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Blood of the Eagle and Lion/Script (Azure Moon)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Azure Moon
Great Tree Moon

Blood of the Eagle and Lion

Opening Narration FETH Faerghus banner.png

Cg fe16 great tree moon mural part 2.png
Now in control of the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the Kingdom army begins to invade Imperial territory. In response, the Imperial army garrisons soldiers at Fort Merceus.
— Chapter 17 opening narration

Event - Field of Destiny

Date: 4/3
Meeting Room

(Gilbert, Byleth, Rodrigue and the rest of the Kingdom army discuss the recent developments.)
Gilbert: We have received a report from our spy. It would seem the Empire is gathering troops at Fort Merceus. This is undoubtedly in response to us taking the Great Bridge of Myrddin. Their numbers are more than double ours. We believe that the emperor herself may be leading them...
Dimitri: ...
(Dimitri gasps at the implications of this.)
Gilbert: If House Riegan can reconcile with House Gloucester sooner than later... Then Claude can proceed with his plan to rally the Alliance lords, gather troops, and invade Empire territory.
Rodrigue: At this rate, three military forces will be clashing at Gronder Field.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Just like five years ago... Just like the Battle of the Eagle and Lion...

Dimitri: If you wish to indulge in nostalgia, do it elsewhere.
Rodrigue: I'm afraid the difference in military strength is far from negligible. While we are elite soldiers, I am still uneasy about this...
Gilbert: If possible, I'd like to request reinforcements right away. If we can rely on any of the major Kingdom houses for military support, it would be...House Charon, I'd wager.

Why them?

Gilbert: House Charon has yet to declare fealty to the Empire.
(Just then, Catherine, who had been paying attention to the discussion, speaks up.)
Catherine: It is home.
Catherine: I will make the request to my father. With things as they are, I don't think he can refuse. The church has long protected me. I am certain that any request from the church will be answered to the utmost of their ability.
Rodrigue: Very well. We're counting on you, Catherine.
Gilbert: I suppose that is all we can do for now.
Rodrigue: So it would seem. Though, if there are any other avenues worth exploring, I would suggest...
(Byleth has a hunch as to what Rodrigue is going to propose.)

Allying with the Alliance?

Gilbert: Ah, good point. We have no reason to engage the Alliance directly.
Rodrigue: Even if we do receive Count Charon's aid, we still won't have the troops we need to face the Empire.
Gilbert: But if we join forces with the Alliance, then our numbers will rival the Empire's.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's join forces. Let's wait and see.
Gilbert: Agreed. It's about the only thing we can do. Gilbert: If we wait too long, we'll lose the advantage...

Gilbert: For now, let's send a messenger, and try to figure out what the Alliance hopes to achieve.
Rodrigue: It's hard to believe this decisive battle will take place at Gronder Field... I imagine that place is full of memories for all of you.

(The ex-Blue Lions realize what this mean for the upcoming struggle.)
Mercedes: We won the Battle of the Eagle and Lion back in the day. It seems like a lifetime ago...
Ashe: I can't help but remember, even though I wish I didn't.
Ingrid: Our feast after the battle... I remember it well. We all had so much fun together.
Annette: No! Please, stop it. I had finally put all of that out of my mind... This isn't right. They're our friends! We used to study together. We shouldn't be fighting them.
Sylvain: Why not march up to Her Majesty and remind her of that? Oh, that's right...because you want to live to see tomorrow.
Dedue: No matter who the enemy is, I will fight for His Highness.
Felix: Tell me, boar prince. Do we stand a chance?
Dimitri: Who knows...
Felix: If we lose, we'll have died for you. I hope you know that.
Dimitri: ...
Rodrigue: That's enough, Felix. We must focus on the battle ahead.
Dimitri: Make your peace before we depart. It's kill or be killed out there. We will cross blades with the Empire, but it's possible we will also have to strike down the Alliance.
Gilbert: Your Highness... Do you feel no hesitation about killing your former friends?

