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Beruka/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

I'll carry out my mission in the next battle. That's all that matters.
— Beruka, when encountered by the player

Battle quotes

My orders are to kill everyone from Hoshido. I will not fail.
— Beruka, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 13.
Beruka: It's not my place to question orders. But still...I don't understand.
Corrin: What do you mean?
Beruka: Lady Camilla can't stop talking about how much she loves you. And yet she's ordered me to kill you and all your friends.
Corrin: It's complicated.
Beruka: No matter. My mission is to kill, and I will not fail.

— Beruka, fighting Corrin in Birthright Chapter 13.
I'll defeat you all. Then Corrin will return, and Lady Camilla will smile again...
— Beruka, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 23.
Beruka: What are you doing? I'm not supposed to kill you. Just get out of my way, and I'll let you live.
Corrin: Sorry, I can't do that. You'll have to get through me to get to my friends.
Beruka: But I...I'm not allowed to kill you. This doesn't make sense.
Corrin: You're exactly right! There's no need for us to fight.
Beruka: Hmm. I can't disobey an order. I suppose I'll just have to render you unconscious and then kill your friends.

— Beruka, fighting Corrin in Birthright Chapter 23.
Hello. I'm Lady Camilla's retainer, Beruka. I am here to sink this boat and kill its passengers. And eliminate Corrin.
— Beruka, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 12.

Paired battle quotes

I'll support you.
— Beruka
This is my mission.
— Beruka
No mercy.
— Beruka
How shall we proceed?
— Beruka
Kill them all.
— Beruka
Must I restrain myself?
— Beruka
Not over yet!
— Beruka, performing a Dual Strike.
— Beruka, performing a Dual Guard.
— Beruka, performing a Dual Guard.
— Beruka, performing a Dual Guard.

Victory quotes

Too easy.
— Beruka, after defeating an enemy.
— Beruka, after defeating an enemy.
Target silenced.
— Beruka, after defeating an enemy.
Mission accomplished.
— Beruka, after defeating an enemy.
Who's next?
— Beruka, after defeating an enemy.
— Beruka, if her partner defeated an enemy.
That was mine!
— Beruka, if her partner defeated an enemy.
You took my target!
— Beruka, if her partner defeated an enemy.

Critical quotes

Time to play!
— Beruka
Finishing the mission!
— Beruka
You won't survive this!
— Beruka
Be ready!
— Beruka

Level up quotes

Seems I've grown stronger...
— Beruka, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
Time for a new objective...
— Beruka, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
To face me is death.
— Beruka, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.

Death/retreat quotes

— Beruka's defeat voice clip
So this was my final mission...
— Beruka's death quote in Classic Mode.
Mission...failed? I must retreat for now.
— Beruka's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
I've failed...for now.
— Beruka's defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 13.
How frustrating...
— Beruka's defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 23.
Tch... I've failed. Retreating...
— Beruka's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 12.