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Blood Runs Red/Conversations

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Youth: Hey there, traveler! Do you have everything you need? If you stop by my humble shop, you'll find the best deals in town! Whattya say? Interested?
Ike: Yeah, that sounds great. Listen, can I ask you a question?
Youth: No problem! You can ask me anything. Especially if it's about my low, low prices!
Ike: What do the twonspeople think of Daein? You knew that they were coming. Didn't anyone think to flee Crimea?
Youth: Flee? Don't be absurd!
Ike: But Crimea lost the war.
Youth: Yeah, I know. And honestly? That doesn't really affect us common folk, ya know? The truth is, we don't care who sits on the throne. To us, they're all just faceless beings who rule from on high. If they tried to raise taxes or something, you better believe we'd protest, but otherwise... I mean, take the king of Daein. He's just another man, right? If we keep working, he can keep living the high life. So it's not like he's going to treat us poorly or anything. As long as we can live our lives and have a little happiness, we aren't going to worry about it all too much. Oh, but if we were invaded by Gallia, well, that's a different story altogether. If our country were overrun by those savage beasts, who knows what could happen? Now THAT scares me!
Ike: ...
(Ike leaves)
Youth: What the? Hey! Wait! Come back! What about my low, low prices?! Now what was that all about?


Vigilante: Pardon me, buddy. I haven't seen you around town before. You a traveling mercenary?
Ike: Yes, I suppose you could say that.
Vigilante: Nice sword... You look like a man who knows his business. If you're looking for work, I've a proposition for you.
Ike: A proposition?
Vigilante: I run a vigilante group that helps keep our fair town safe. A strong man like you would be most welcome.
Ike: Thanks, but I've got something lined up.
Vigilante: Oh, really? That's too bad. Heading out to sea?
Ike: Maybe.
Vigilante: Har har! Cautious to the end! I like that! Well, just in case you are... I want you to have this.
Ike: Hm? What's this?
Vigilante: It's a special sword. It'll come in handy if you ever...find yourself at sea. Not that you would! Har har!
Ike: Really? You're giving me a sword? Are you sure?
Vigilante: Well, there is one condition... Once you've finished your job, you come back and see me. I'd like you to reconsider that vigilante position.
Ike: Understood. Thanks again for the blade.
(You got a Laguzslayer.)


Elincia: ...
Ike: Princess!
Elincia: My lord Ike...
Ike: Why are you here all by yourself? That's not very safe.
Elincia: I was looking at the town. I'm unfamiliar with the world outside the imperial villa where I was raised. This is the first time I've been able to see how other people live. Everything is so new and different to my eyes. a town, isn't it? There's so much energy, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
Ike: With all the boats coming in and out of the harbor, this town's livelier than most. That's for sure.
Elincia: It's like nothing has happened. All the death and destruction we've seen feels like a horrible dream...
Ike: Mmm...


Kieran: Haa! Yaaa! Hiiii-yaaaa!!
Ike: What are you doing?
Kieran: I'm trying to regain the superb physique I lost when I was being held prisoner.
Ike: Are you ready to board the ship?
Kieran: I was born ready! Hoooo-ha! I don't need anything! Even as we speak, many of my fellow Crimeans are suffering at the hands of Daein. If I cannot rush to their aid today, then I can at least prepare myself for the day when I can.
Ike: I see. Well, when we're ready, I'll let you know.
Kieran: Understood.
Ike: Sorry to have interrupted you.
Kieran: My lord Ike!
Ike: What is it?
Kieran: You rescued and cared for Princess Elincia. You have my heartfelt thanks. She... For us, she is our one solitary hope.
Ike: Yeah.
Kieran: Right, enough talking. Until we make our triumphant return to Melior, all I can do is keep training! Haaa! Nyaaa! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Ike: Careful! Don't pull anything...


Brom: ...
Ike: What are you looking at?
Brom: Oh, just this. It's a sort of a good-luck charm. My family gave it to me when I left home. We never had much money, so my parents gathered some stones from our farm back home and put them in this leather pouch. It's not much to look at, but it means a lot to me. Every day, I take them out and talk to them like they're my family. "How is everyone?" "I'm out here doing the best I can." "Don't worry. I'll be home soon." Just stuff like that. I know it sounds foolish, but if I don't do this...Iwon't... I won't have the courage to fight.
Ike: ...
Brom: Don't worry about my feelings. You can laugh. Acting like this at my age, what a silly man I am!
Ike: It's not silly, Brom. You're a strong man who has decided to fight for the sake of his family. I know that your family is very proud of you.
Brom: ...Sniff... S-s-sniff... Mm. Thank you, Ike. Sniff... Thank you.


Nephenee: Well, that's that.
Ike: Are you ready to go, Nephenee?
Nephenee: Ah! Ike...
Ike: What is it?
Nephenee: ...Um... Nope! Nothin'! I'm fine.
Ike: Are you sure?
Nephenee: Yeah! Sure I'm sure!
Ike: You know, it's hard being a prisoner. It's physically and mentally demanding... I need to know: can you fight?
Nephenee: Not a problem!
Ike: It's easy for you to say, but you sound like you're about to fall over.
Nephenee: That? Aw, no! That's a habit... It's just the way I talk. Just talkin'! ...Sorry.
Ike: No need to apologize. As long as you're not feeling ill, everything's fine. All right, I'll see you later.
Nephenee: Right then...