If either Ferdinand and/or Lorenz were killed in Chapter 16 Otherwise

Dimitri: I am used to killing familiar faces by now...

Exploration - Blood of the Eagle and Lion

Potential Dates: 4/5, 4/12, 4/19 and 4/26

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Event - Battlefield

Date: 4/29
Great Bridge of Myrddin

(Gilbert and Rodrigue lie on the bridge as it's being slowly covered by fog...)
Gilbert: There's quite a bit of fog settling in. We won't be able to advance our troops very far in this.
Rodrigue: We won't be able to move at all until the fog lifts, no matter which path we take. We'll have to be patient and wait it out.
Rodrigue: ...
(Something seems to be on Rodrigue's mind that worries him.)
Rodrigue: Gilbert. No... Gustave. I would like to take this opportunity to speak with you about something.
(Gilbert pays attention to Rodrigue.)
Rodrigue: It's about the Tragedy of Duscur. There's something about it I just can't wrap my head around.
Gilbert: I'm listening.
Rodrigue: I lost a son in Duscur that day. I exhausted every last resource I had to investigate what took place there. I was startled to find that...there wasn't a single shred of evidence to suggest that Lady Patricia's carriage had been attacked.
Gilbert: Go on...
Rodrigue: Apart from His Highness, whose injuries left him on the verge of death, everyone else present at the time was slaughtered. Of all the victims, only the corpse of Lady Patricia, His Majesty's second wife, was never found. Isn't that right?
Gilbert: Hmm... Surely that means she was abducted. There was no evidence of an attack, suggesting they threatened her but did not kill her...
Rodrigue: But what reason would they have to take her? Would it not have been better to kill her?
Gilbert: Perhaps she had some value as a diplomatic pawn.
Rodrigue: Nonsense. In the many years since that day, has Lady Patricia ever been used thus?
Gilbert: No... Not as far as I know. Then perhaps she was used for some political gain within the Empire.
Rodrigue: Now that her daughter is the emperor, what reason would she have to keep hiding her existence?
Gilbert: It is possible she passed away after returning to the Empire...
(Given Gilbert's responses, Rodrigue has no choice but to share his worries.)
Rodrigue: Gustave, I know this is hard for you to hear, but just consider what it would mean if Lady Patricia was involved with that incident...
Gilbert: Silence, Rodrigue. I will not allow you to tarnish her memory like that.
(A terryfing glare covers Gilbert's face.)
Rodrigue: I do not mean to imply that she arranged His Majesty's murder or anything of the like. But, Gustave... I cannot shake the feeling that the tragedy was part of a much larger conspiracy. There is more to it than we know, that much is certain...
(Suddenly, a Kingdom Soldier interrupts the conversation.)
Kingdom Soldier: Rodrigue! Gilbert! Please, hurry!

(The Kingdom Soldier then guides them to where Byleth and Dimitri are. They're looking at what appears to be a corpse of a fellow Kingdom Soldier, left unseen by the camera.)
Gilbert: To kill like inhuman.
Rodrigue: This is one of the knights we dispatched to the leader of the Alliance. Tell me everything you know.
Kingdom Soldier: Sir! A soldier on patrol came across this knight a short while ago in a rocky area not far from here. Someone from the Alliance must have disposed of the body there...
Gilbert: Is this how the Alliance chose to inform us that they have no intention of joining our cause?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Could Claude really have done this? Maybe it was the Empire...
Rodrigue: The Alliance lords each have their own motives. It's difficult to say for sure who was behind this. Dimitri: Yes. I would not hesitate to believe them capable of this.

Rodrigue: Whatever the truth is, the other knights we dispatched are in serious danger. It's best to assume that joining with the Alliance is out of the question now.
Gilbert: Even with Count Charon's support, this makes our situation grim...
Dimitri: I never expected the Alliance to help us. Anyone who stands in my way will be crushed beneath my feet...

