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Blood of the Eagle and Lion/Script (Verdant Wind)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Verdant Wind
Great Tree Moon

Blood of the Eagle and Lion

Opening Narration FETH Leicester banner.png

Cg fe16 great tree moon mural part 2.png
Now in control of the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the Alliance army invades the Imperial territories. In response, the Imperial army garrisons soldiers at Fort Merceus.
— Chapter 17 opening narration

Event - Field of Destiny

Date: 4/4

(Claude, Byleth, Lorenz and Judith discuss the recent developments.)
Claude: All of that went about as well as it could have. Each lord has agreed to provide us with soldiers and supplies.
Judith: I'm impressed you were able to convince all of those scattered nobles to help us. I thought they would quarrel about how much support they should each provide. That's what they usually do.
Claude: Well, Count Gloucester took the initiative in taking on responsibilities. I presume that was because you spoke with him in advance, Lorenz?
Lorenz: I merely explained the situation at hand, then my father simply followed your lead, Claude. It was because you had the professor there to represent Lady Rhea. My father is a pious follower of the Church of Seiros.
Claude: I don't doubt it. I wasn't under the delusion that it was my personal charm that unified everyone.
(Claude looks at Byleth.)
Claude: Thanks for that, by the way. I hope you don't feel like I used you...because I sort of used you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Don't mention it. I'm not well pleased.
Claude: I appreciate that. We don't have time to be picky about our methods. But be honest. You're having a hard time adjusting to your new role, aren't you? Claude: I understand. You're having a hard time adjusting to your new role, aren't you?

Claude: You weren't even a follower of Seiros to being with, and somehow you've ended up as a representative of the church. I realize that you might feel guilty about deceiving the believers for our cause... But this is just what the archbishop wanted, and she's the highest authority in the church.
Claude: Besides, as wielder of the Sword of the Creator, it's undeniable that you're special. I think you should be more confident in yourself and use your position to the fullest.
(Shamir appears and reports to Claude.)
Shamir: I have news. Our enemy is gathering troops at Fort Merceus.
Shamir: Their army is immense. Likely led by a renowned general. Or perhaps even...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Edelgard? The Flame Emperor?
Claude: Well now, that would be interesting. If we can defeat the emperor, then the Empire will collapse. Claude: Perhaps. But she's more than that now. She's the actual emperor. If we can defeat her, the Empire will collapse.

Judith: There's something else. An unidentified army has approached the Great Bridge of Myrddin.
Judith: They passed through the Daphnel and Gloucester territories from the northwest with incredible speed. They're raising the banner of House Blaiddyd. Perhaps they are the remnants of the Faerghus royal family. From what we could tell, they posed no threat to the citizens of the Alliance, and so we refrained from engaging them in needless combat.
Claude: Maybe they hope to fight against the Empire to avenge their fallen prince. And what about the bridge itself?
Judith: Obviously we wouldn't let them pass without receiving envoys first. We thought they may try to force their way through. We considered firing warning arrows, but they left immediately, heading east.
Claude: Are they intending to use one of the bridges in Ordelia territory?
Judith: Most likely. But the Imperial army still controls those bridges. I can't imagine what they intend to do in the Empire, even if they do manage to break through...
Claude: I'm reluctant to ease up on our surveillance, but it would be difficult to track them there... For now, let's assume they're just troops belonging to the old Kingdom. In any case, we should proceed with caution.
Claude: Soon, we'll be entering Empire territory ourselves. If our enemies are going to intercept us with an attack...
Claude: It will probably be at Gronder Field... How fitting that it was the site of the Battle of the Eagle and Lion five years ago.

