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Bitter Enemies/Script

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Part 1: Battle at the Sluice Gate


Anna: If only we knew where to find Zacharias...
Sharena: Do you really believe that he's dead?
Alfonse: I... I think we should follow Prince Bruno. We last saw him in the World of Shadows. He may still be there. Only he knows the truth. And if he did kill Zacharias... that is an act I cannot forgive.

(scene changes to the map screen)
Delthea: Finally! I was getting bored waiting around for you. I hope you're better at fighting than figuring out where to go! My name's Delthea. I hope you aren't thinking of underestimating me just because I'm so darn cute. That would be a big mistake. My magic will blow you off the battlefield. So, who's first?


Bruno: Ugh... argh... Ha... Hee-hee... Hah!
Alfonse: Prince Bruno!
Bruno: Haha... You finally made it. Good. I'm tired of waiting! Alfonse! Sharena! I'm going to gut you... for starters. Can you get me before I get you? Zacharias is crying out for vengeance! Bwa-ha-ha!

Part 5: The Mask Cracks


Bruno: Heh... It's time, spawn of Askr... Time for me to rip you open.
Sharena: Oh, Kiran... I'm so scared! He wasn't like this before... Was he?
Alfonse: I suspect there's a reason for that... But what I care about right now is finding out about Zacharias. Prince Bruno! What did you do to Zacharias? Tell us everything you know!
Bruno: Heh... You... want to know what... I did? Take... a look... and then... ask me again...
Sharena: Zacharias's lance!
Bruno: Yes, I took his life. He peered into places he should not, and brought one of Embla's secrets into the light... It was so sad... He was all alone... There was nothing he could do to save himself... from me. It was pathetic. With his dying breath... he begged for his life. He called out your names! "I'll do anything you ask! Just let me live!" Bwa-ha-ha!
Sharena: Oh, Zacharias...
Alfonse: You... murderer!
Bruno: Show me how you really feel... with your blade! You'll be seeing Zacharias soon enough if you do!


Bruno: Ghk... Urgh...

(scene changes to the castle interior)
Bruno: Do it. Kill me. Do it now! I told you before... You'll regret it if you don't.
Alfonse: One last time, Bruno... did you really kill Zacharias?
Bruno: Hah! This again? Yes! I killed him! And I'll make sure you and your sister suffer the same fate.
Alfonse: Very well. The time to avenge my friend... has come. Yes, Kiran? What is it?
Bruno: ...
Alfonse: What? No, that can't be true... How could it be? If it is, then... that'd mean...
Sharena: What is it, Brother?
Alfonse: We completed the rite with the sending stone, yet we didn't hear Zacharias' voice. If he was alive, we would have. We assumed that he was dead. But there's another possibility... We did speak to Zacharias during the rite.
Sharena: What? That means...
Alfonse: Prince Bruno, of the Emblian Empire, I ask you now... Are you Zacharias?