(Meanwhile, deep within Gronder Field...)

Gronder Field (Empire Territory)*

(Fleche awaits. Alone...?)

Note: The disguised Fleche is called Maiden in the script

Maiden: It is time, dear Brother...

Narration - To War at Gronder

The Kingdom army departs from the Great Bridge of Myrddin and marches south toward Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, the Alliance army follows from behind to invade Imperial territory, and the Empire has dispatched forces from Fort Merceus to intercept them. The curtain is rising on a conflict between the three armies, which will come to be known as the Battle at Gronder, held on the same plains that witnessed the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.
— Introduction To War at Gronder

Battle: To War at Gronder

Date: 4/30

Movie - Rematch

Ss fe16 rematch icon.png

A flying eagle cries as the camera focuses on Gronder Field. From on high, soldiers can bee seen marching through the fog surrounding it.

On the side of the Adrestian Empire, multiple soldiers and Demonic Beasts can be seen assuming their positions. Once they've taken it, the Empire's dark mages launch fireballs to the sky, which manage to hit Kingdom and Alliance soldiers, burning them to a crisp.

As the field burns, the camera focuses on the remnants of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Dimitri, wielding the Areadbhar, slowly lowers his lance as he speaks in a vengeful tone.

Dimitri: Know that I will tear your heads from your shoulders. The dead must have their tribute.

On the side of the Leicester Alliance, Claude walks forward as he watches with sadness the soldiers scorched by the fireballs.

Claude: As big class reunions go...this one's gotta be the worst in history.

Finally, as the camera returns to the Adrestian Empire's side, Edelgard is seen waking among her troops. Melancholy and regretfulness engulfs her face as she speaks.

Edelgard: Years ago, we fought here as classmates. But not today.

Once the Emperor finishes, her eyes glance aside downwards as her troops draw out their swords and bows.

The camera then focuses on Byleth as they raise the Sword of the Creator with confidence.

Back to Crown Prince's side, he rises his head and he gives the order.

Dimitri: Kill every last one of them!

He quickly brandishes his weapon and charges onward, with his soldiers following him.

Back to the Alliance Leader, he commands his soldiers to attack by lifting his arm as he lets out a war cry and charges onward with his Failnaught, along with his troops.

As every other side charges, Edelgard raises up her head.

Edelgard: And so we fight on.

The empire soldiers begin to rush to the enemy as their Emperor stands still.

From a faraway view, soldiers can be seen charging to the center, creating a confusing caos. The Battle at Gronder has begun.

Before Battle

Dimitri: You have finally appeared, Edelgard... Now, you are mine!

Claude: The Kingdom army doesn't look too interested in joining forces with us. Let's take a moment to see how this all unfolds...

Edelgard: It would not be advantageous to take on both at once. We must stop the Kingdom and the Alliance from joining forces. I will create such chaotic warfare that they won't be able to tell who is friend and who is foe.

Enemy Phase 1

Edelgard: Mounted units, advance!

Kingdom Units Reach the Central Hill

If Petra was not recruited Otheriwse

Petra: The center is in danger of being taken. We must be running to protect it!

Edelgard Ignites the Central Hill

Variation 1 (Petra/Imperial General Assassin was defeated)

Edelgard: Those fools who went up the hill will pay with their the crimson flames! (The central hill is set on fire.)

Variation 2 (Hubert was already defeated)

Edelgard: This is not as I planned, but there's nothing to be done. Burn the central hill!
(The central hill is set on fire.)

Enemy Phase after the Central Hills has Been Ignited

Only if Hubert has not retreated.

Hubert: The central hill is up in smoke. Suppose I'll have to quench the flames—with the enemy's blood.

Hubert is Attacked while the Central Hill is being Avoided

Hubert: They're abandoning the central position to attack us? How leisurely.

The Kingdom Army Approaches Edelgard

Only if Petra has not retreated.