Exploration - Blood of the Eagle and Lion

Potential Dates: 4/5, 4/12, 4/19 and 4/26

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Event - Battlefield

Date: 4/29
Gronder Field (Empire Territory)

(The Alliance army arrives at Gronder Field as it's being slowly covered by fog...)
Hilda: Gronder Field should be around here, right? But it's so foggy... Even if there were enemies here, we'd never know it.
Lysithea: I recall the terrain from the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, but without the ability to see the enemy's formation...
Claude: Our enemies are subject to the same conditions. We'll just have to wait for the fog to clear up.
Judith: Speaking of enemies, what do you think became of those unidentified troops? Any follow-up reports?
Claude: We haven't heard anything since. If they were headed this way... Well, I'd like to avoid being caught by surprise, but we can't make use of our scouts because of this fog.
Claude: It's hard to predict this fight. There's no way to know what will happen.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm worried. Let's try to stay calm.
Claude: We did everything we could to prepare. If we lose despite that, then we'll just have to accept it as fate and retreat. (Support points with Claude go up.)
Claude: Of course. The morale of our allies would be crushed if we let them see us shaking in our boots.

Claude: Your guidance is going to be crucial, Teach. Now more than ever. Do whatever it takes to lead us to victory.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Narration - To War at Gronder

Departing from the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the Alliance army marches south towards Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. As an unknown military force begins their advance under the banner of the Kingdom, the Imperial army dispatches forces from Fort Merceus with the intention of intercepting them. The curtain is rising on a conflict between the three armies, which will come to be known as the Battle at Gronder, held on the same plains that witnessed the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.
— Introduction To War at Gronder

Battle: To War at Gronder

Date: 4/30

Movie - Rematch

Ss fe16 rematch icon.png

A flying eagle cries as the camera focuses on Gronder Field. From on high, soldiers can bee seen marching through the fog surrounding it.

On the side of the Adrestian Empire, multiple soldiers and Demonic Beasts can be seen assuming their positions. Once they've taken it, the Empire's dark mages launch fireballs to the sky, which manage to hit Kingdom and Alliance soldiers, burning them to a crisp.

As the field burns, the camera focuses on the remnants of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Dimitri, wielding the Areadbhar, slowly lowers his lance as he speaks in a vengeful tone.

Dimitri: Know that I will tear your heads from your shoulders. The dead must have their tribute.

On the side of the Leicester Alliance, Claude walks forward as he watches with sadness the soldiers scorched by the fireballs.

Claude: As big class reunions go...this one's gotta be the worst in history.

Finally, as the camera returns to the Adrestian Empire's side, Edelgard is seen waking among her troops. Melancholy and regretfulness engulfs her face as she speaks.

Edelgard: Years ago, we fought here as classmates. But not today.

Once the Emperor finishes, her eyes glance aside downwards as her troops draw out their swords and bows.

The camera then focuses on Byleth as they raise the Sword of the Creator with confidence.

Back to Crown Prince's side, he rises his head and he gives the order.

Dimitri: Kill every last one of them!

He quickly brandishes his weapon and charges onward, with his soldiers following him.

Back to the Alliance Leader, he commands his soldiers to attack by lifting his arm as he lets out a war cry and charges onward with his Failnaught, along with his troops.

As every other side charges, Edelgard raises up her head.

Edelgard: And so we fight on.

The empire soldiers begin to rush to the enemy as their Emperor stands still.

From a faraway view, soldiers can be seen charging to the center, creating a confusing caos. The Battle at Gronder has begun.

Before Battle

Dimitri: I will crush anyone who blocks my path.

Claude: Dimitri... He's alive. But he doesn't look interested in joining forces with us.

Edelgard: It would not be advantageous to take on both at once. We must stop the Kingdom and the Alliance from joining forces. I will create such chaotic warfare that they won't be able to tell who is friend and who is foe.

Enemy Phase 1

Edelgard: Mounted units, advance!

Alliance Units Reach the Central Hill

If Petra was not recruited Otheriwse

Petra: The center is in danger of being taken. We must be running to protect it!

Edelgard Ignites the Central Hill

Variation 1 (Petra/Imperial General Assassin was defeated)

Edelgard: Those fools who went up the hill will pay with their the crimson flames! (The central hill is set on fire.)

Variation 2 (Hubert was already defeated)

Edelgard: This is not as I planned, but there's nothing to be done. Burn the central hill!
(The central hill is set on fire.)

Enemy Phase after the Central Hills has Been Ignited

Only if Hubert has not retreated.

Hubert: The central hill is up in smoke. Suppose I'll have to quench the flames—with the enemy's blood.

Hubert is Attacked while the Central Hill is being Avoided

Hubert: They're abandoning the central position to attack us? How leisurely.

