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Bitter Cold/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After defeating Martel and making it through the woodlands, Roy and company face the blizzards common of Ilia's winters. Ilia's harsh weather has in the past served as a natural defense against invaders. In this blizzard, Sigune, captain of a pegasus knight squad working for Bern, makes preparations to attack Roy and his troops...


(In the castle)

Pegasus Knight: Captain! The enemy has arrived. They are just beyond the mountains.
Sigune: It begins.
Pegasus Knight: Captain, are you sure?
Sigune: About what?
Pegasus Knight: The Etrurian Army says they will liberate us from Bern. They say they'll give us our independence...
Sigune: You can't be fool enough to believe that. No one fights a war without gain. Once they defeat Bern, they intend to take over. It will be the same.
Pegasus Knight: But...
Sigune: Bern are the better allies. They are more experienced in warfare.
Pegasus Knight: ......
Sigune: Come now, we have more immediate problems. We must eliminate the enemy that lies before us. Are the ballistae ready?
Pegasus Knight: Yes, the archers are all at their stations.
Sigune: Good! Fire at them from a distance. They'll be floundering around in the dark of this powerful blizzard. Observe nature's wrath...

(Outside, in the blizzard)

Roy: Such powerful wind and hail... I can barely see in front of me.
Niime: Ilia's winters are always like this. If you want to fight in this weather, you'll have to put up with it.
Roy: We can't allow Bern time to regroup. We must attack now.
Niime: You're right. If the demon dragon is victorious, it could be the end of us all.
Roy: I've been wondering... Do you think the demon dragon is in human form as well?
Niime: It seems probable. It could be that all dragons in this realm are in human form. I've even heard stories of dragons in human form living with people.
Roy: Arcadia...
Niime: Hm? What did you say?
Roy: Er, nothing.
Niime: I've read that dragons only began to take human form after the Ending Winter.
Roy: The Ending Winter...
Niime: I expect you've heard of it.
Roy: Yes, but only in legend. I learned that in the Ending Winter, the laws of nature were all warped. Day became night, and summer became winter.
Niime: That's it. The scrolls I read on the topic are so timeworn that I couldn't decipher all of them. But one thing is clear. The Ending Winter was a disaster powerful enough to bend and twist the whole planet.
Roy: What caused it?
Niime: Nobody knows for certain... Legend says the dragons caused it by releasing vast amounts of magical power, but even this theory lacks evidence. In any case, it is certain that dragons began to take human form after the Ending Winter. I don't believe these two occurrences are coincidence.
Roy: I agree.
Niime: Ultimately, the truth lies in Bern.

In battle

At the start of turn 13, enemy phase

Pegasus Knight: Captain! Other pegasus knight squads are on their way to assist us!
Sigune: Really? They will help immensely. I almost feel bad for the enemy... They'll be in a panic when they're suddenly attacked from all directions. They won't see them coming in this snowstorm...


The western village

Old Man: You would come to such an isolated place as this...? The prophecies were correct... When the world is covered in darkness... A single blade of wind will slice through the darkness, allowing the light to shine again.


The eastern village

Older Man: I've pondered a lot about whether I should give in to Bern... But I've made up my mind. I'll hold strong. Take this ring. It brings out your inner strength. ...Please bring peace back to this land.

(Energy Ring)

The first house from the southwest

Girl: You go up against Ivory Devil Sigune. I wish you luck. The Ilian pegasus knights can fly through the blizzard. You'll be blinded by the white... and then they will suddenly appear out of the swirling snow. But when that happens it's too late... You're already dead...

The second house from the southwest

Middle-aged Man: Pegasus knights and ballistae... Captain Sigune is after you. She's hiding in the blizzard, waiting to strike...

The third house from the southwest

Middle-aged Man: You know about the ballista to the east, right? We're out of its range here, but the shop over there isn't...

The fourth house from the southwest

Girl: Bern's headquarters in Ilia? Um, I think it was Edarza... Edetta... Edessa! That's it. It's to the northeast.

Battle quotes

Sigune enters combat

Sigune:'ve made it through the blizzard. Congratulations. Unfortunately, the only prize that awaits you is death.

Sigune enters combat with Shanna

Sigune: You... You're Juno's youngest sister.
Shanna: ......
Sigune: My honor as a knight of Ilia is at stake. Don't expect me to hold back.
Shanna: I know...

Sigune enters combat with Thea

Sigune: Thea? What are you doing here? Oh... You've joined Etruria.
Thea: Captain Sigune...
Sigune: You know the code of the Ilian knights. You will get no mercy from me.

Sigune dies

Sigune: ...Dear me... I didn't anticipate perishing here... But perhaps... I was already dead... Perhaps I died... a long...time ago...


(Inside the castle)

Roy: Merlinus, I need you to send this letter to Father Yoder in Etruria.
Merlinus: A letter? May I ask what it says?
Roy: It has the information I learned from Niime about the dragons.
Merlinus: Oh? What did you learn?
Roy: It would take too long to tell you. I haven't sealed the letter yet, so you can look through it if you like.
Merlinus: Very well. I think I will...

(Merlinus leaves, Guinivere enters)

Guinivere: ......
Roy: Is something wrong, Princess Guinivere?
Guinivere: ...I wish to tell you about my brother.
Roy: ...You don't mind?
Guinivere: No... I want you to know before we enter Bern... I want you to know the tragedies that have occurred. You asked before if my brother murdered our father.
Roy: Yes...?
Guinivere: To be frank... he did.
Roy: King Zephiel killed his own father to seize the throne.
Guinivere: No!
Roy: No?
Guinivere: Our father tried to kill Zephiel first.
Roy: What?! Then King Zephiel...
Guinivere: He couldn't bear the abuse he took from our father. So he...
Roy: What...? Why did-

(Merlinus returns)

Merlinus: The dragons are mysterious creatures indeed... Hm? What is the matter?
Guinivere: It is nothing... Perhaps later...

(Guinivere leaves the conversation)

Merlinus: ...Did I appear at a bad time?
Roy: No, it's fine. Did you send the letter?
Merlinus: Yes, I sent it off after reading through it.
Roy: Thank you.

Roy: ...Why did the old king try to murder his own son...?