If Petra was not recruited Otheriwse

Petra: I will be protecting your unit, Edelgard. I will not be letting anyone near to you!

Edelgard Orders Petra to Move

Only if Petra hasn't been retruited and has not retreated.

Edelgard: We still have some troops left. Petra, head over there with reinforcements.

Enemy Phase after Kingdom Units Reach Central Hill

Claude: Hmph. The Empire and Kingdom are mixed up in this battle. It's a struggle to target the right one. Such are the rules of melee. We'll just have to crush anyone who isn't an ally!

Enemy Phase after Kingdom Units have Attacked the Alliance

Claude: They wanna crush us before the Imperial army? Then we'll show them what we're made of!

Alliance Reinforcements Arrive

(Alliance reinforcements appear on the east and north side of the map.)
Leonie: Great! I may not have a Crest, but I'll give it my all!

Hilda: I'm not going to hold back. I can't let down my dear old Claude.

Claude orders to Capture Central Hill

Claude: Now's the time! Take the central hill!

Hilda: All right! Leave it to me.

Sub Boss - Bernadetta

Bernadetta does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Sniper instead.

Vs Anyone:

Stay back! Stay back or I'll shoot!
— Bernadetta Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Professor? Is that you? You're with the enemy. That means I...I'll have to kill you.
— Bernadetta Vs Byleth

Death Quote:

Bernadetta: Wish I could've at least died at home...not in this big, stupid field...

Edelgard: Bernadetta, thank you. I'll make sure your life was not lost in vain.

— Bernadetta's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Petra

Petra does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Assassin instead.

Vs Anyone:

For Adrestia and for Brigid... I will be defeating all of you!
— Petra Vs Anyone

Retreat Quote:

Petra: I can't be fighting anymore... I must be retreating now...

Edelgard: Don't worry. You must live on to lead your people.

— Petra's Retreat Quote

Sub Boss - Hubert

Vs Anyone:

You're interfering with the plan. Looks like I'll just have to get rid of you.
— Hubert Vs Anyone

Retreat Quote:

Hubert: Fighting on will endanger my life. Your Majesty, I must withdraw.

Edelgard: No need to worry. We still have some troops left. So long as I stand, we won't give up.

— Hubert's Retreat Quote

Sub Boss - Lysithea

Lysithea does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Alliance General Gremory instead.

Vs Anyone:

Don't expect me to go easy on you. Because I won't.
— Lysithea Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Lysithea: I thought I'd be able to live...just a little bit longer than...this...

Claude: Lysithea... She burned too brightly, and faded too fast...

— Lysithea's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Raphael

Raphael does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by an Alliance General Grappler instead.

Vs Anyone:

There's no way you're gonna beat me! You're better off turning tail and running away!
— Raphael Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Wow, it's sure been a while! You're a tough opponent, Professor!
— Raphael Vs Byleth

Death Quote:

Raphael: Claude... Take care of my little sis...and the Alliance...

Claude: Raphael! Don't worry, I promise to look after your sister...

— Raphael's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Ignatz

Ignatz does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by an Alliance General Sniper instead.

Vs Anyone:

I am helping Claude build the future of Fódlan.
— Ignatz Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Ignatz: It's over for me. I did my best.

Claude: I'm sorry, Ignatz... I wasn't able to save you...

— Ignatz's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Hilda

Hilda does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Alliance General Warrior instead.

Vs Anyone:

You didn't forget about me, did you? Maybe you should just let me go.
— Hilda Vs Anyone

Retreat Quote:

Hilda: I have to get out of here! I'll die if I don't.

Claude: Hilda, you've done well. Leave the rest to me.

— Hilda's Retreat Quote

Sub Boss - Leonie

Leonie does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Alliance General Paladin instead.

Vs Anyone:

I can't hold back just because I know you. Sorry, but that's war.
— Leonie Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Leonie: S-so, this is it. I did what I could, Captain Jeralt...