The Alliance Army Approaches Edelgard

Only if Petra has not retreated.

If Petra was not recruited Otheriwse

Petra: I will be protecting your unit, Edelgard. I will not be letting anyone near to you!

Edelgard Orders Petra to Move

Only if Petra hasn't been retruited and has not retreated.

Edelgard: We still have some troops left. Petra, head over there with reinforcements.

Enemy Phase after Alliance Units Reach Central Hill

Dimitri: The Imperial army is starting to crumble. We will step on the Empire right along with the Alliance troops. To the eternal flames with all of them!

Enemy Phase after Alliance Units have Attacked the Kingdom

Dimitri:If they're going to stand in our way, they must die. Smash them to pieces!

Claude orders to Capture Central Hill

Dimitri: It is time. Someone, take the central hill!

Sylvain: Yes, Your Highness. If that's your order, then I'll go.

Sub Boss - Bernadetta

Bernadetta does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Sniper instead.

Vs Anyone:

Stay back! Stay back or I'll shoot!
— Bernadetta Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Professor? Is that you? You're with the enemy. That means I...I'll have to kill you.
— Bernadetta Vs Byleth

Death Quote:

Bernadetta: Wish I could've at least died at home...not in this big, stupid field...

Edelgard: Bernadetta, thank you. I'll make sure your life was not lost in vain.

— Bernadetta's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Petra

Petra does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Assassin instead.

Vs Anyone:

For Adrestia and for Brigid... I will be defeating all of you!
— Petra Vs Anyone

Retreat Quote:

Petra: I can't be fighting anymore... I must be retreating now...

Edelgard: Don't worry. You must live on to lead your people.

— Petra's Retreat Quote

Sub Boss - Hubert

Vs Anyone:

You're interfering with the plan. Looks like I'll just have to get rid of you.
— Hubert Vs Anyone

Retreat Quote:

Hubert: Fighting on will endanger my life. Your Majesty, I must withdraw.

Edelgard: No need to worry. We still have some troops left. So long as I stand, we won't give up.

— Hubert's Retreat Quote

Sub Boss - Felix

Felix does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by a Kingdom General Swordmaster instead.

Vs Anyone:

Want to die? Step forward. I'll take you all.
— Felix Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Felix: Not here... Not like this...

Dimitri: Felix...

— Felix's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Mercedes

Mercedes does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by a Kingdom General Bishop instead.

Vs Anyone:

Oh! I haven't seen you in so long! It's such a shame we have to meet like this...
— Mercedes Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Mercedes: I'm...I'm sorry, Dimitri... I can't seem to stay...on my feet.

Dimitri: Hmph...

— Mercedes's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Sylvain

Sylvain does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by a Kingdom General Paladin instead.

Vs Anyone:

Huh. I guess this is fate. Sorry, but I need you to please give up quietly, OK?
— Sylvain Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Sylvain: Heh, I'm not afraid... I figured it would end like this.

Dimitri: Hmph...

— Sylvain's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Ingrid

Ingrid does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by a Kingdom General Pegasus Knight instead.

Vs Anyone:

We all choose our paths and I've chosen mine. I fight for my lord, to the death!
— Ingrid Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Ingrid: Your Highness... I...failed you...

Dimitri: Ingrid...

— Ingrid's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Dedue

Vs Anyone:

In the name of His Highness, you die here.
— Dedue Vs Anyone

Retreat Quote:

Dedue: I...can still fight, Your Highness.

Dimitri: Shut up and retreat. You must live, Dedue.

— Dedue's Retreat Quote

Boss - Edelgard

Vs Anyone:

I will destroy both the Kingdom and the Alliance. Now, with one fell swoop!
— Edelgard Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I knew when next we met one of our paths would have to come to an end. Your journey ends here, Professor. Forever...
— Edelgard Vs Byleth

Vs Claude:

Claude: We haven't seen each other since Garreg Mach. You've grown lovelier than ever, Edelgard.
Edelgard: You're not so unfortunate yourself. And you have the aid of the professor. Frankly, I'm jealous. Now's the chance for you and the professor to leave.
Claude: I'm afraid I must decline. Even if we left, we'd just have to come right back.

