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Black Market Scheme/Script

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(Byleth is passing through the stable as they find Balthus.)
Balthus: Hey, pal. Any idea where Hapi is?

Choice 1 Choice 2
No clue. I haven't seen her.
Balthus: Right. This is bad. Real bad. Balthus: Huh. This is bad. Real bad.

What's bad?

Balthus: It's nothing. Well... OK, fine. If you insist, I'll tell you what's happened.
Balthus: Thing is...a box was delivered yesterday. Filled with feathers. Pricey ones. For bedding. Hapi loves a good nap, so she climbed on in. Now she and the box are nowhere to be found. I checked with my merchant contacts. Turns out it was taken to Enbarr to be sold...on the black market.
Balthus: You catch what I'm throwing, yeah? Hapi was fast asleep in the thing when it was stolen...

Choice 1 Choice 2
That can't be true. That sounds completely believable.
Balthus: Oh, but it can. That's Hapi for you. Balthus: Thanks. I mean, yeah. That's Hapi for you.

Balthus: She runs like clockwork, that one. Goes to bed at sunset and won't wake up until sunrise. If we don't go and find her, something terrible could happen. One sigh and a demonic beast could come barreling through town...

If that were true, that would be bad.

Balthus: Right! Way I see it, I have no choice but to rush off and rescue her. You in?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm in. (Begin Paralogue battle) I'm out. (Return to previous screen)
Balthus: Heh, knew I could count on you! Let's get to it. Balthus: You're really going to abandon her? Didn't think you had it in ya. If you change your mind, just holler.

City Streets (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

(Byleth and co. arrive to Enbarr at last.)
Balthus: Finally, we're here. Now where's Hapi? We've gotta find her before that box is sold... Let's split up and search the town. We'll cover more ground that way.
(Byleth nods. The screen fades to black as they search for Hapi's whereabouts before going back to normal.)

Still no sign of her...

Balthus: I know. Where in the hell could she—Gah!
(Suddenly, Hapi shows up in a bad mood.)
Hapi: I can't believe you, B! Well, I can, but that doesn't make me any less angry.
Balthus: Whoa, easy there! I have a good reason. Trust me.
Hapi: Don't even try to weasel your way out of this. Ooh, you're the worst!

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
What's going on? I'm glad we found you. He's the actual worst.
Hapi: Don't ask me. I was just relaxing in Abyss, and when I came to the surface, everyone was gone. When I heard he was dragging you here I nearly threw a fit! Hapi: You didn't need to find me. I was relaxing in Abyss. He made up that story as an excuse to drag you here. Balthus: You don't even know what I did yet. Not that you're wrong, but still.

Balthus: Look, I may be a scoundrel, but I stand by what I did. Let me explain. I got a tip-off that an item was being sold on the black market today. Not just any item. My mom's—
Rogue(1): There you are! How dare you interfere with our business!

(Suddenly, a Rogue with backup behind enter the conversation.)
Rogue(2): You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. You're finished!
Balthus: We'll continue story time later. First, I'll need your help clearing out these thugs.

Battle: Black Market Scheme

Before Battle

(Far away in the city...)
Baron Ochs: We got what we came for. With this, my sweet daughter will finally—
Attendant: Yes... The young mistress will finally be safe again. Let's return home at once! But first... Oh dear, it seems some thieves are causing trouble in town.
Baron Ochs: Thieves? Goddess, no... We must hold on to our treasure!

Player Phase 1

Balthus: There's just one thing you need to remember, yeah? If you see anyone with something that looks like a Hero's Relic, grab it. You already know this, but it would get real bad real quick if we let them run wild with that thing.
Hapi: Wait a second. How did a Hero's Relic end up being sold on the black market?!

First Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Rogue: You're not going anywhere. Can't leave any witnesses alive!

Second Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Rogue: What's the goal? Treasure? Damn it, we've got to get there first!

Third Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Dark Merchant: All this fighting is ruining our business!

Rogue: Gotta pay the toll if you wanna pass. The blood toll! Hahaha!

Rogue: They're fighting back! Don't let them get away!

Boss - Baron Ochs

First time fighting or one of his attendants is fought:

Baron Ochs: Don't come any closer! If you do, I will have no choice but to unleash this power upon you!
Balthus: Easy there, buddy. Danger wise, that thing's on par with a Hero's Relic! If you don't have a Crest, you'll turn into a hideous monster!
Baron Ochs: You can't scare me! No price is too high to save my precious daughter!