Claude: Leonie fell? Did I underestimate the enemy?

— Leonie's Death Quote

Boss - Edelgard

Vs Anyone:

I will destroy both the Kingdom and the Alliance. Now, with one fell swoop!
— Edelgard Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I knew when next we met one of our paths would have to come to an end. Your journey ends here, Professor. Forever...
— Edelgard Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Dimitri: Stab your chest, break your neck, smash your head... I will allow you to choose your own death.
Edelgard: I'm not interested in methods of dying. All that matters is when death takes place, not how. And I have no intention of dying today.
Dimitri: I'm sure all of the people you've slaughtered so far thought the same!

— Edelgard Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

I lost?! Just as expected, you aren't making my path an easy one.
— Edelgard's Defeat Quote

Edelgard Retreats:

I must retreat for now. We'll meet again on the battlefield.
— Edelgard retreats

Boss - Claude

Vs Anyone:

So sad that our reunion should take place on the battlefield.
— Claude Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

So, you're actually alive, Teach! It's a shame you aren't on our side. Anyway, isn't the Empire your enemy? Us fighting seems like a waste...
— Claude Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Claude: Calm down, Dimitri! What does it achieve, us killing each other here?
Dimitri: Move, Claude. I have no time to exchange words with you.
Claude: It doesn't matter what I'm saying, does it? You aren't even listening. But I'm not gonna budge.

— Claude Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

Argh... I thought we had a chance, but there was no way to predict the movements of the Kingdom army.
— Claude's Defeat Quote

Claude Retreats:

I can't afford to die here. I have to retreat.
— Claude retreats

After Battle

(Dimitri and Rodrigue now lie near the area where Edelgard and her forces were...)
Dimitri: So, you think you can escape, Edelgard...
Rodrigue: Your Highness! You're alive! We have to retreat to the Great Bridge of Myrddin...
Dimitri: That woman...we failed to capture her. I will keep pursuing. The rest of you, keep fighting!
Rodrigue: I'm so sorry...but we can't do that. I understand how you feel, but the Imperial army is closing in!
Dimitri: I'll kill all of them! No matter how many hundreds or thousands of them there are!

(Just then, Fleche reveals herself near Dimitri's area.)
Maiden: ...
Rodrigue: You... What are you doing here?! It's too dangerous! Fall back, now!
Maiden: Heh.
(Fleche then runs towards Dimitri and stabs him in the back with a blade.)
Rodrigue: Your Highness!
Dimitri: You...are...

Event - Revenge

Gronder Field (Empire Territory)

Cg fe16 fleche attacks dimitri.png

An enraged Fleche now lies behind a weakened Dimitri, ready to continue her attack on the prince.

Maiden: Have I caught you off guard, Your Highness?
Maiden: Aww, does it hurt? I bet it hurts reaaaal bad, doesn't it? But it's nothing compared to what my brother felt!
Maiden: You will never be forgiven, you know. I will never forgive you!
Dimitri: You... You must be...
Maiden: You filthy monster! It's time to DIIIIE!

Suddenly, Rodrigue jumps over Dimitri and takes Fleche's attack instead.

Cg fe16 rodrigue shields dimitri.png

Rodrigue: Gah... P-Professor... Do it now!
(Byleth arrives at the scene and quickly swings their sword against Fleche as the screen goes black, dealing mortal damage.)
Maiden: Agahhhh!

Maiden: B-Brother...

Cg fe16 rodrigue touches dimitri's face.png

The camera now focuses on Rodrigue, who now lies down on the ground, weakened from shielding Dimitri from Fleche's stabs. Dimitri rushes towards Rodrigue, frightened. Then, Rodrigue reaches his arm and touches Dimitri's hair.

Dimitri: Rodrigue!
Rodrigue: Your Highness... Are you safe? Please tell me... it wasn't in vain...
Dimitri: This was mine to bear.
Rodrigue: There are no sins or punishments... on the battlefield...

