chaos and unease...

Defeated and humbled, the dragons disappeared from the realm. Mankind then began to rebuild and repopulate their newly won land.

A milennium has passed since then...


(The map of Elibe appears)

After defeating the dragons, the humans of Elibe quickly spread their culture and civilization to the farthest reaches of the continent.

In the west lies the Kingdom of Etruria, which is widely considered to possess the most refined culture in all of Elibe. The Kingdom of Bern, with its powerful military and logical, pragmatic people, is located on the other side of the continent in the east.

These are the two most powerful nations in Elibe with the weaker nations situated between them. These smaller lands are... the Lycian League, whose numerous territories are independently ruled by a number of marquesses that are bound by a vow of allegiance; Ilia, where the people arduously till the frozen soil and many become mercenaries to earn money to survive; and Sacae, where various clans ride through the plains on horseback.

Although there were occasional clashes between these nations, the majority of the people of Elibe lived in peace. That peace, however, was not to last...

King Zephiel of Bern has commanded his forces to conquer the entirety of Elibe. Bern's armies first attacked Sacae and Ilia, ruthlessly massacring all who opposed them. Now, Bern is mounting a merciless invasion into Lycia.

Pherae is a territory of Lycia known for its beauty and honorable lords. Pherae's Lord Roy was studying in the great territory of Ostia when the invasion began. However, the sitting marquess and Roy's father, Eliwood, who has been ill, has sent for Roy to return to lead Pherae's soldiers in defending against Bern.

Marquess Hector of Ostia is Eliwood's long-time friend and confidant, and leads the council of lords in Lycia. At the time Eliwood sent for Roy, Marquess Ostia's daughter Lilina was in Pherae visiting Eliwood. Upon receiving his father's message, Roy hurries home, taking with him his vassals and Bors, a knight from Ostia who is responsible for Lilina's safety.

The story begins when Roy reaches the outskirts of Pherae...


Bandit: Boss! They've all hidden themselves inside the castle!
Damas: Heh. Even Eliwood, the greatest knight in Lycia, is no match for an illness, it seems.
Bandit: Hee hee hee... You were right when you said there wouldn't be many soldiers. They're all getting ready to defend against Bern!
Damas: Of course I was right. I'm always right, you fool. But reinforcements could be here any minute. All right, you curs, listen up! Kill everyone in the castle while we still got time! Then we can waltz outta here with all the loot!

(The bandits appear in Pherae)

(One of the bandits approaches the village next to the castle)

Bandit: Heh heh, castles ain't the only places with loot. Let's go ransack the villages and take everything they got!

(The bandit walks into the village and destroys it)

(Inside the castle)

Merlinus: Lord Eliwood! We're under attack by bandits from Mount Bolm!
Eliwood: I understand. Thank you, Merlinus... Blast it! Were I not in this pitiful state, I would take care of them all myself...!
Lilina: Lord Eliwood...?
Eliwood: Lilina, you must hide yourself. This castle is going to become a war zone.
Lilina: No, my lord. I can fight, too!
Eliwood: Don't be absurd. I couldn't face Hector if something happened to you in my own castle.
Lilina: My father? But...
Eliwood: It's going to be all right. Roy should be here any moment, so we just need to hold our own until then. He'll drive off these dastards. Merlinus! Send a messenger to Roy to let him know the current situation! We need his help!
Merlinus: Y-Yes, milord!

(More bandits appear all across Pherae, walking in from the north; Roy's retinue arrives from the south at the same time. Lance, the messenger sent by Merlinus, rides from the castle and arrives at Roy's position)

Roy: Oh, it's Lance! What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?
Lance: Lord Roy! Bandits have appeared and are attacking the castle as we speak!
Alen: No! Is the marquess unharmed?
Lance: He's inside, defending against the bandits' attack. But I don't know how long he can last with his illness...!
Bors: Excuse me. Lance, is it? Is Lady Lilina safe?
Lance: You must be a knight of Ostia. Lady Lilina is in the castle. She should be all right. She's with Lord Eliwood after all, but he can't last forever.
Roy: No... I shouldn't have let Lilina go to the castle before me.
Wolt: Lord Roy, regret won't solve anything! We must retake the castle!
Marcus: Wolt is right. We must make haste!
Roy: Yes, you're right. This is no time to despair. Very well. To arms then! Our target is the castle! We must rescue everyone!

(Lance takes his position among Roy's forces, and the battle begins)

In battle

On turn 1, enemy phase

(Damas walks onto the throne)

Damas: Curses! Reinforcements already! But they'll have to go through me to get into the castle!


The bottom house

Middle-Aged Man: Money is vital for any army. If you don't have any, you won't be able to replace your broken weapons. And you can't fight without weapons!

The middle house

Young Man: Listen! If you wanna do well in battle you'd better use terrain wisely. For example, if you're in a forest the trees will cover you. That'll teach your enemies who they're dealing with.

The top house

Middle-Aged Woman: We're all doomed... Soldiers from Bern have crossed the border... They laid an awful attack. And even if the allied lords strike back, Lord Eliwood... He can't even stand anymore...

The village

Young Woman: Are you knights going to the castle? I know this isn't much... But please accept this money on behalf of all of us. Use it well!

(5,000 Gold)

Battle quotes

Damas enters combat

Damas: You bumbling idiots! You can't take down a few pathetic knights?!

Damas dies

Damas: Wh... what the...?! S... so strong...


Roy: Father! Lilina!
Eliwood: Roy, is that you?
Lilina: Roy!
Roy: I'm so glad to see you both! Thank goodness you're unharmed.
Eliwood: Thanks for the rescue, Roy.
Roy: Of course, Father. How is your health?
Eliwood: Well enough. I've some life in me yet. But Roy, do you know why I called you back here?
Roy: I'm to take over your role by leading the soldiers of Pherae. We must join the rest of the Lycian Army to defend our people.
Eliwood: Exactly. As you know, Bern has commenced an invasion of Lycia. We are honorbound to follow the vows of our allegiance. Lycia needs every lord's army, and we must oblige.
Roy: Of course.
Eliwood: I'm truly sorry to interrupt your studies and force you into this war, but I'm not well... I'm in no condition to lead an army.
Roy: Father...
Lilina: Lord Eliwood! I'll go with Roy! My father leads Lycia's largest army. And I'm certain my magic will be of help to Roy...
Eliwood: No, Lilina. You must return to Ostia.
Lilina: ...Why?
Eliwood: With Hector preparing for battle, there is no one sitting on the throne of Ostia. It must be an uneasy feeling for the people not to have a sitting lord. As the daughter of the marquess, you must take the throne until Hector returns. That will put the people at ease. Do you have any objections?
Lilina: ...No, my lord.
Eliwood: Roy, I have arranged a contract with a group of mercenaries. You are to meet them at the border to Bern. Merlinus will accompany you. He is knowledgeable and experienced and should be of great help.
Roy: Thank you for everything, Father.
Eliwood: Don't worry, my son. I have absolute faith in you! Fight bravely, and show everyone who the next marquess of Pherae is!
Roy: Yes, Father!

If Bors is alive

Lilina: Bors, I have a favor to ask of you.
Bors: You needn't ask, milady. I will accompany Lord Roy in his travels and protect him with my very life.
Lilina: Thank you, Bors.

Lilina: Take care, Roy.
Roy: I will. You too, Lilina.