— Baron Ochs fighting for the first time or one of his attendants is fought

Vs Anyone:

I harbor no ill will. All I ask for is forgiveness, for the sake of my house!
— Baron Ochs Vs Anyone

Vs Edelgard:

Baron Ochs: Your Highness! Please, have mercy. I beg of you!
Edelgard: Baron Ochs. Explain yourself.
Baron Ochs: There's no time! Please, you must allow me to pass!

— Baron Ochs Vs Edelgard

Vs Balthus:

Balthus: Read my lips, guy. I can't let you use that thing.
Baron Ochs: Can you not turn a blind eye for a man in need?! If not...I fear you have left me no choice!
Balthus: Yeah. Not gonna happen.

— Baron Ochs Vs Balthus

Defeat Quote:

Baron Ochs: I... No... Graaaargh!
(Baron Ochs transforms into a Forlorn Beast)
Hapi: Yikes... You weren't kidding about the hideous monster thing. Is that what you were looking for, B?
Balthus: That's it, all right.

— Baron Ochs's Defeat Quote

Boss - Forlorn Beast

Vs Balthus:

Balthus: At least I tried. All I can do now is end this quickly.
— Forlorn Beast Vs Balthus

Vs Hapi:

Hapi: Ugh, that horrible sound... I can't stand it. I'm sorry we let this happen.
— Forlorn Beast Vs Hapi

Baron Ochs Falls

(Baron Ochs transforms back into a human.)
Baron Ochs: Forgive me, my daughter... Monica...
Balthus: Nothing more you can do, pal. At least we got it back.

Balthus: I know I owe you and Hapi an apology. So, uh... I'm sorry. Really sorry. Mean that.
Hapi: I'm sure you had your reasons. When we get back, you better explain what the heck those reasons were.


Entrance Hall

Black Eagles Black Eagles Other Routes Blue LionsGolden Deer

(Balthus, Byleth, Edelgard and Hapi return to the monastery.)

Hapi: So what's the story with this Hero's Relic?
(Hapi questions as the crew looks at the recovered relic.)

FETH Vajra-Mushti.png

Balthus: It's not exactly a real Relic, per se.

It's not?

Balthus: Nope. It's a replica. Crafted after the War of Heroes. It's a secret family heirloom of sorts from my mom's village. Somehow, word of it got out recently. As happens with valuable things, it was stolen soon after.
Hapi: So when you heard it might be on the black market, you tricked others into helping you steal it by telling them I'd been kidnapped.
Balthus: You're still mad, yeah? Look, I'm sorry. OK? There. You can go ahead and cheer up now. I only did it because if they turned into monsters, there was a chance I couldn't take 'em on my own. Couldn't risk telling you the truth. If the church had caught wind, they'd have taken it for themselves.
Hapi: How uncharacteristically wise of you, B. So that's why you felt a need for this bizarre scheme.
Balthus: Oh, and, Professor. Guess I owe you an apology too. Sorry. Shouldn't have done you like that.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You're forgiven. I'm still mad.
Hapi: I guess if Chatterbox can forgive you, I can too. You were doing it for your family, after all. Hapi: Maybe we should cut him some slack, Chatterbox. He was doing it for his family. That's kinda sweet.

Hapi: What was up with that noble guy, though? He didn't seem interested in hearing what we had to say.
Balthus: Yeah, good point. I wonder why he wanted this thing to begin with.

Black Eagles Black Eagles Other Routes Blue LionsGolden Deer

Edelgard: I don't know for certain, but it's likely he wanted that item for his daughter. The man in question is Baron Ochs. He is a minor noble from the west of the Empire.

If Chapter 9 has not been been completed Otherwise

If Chapter 6 has been completed Otherwise (unused)

Edelgard: His daughter Monica went missing last year. She was found only recently.

Hapi: What does that have to do with the Relic? Uh, the non-Relic, I mean.
Edelgard: Word has it that Baron Ochs received a proposition. His daughter's safe return, in exchange for a Hero's Relic.
Balthus: Of course. This whole mess happened because somebody wanted to get their mitts on a Relic.
Edelgard: It's possible. But we weren't able to get anything out of Baron Ochs. The head of that house died years ago, and the whole family has been a mess ever since. We have no choice but to find another source for that information.

Hapi: Are you sure you want to return this thing to your village? People might come looking for it.
Balthus: Good point. I actually got a letter from my mom on the subject. She suggested it would be safer in Garreg Mach. She also said my Crest should allow me to use it...
Balthus: She's entrusting it to me...which is a bad idea, so I'm entrusting it to you, Professor.

Are you sure?

Balthus: Positive. You'll know what to do with it. Give it to me or someone else, whatever you think.
(Hapi can't believe what she's hearing.)
Hapi: Um, B... That's a priceless artifact.
Balthus: Sure is. Lose it and you'll owe me, heh!