Rodrigue is having trouble breathing...

Dimitri: NO! Don't die... Please, don't die!
Dimitri: Father, Stepmother, Glenn... They all died and left me behind. Rodrigue... Are you to join the ghosts who shadow my every move?
Dimitri: This is my fault... I... I'm the one who killed you, as surely as though I had wielded the blade!

Rodrigue: Heh. Your Highness. You have one thing...terribly wrong.

Rodrigue: None of them...none of us...died for you. I'm dying for what I believe in...just as they did.

Rodrigue: Your life is your own. It belongs to no other, living or dead. Live for what you believe in.

Rodrigue: Dimitri... My boy... You really do look just like His Majesty...

Rodrigue's last memories from when he saw His Majesty in life now flash before his eyes...

Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital (Year 1176)

Rodrigue: What are you saying, Lambert?!
Lambert: I am heading to Duscur. And before you start, nothing you could say would change my mind.
Lambert: You worry too much, my friend. So far relations with Duscur have been going smoothly, wouldn't you say? You of all people should appreciate how critical these negotiations are.
Rodrigue: Of course I do, but...for the king himself to make the journey... You must admit that it's dangerous. And His Highness is still so young. If the worst should happen...
Lambert: Even if the worst should happen, he would be OK. He's a smart boy, Rodrigue. Even if he should lose his father, I have no doubt that he will grow to be a good and respectable man.
Rodrigue: Lambert...
Lambert: However... If he ever starts down the wrong path and I am not here to set him straight, I am trusting you to do so in my stead, old friend. Promise me...

Cg fe16 rodrigue touches dimitri's face.png

Rodrigue: Lambert... My promise... I...

Event - A Reason to Live

Outside the Stables
Late Night

(Rain is falling heavily over Garreg Mach. Dimitri then is seen walking past the Stables when Byleth intercepts them. Dimitri's eyes look...different now.)
Dimitri: What do you want?

Where are you going?

Dimitri: It doesn't concern you.

It does.

Dimitri: Get out of my way. Now.

You're going to Enbarr, aren't you?

Dimitri: ...

Do you really think that will appease the dead?

Dimitri: Silence. You have no idea what you're talking about.
Dimitri: Death is the end. No matter how much lingering regret a person has, after death, they are powerless. They cannot even wish for revenge, much less seek it out.
Dimitri: Hatred. Regret. Those burdens fall on the shoulders of those who are left behind. And so I must continue down this path! I already told you as much! It is far too late to stop.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You're wrong. There must be another way.

Dimitri: Do not waste your breath with some nonsense about how I should move on with my life for their sake. That is merely the logic of the living. It's meaningless. Those who died with lingering regret... They will not loose their hold on me so easily.

(Dimitri raises his head up. His voice cracks.)

Dimitri: But you seem to have all the answers... So tell me, Professor. Please, tell me...

Dimitri: How do I silence their desperate pleas? How do I... How do I save them?

Dimitri: Ever since that day nine years ago...I have lived only to avenge the fallen. Even my time at the Officers Academy was all so that I could secure my revenge and clear away the regret of the dead.

Dimitri: It was the only thing that kept me alive... My only reason to keep moving forward...

Choice 1 Choice 2
You must forgive yourself. You've suffered enough.

Dimitri: Hmph.

The camera the focuses on Dimitri's face.

Cg fe16 dimitri in the rain.png

Dimitri: But then who—or what—should I live for?

Live for what you believe in.

Dimitri: What I believe in...

Dimitri: Rodrigue said the same thing. But is it possible...

Dimitri: I am a murderous monster. My hands are stained red. Could one such as I truly hope for such a life?

Dimitri: As the sole survivor of that day, do I... Do I have the right to live for myself?

Cg fe16 dimitri in the rain hand f.png

Dimitri: ...

Dimitri: Your hands are so warm... Have they always been?

(The screen slowly lights up until nothing can be seen.)