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Battle in Bulgar/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After defeating the Djute, Roy moves toward Bulgar, the largest city in Sacae. As a center of commerce between Etruria, Bern and Ilia, Bulgar has a history of being a free city without rule. However, High Chancellor Roartz now holds control of Bulgar with Bern's support. Roy enters Bulgar with the hopes of liberating it and learning more...


(Inside Roartz's mansion)

Roartz: They're here...! And so soon... If only we had more time to prepare our defenses!
Kel: We will try to stop the enemy from progressing any further. Please retreat to the mansion and fortify your defenses there.
Roartz: ...Do you think you can succeed in stopping them?
Kel: I cannot say, but we will try.
Roartz: If you aren't confident you'll be victorious, then I'll-
Kel: You'll what? Flee? Tell me, just where do you think you can hide?
Roartz: ......
Kel: General Brunnya has ordered me to protect you. And so I shall, to the very limits of my ability. But there may come a time when you must take up arms as well.
Roartz: ...V-very well... Then I shall fortify the inside. I leave the outside to you.

(Roartz leaves the conversation)

Soldier: ...That coward is the high chancellor of Etruria? Why does he deserve our protection?
Kel: It's not as if General Brunnya cares for the man. She is obligated to protect him because he turned to our side. Wretched though he may be, we have a duty to fulfill.
Soldier: ......
Kel: By the way, I understand the Silver Wolf has been lurking around here. Keep on guard at all times and be ready for anything.
Soldier: Yes, sir.

(Outside Bulgar)

Roy: Princess Guinivere.
Guinivere: ...We fight again today.
Roy: Yes, we must. I am sorry I've had no time to speak with you at length.
Guinivere: It is not your fault. ...If the blame lies with anyone, it is my brother.
Roy: Princess...
Guinivere: ...Yes?
Roy: May I ask why your father tried to murder King Zephiel?
Guinivere: ...Zephiel and I have different mothers. In actuality, I am his half sister.
Roy: I heard that Zephiel's mother was an Etrurian noblewoman.
Guinivere: That's correct. They were arranged to be wed for political reasons. However, our father was already in love with another woman. That was my mother.
Roy: ......
Guinivere: The marriage between the king and Zephiel's mother was forced. Our father didn't love Zephiel's mother and always resented their son.
Roy: Was that the cause of all the troubles that happened?
Guinivere: No... I remember Zephiel working hard, vying for our father's affection. He was a brilliant scholar and a prodigy in combat. He grew to become a fine heir to Bern's throne.
Roy: Then why did the king try to-
Soldier (offscreen): Lord Roy! We are ready for the attack!
Roy: Understood. I only need a moment! Princess Guinivere, I am sorry, but I...
Guinivere: No, I understand. Go. Please be careful.

In battle

At the start of turn 2, player phase

(Inside a house in Bulgar)

Niime: Well, well... It begins.
Dayan: So it seems.
Middle-aged Man: Bern's invasion finally ends, and now here comes Etruria. Will it never end?
Dayan: ......
Niime: Small wonder. This is a large trading city. Any army would want control of it. If you'll excuse me...
Middle-aged Man: H-hey, wait, where are you going?
Niime: I'm going to observe the fight. Let us see how good this Roy is.
Middle-aged Man: You mean now? But...
Niime: Don't you worry about me. I'll be fine.

Middle-aged Man: What? Stop! Don't leave me alone!

At the start of turn 7, enemy phase

Kel: The reinforcements should be arriving soon... Open the front gate to let the reinforcements in when they arrive.
Soldier: Yes, sir.

At the start of turn 12, enemy phase

Soldier: They'll be here any moment now... Open the gate!

At the start of turn 13, enemy phase

Kel: Have the guerrilla forces hiding in the houses commence their attack.
Soldier: Yes, sir.


The first house from the west

Middle-aged Man: I was selling weapons to Bern before the war... But now that they've taken over the city, they won't pay! Here, take this wyrmslayer. Just do something about them. I've been hiding it from them... I think you can guess why...


The second house from the west

Girl: Would you like a special ring from Etruria? I used to sell them, but I had to close my shop because of the war. Here, take it. No charge... No one will buy it anyway.

(Energy Ring)

The third house from the west

Man: This goddess icon brings good luck. ...I used to con people by saying that. I can't do business with this war, though. Here, take one. It won't really bring you any luck, though.

(Goddess Icon)

The fourth house from the west

Young Boy: Wow... Lucky me! Finders keepers. I bet I can sell this thing...
Young Boy: Whoa! A-are you from Bern? No, I didn't steal this! See ya!

(Wo Dao)

The fifth house from the west

Man: This is a longbow, a favorite of the Sacaen nomads. Here, take one. Use it to drive Bern's soldiers out of here!


Battle quotes

Kel enters combat

Kel: I am Kel. Behold my blade... as I swing it for the last time.

Kel dies

Kel: This is the fate... of all swordsmen...


Niime: I must say, you're not half bad at all.
Roy: Wh-who are you!?
Soldier: I told you to stop! You may not enter. Lord Roy is not accepting visitors.
Roy: What's going on?
Soldier: She was very insistent about seeing you. But you have more important matters to attend to.
Niime: Just hear me out first. I think I have some information you might want to hear.
Roy: ...And what would that be?
Niime: It is about the dragons who are in human form.
Roy: ...I wish to speak with her in private. Will you leave us, please?
Soldier: Yes, milord.