— Edelgard Vs Claude

Defeat Quote:

I lost?! Just as expected, you aren't making my path an easy one.
— Edelgard's Defeat Quote

Edelgard Retreats:

I must retreat for now. We'll meet again on the battlefield.
— Edelgard retreats

Boss - Dimitri

Vs Anyone:

You're not worth it. Get out of my sight.
— Dimitri Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Are you trying to stop me too? Then I'll just have to kill you!
— Dimitri Vs Byleth

Vs Claude:

Claude: Calm down, Dimitri! What does it achieve, us killing each other here?
Dimitri: Move, Claude. I have no time to exchange words with you.
Claude: It doesn't matter what I'm saying, does it? You aren't even listening. But I'm not gonna budge.

— Dimitri Vs Claude

Defeat Quote:

Where are you, Edelgard?! I will not stop until I kill you!
— Dimitri's Defeat Quote

After Battle

Claude: Even in an ugly battle like this, it's important not to lose heart. We have to take pride in our victory.
Claude: We did it, Teach. Now we can move forward. To our victory!

Event - Battle Fallout

(The fog has finally been cleared from Gronder Field.)
Claude: So...Edelgard retreated. I suppose she lives to be defeated another day.

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's fine. It was close.
Claude: I suppose a win is a win, regardless of the circumstances. Claude: Too close. But I suppose all that matters is that we won.

Claude: Some of our allies are injured, but can still fight. We'll just have to accept this outcome and press onward.
Claude: Still, the battlefield looks awful. And I wonder what became of the Kingdom army. And Dimitri...
(Hilda enters the conversation. Her face is frozen.)
Hilda: I saw him.
Claude: Who? Dimitri?
Hilda: He was completely different from how I remember him. He looked like a crazed demon while he was fighting.
(Sorrow covers Hilda's face.)
Hilda: He pursued Edelgard as she retreated, but he didn't get far before he collapsed.
Hilda: I saw him surrounded by Imperial troops and...pierced by their spears. I'll never forget it. He deserved a better end.
Claude: Dimitri... He went through so much to make it here, only for his efforts to be in vain.
Hilda: I can't even begin to understand what Dimitri must have been feeling, but... There must have been some other way. Why did he have to go like that?
Claude: And his vassal, Dedue... Did he fall as well?
Hilda: "sniffles" I don't know...

(Meanwhile, at the other side of the field...)

Dedue: Your Highness!
Dedue: Your ambitions are my own now!
Dedue: I... I will bring you Edelgard's head... I swear it!

Event - Mysterious Figures

The following event happens only if Lysithea hasn't fallen
Great Bridge of Myrddin

(As Byleth and Claude stand on the brigde, Lysithea approaches them.)
Lysithea: Professor? Claude? May I have a moment of your time?
Claude: Lysithea, what are you doing up this late? Trouble sleeping?

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's understandable. We all have nights like that.

Claude: Anyone would be shaken after such a brutal battle. If you're having trouble sleeping, you should drink some warm milk. That's a thing, right?
(Lysithea gets annoyed.)
Lysithea: Must you treat me like a child, simply because I am awake a bit later than usual?
Lysithea: Actually, I can hardly muster any indignation right now. I wanted to tell you that I noticed something odd during that battle.
(Byleth turns around to hear Lysithea.)
Claude: What was it?
Lysithea: There were some strange mages among the ranks of the Imperial army. Did you notice them?

Choice 1 Choice 2
The ones wearing masks? The ones dressed in black?

Lysithea: That's right. I have seen people dressed just like that before. It was a long time ago...
Lysithea: House Ordelia was involved in a rebellion that took place within the Empire 18 years ago. After it was quelled, all of the key officials were caught and put to death. The Empire sent replacements, who they used to take control of House Ordelia. Among the people sent by the Empire were mages dressed in black, just like those we saw in battle.
Claude: If they're Imperial mages, it would make sense that they would wear the same clothing, right?
Lysithea: Yes, but the mages from back then and today... I do not believe they are from the Adrestian Empire.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Are they Kingdom mages? Are they Alliance mages?

