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Blood Contract/Conversations

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Leonardo: Say, Edward. We've been fighting really hard for quite a while now, haven't we?
Edward: Yes, I guess so. The war of emancipation, the war against the Laguz Alliance, and now against the apostle's army. One after another, just like that.
Leonardo: The world can't always be like this. These wars seem so pointless. All I want is to be able to live in Daein, peacefully and in freedom.
Edward: Yeah. The military is a pretty strange place. Hey, I have an idea! Once this battle is over, I'll quit the army and go home.
Leonardo: What about Micaiah and the others? Are you going to abandon them?
Edward: What? No way! I'll just have to talk them into leaving with me! And if that catches on, all the soldiers will leave, and then there can't be a war. And then Daein will have peace once again!
Leonardo: You know, I don't think it's that simple. But your plan sounds good to me, Edward.
Edward: See? You know it's smart! First, you and I will leave. Together, we can tackle any obstacle!
Leonardo: We'll have to survive the next battle, first. This should help. Here. Look what I got you.
Edward: Oh! This sword is amazing! Where did you get this!?
Leonardo: I've been saving up. Micaiah chipped in, too.
Edward: You got this for me?
Leonardo: Yeah. Since you're always fighting so recklessly, I thought this sword would be a good match for you.
Edward: Thanks, Leonardo! You're the best friend I could have!
Leonardo: I know. We're each other's best friend and family.

(You got a Tempest BladeIs wii tempest blade.png.)

Helping Hand

Aran: Hey, Laura! You dropped a staff over here.
Laura: Oh! Ah. Thank you, Aran.
Aran: You've been carrying a lot of things lately.
Laura: Yes, I suppose so. Many people are injured. I wanted to help heal as many of them as I can.
Aran: That's admirable. Is there anything I can do to help?
Laura: Yes, of course!
Aran: First, hand me all of your things. I'll carry them for you.
Laura: That would be great. Here you go. Say...
Aran: Hmm?
Laura: That staff you picked up earlier... It doesn't belong to me.
Aran: Really? It was right at your feet, so I'd assumed that it was yours.
Laura: I've never seen a staff like this. I wonder what effect it has?
Aran: Hey, be careful. It might be dangerous or something. Let's throw it away.
Laura: Well, maybe if I shake it like this... And then... Whoa!
Aran: Wuh!
Laura: What did you say, Aran?
Aran: Zzz... Zzz...
Laura: Oh, Aran. You're such a clown. How do you fall asleep on your feet? I guess you must be really tired. Why don't I just leave you be? Let me just take my things back.

(Laura leaves)

Aran: Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...

(You got a SleepIs wii sleep.png.)