Lysithea: No. I got the impression that they were from somewhere else. Somewhere completely separate from Fódlan.
Lysithea: There's more. Those mages imprisoned the children from my house, and performed horrible rituals on them. Blood experiments.
(Claude is in shock.)
Claude: Lysithea... You can't mean... even you?
Lysithea: Yes. All of the others were deemed failures. They all died. And even I...
Lysithea: It doesn't matter. The point is, that those monsters possess dreadful knowledge and power. I just thought you should know the sort of people who have allied with the Empire.
(Claude looks at Byleth.)
Claude: Blood experiments... Does that remind you of anything, Teach?

Choice 1 Choice 2
The incident with Flayn... That incident with the Flame Emperor...

Claude: Exactly. There was that secret group who abducted Flayn and extracted her blood five years ago. The people involved back then were Tomas and Monica... Well, I suppose their true names were Solon and Kronya.
Claude: So that eerie group has been slithering behind the scenes in the Empire for a while now...
(Claude looks at Lysithea.)
Claude: Lysithea... Thank you for sharing all of that with us. One day we will uncover the truth of who those people really are.

Event - War Council: Great Tree Moon

(Now that the sun has returned to the Great Bridge, Claude is reunited with the rest of the Alliance's army.)
Claude: We've managed to invade Empire territory and emerge victorious in our first battle. I hope to maintain our momentum and push onward to Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Claude: Unfortunately, we are not legendary heroes in a fairytale. Our stamina has limits. The longer we fight, the harder the fight will become. It will take immense effort to secure the supplies and soldier we need to prevail.
Judith: Boy, you better not be saying this is as far as we go.
Claude: Of course not. However, the road ahead leads deep into enemy territory. It will be a difficult journey, strewn with hardship.
Claude: I can't guarantee that we'll make it out alive. If anyone wants to leave, now is the time to do it.
Lorenz: I shall accompany you to the very end. After all, someone must step up to take leadership should you fall.
Leonie: I'm coming. The future of my village depends on this. Besides... I have to protect the professor. For Captain Jeralt.
Raphael: I'm not going anywhere! Because of the Empire, my little sis can't live in peace!
Ignatz: We can't leave the future of Fódlan to others. I'm sure that everyone here feels the same.
Alois: The Knights of Seiros will keep fighting the Empire. We won't rest until we rescue Lady Rhea.
Cyril: I feel the same as the knights. I've gotta rescue Lady Rhea no matter what.
Hilda: So, what––we're all supposed to take turns saying we'll do our best until the very end?
Hilda: And what about you, Marianne? What will you do?
Marianne: I... I'll fight too!
Hilda: Fine, fine. I suppose I'll tag along too... Until the bitter end.
Claude: It's an honor to keep fighting alongside such stalwart allies. Right, Teach?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'd expect nothing less from my students. You're a stalwart ally too, Claude.
Claude: Hey now, when you put it that way, it almost sounds like you're just praising yourself! Claude: I know I'm a great leader and all, but praising me isn't gonna get you anywhere.

Claude: All right. Now that I know where each of you stands, I'm going to return to Alliance territory for a while. I intend to report this victory to Alliance lords and draw out even more support from them.
Claude: Our next battle will be even more challenging, so brace yourselves for that.

(Some time later, as only Claude, Hilda and Lorenz remain on the bridge...)

Hilda: Hmm... I should write to my brother. He'll want to hear about our victory.
Claude: Your brother, Lord Holst? How is he these days?
Hilda: Oh, he's doing great. I even got a letter from him before the last battle. He wanted to come and join our fight too.
Lorenz: What's this? Lord Holst, come here? That would be a most reassuring development.
Hilda: Sadly, it sounds like my father was against the idea. They wanted him to stay in case they need to fight the Almyrans.
Lorenz: Their logic is sound. Though it is vexing that the Alliance's greatest general cannot join us on the front lines.
Claude: We should be glad that Holst is staying behind. Almyra aside, there's also no guarantee that the Imperial forces won't try to launch a surprise attack from the old Kingdom territory.
Hilda: Um... If you have something you need to talk to my brother about, I'd be happy to send a letter.
Claude: No, that's OK. I'm just glad to hear he's doing well. Please send him my regards.