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Battle Preparations/Script (Eliwood)

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Eliwood: We've received word from Captain Fargus. If we come to Badon, he'll give us passage to the Dread Isle.
Lyn: Well then, let's get going!
Marcus: It would be best if we outfitted ourselves before setting out. We will need many supplies for a campaign on Valor.
Hector: And the castle town here is better stocked than Badon, I'm sure. We can empty the coffers here and sell the treasures if need be.
Oswin: Harrummph!!
Hector: ...Uh... Within limits, of course. Say...30,000 gold?
Oswin: That seems a reasonable amount.
Hector: Come on! I'll lead the way!

Marcus: Ostia's castle town is as impressive as ever. Shops and items of all types imaginable.
Hector: For generations, our ancestors dedicated themselves to a sort of frugal militarism. Nobles and commoners alike shunned extravagance. "Corrupt neither the body nor the mind," they cried! Since the time of Roland, this has been the dominant ideology of Ostia.
Marcus: I heard that when Lord Uther first participated in the Lycian Council as Marquess Ostia, he gave a scathing indictment of the peer system. Now I understand, his philosophy had its roots in the history of Ostia itself.
Hector: That's right. Yet this threatens the lifestyles of many of our aristocrats. So some groups view my brother with enmity. I must grow wiser so that I can sit at my brother's side and aid him. Of course, my fighting skills are not yet what they should be...
Lyn: ......
Eliwood: ......
Hector: But this isn't the place for that kind of talk. We've got to get going. Come on!
(Hector leaves)
Marcus: Yes, I will go with you.
(Marcus leaves)

If Lyn has not unlocked her A support with Eliwood or Hector
Lyn: ...Curious.
Eliwood: What is it, Lyndis?
Lyn: Hector. He acts like such a brute, but he takes his duties seriously.
Eliwood: Hector has always been a man of firm character. I've always envied him for that. His ability to conceal any doubts he feels about himself or his actions.
Lyn: ...I know. I'm a little envious, too.
Eliwood: Of what.[sic]
Lyn: He doesn't second-guess what he must do. No hesitation. I mean, I wouldn't hesitate about anything concerning my grandfather's health. In fact, I'd be happy to do anything I could. I thought I was all alone in the world, and now that I've found my family, I don't want to lose him.
Eliwood: I know what you mean... I can't bear to think of losing my mother. If I survive all of this, I want to be at my mother's do anything she asks.
Lyn: ......Nothing is more important than family. ...Yet in my heart, the plains still call me... The neverending oceans of grass... The memory of that scent alone is enough to leave me weak.
Eliwood: ...Lyndis.
Hector (off-screen): Hey! What're you two doing? Let's get going! Both of you!
Lyn: ...Well, first we must deal with the menace before us. If we can't stop Nergal, we lose everything dear to us. ...Let's go.
(Lyn leaves)
Eliwood: Everything dear to us...
If Lyn has unlocked her A support with Eliwood
Lyn: ...Curious.
Eliwood: What is it, Lyndis?
Lyn: Hector. He acts like such a brute, but he takes his duties seriously.
Eliwood: Hector has always been a man of firm character. I've always envied him for that. His ability to conceal any doubts he feels about himself or his actions.
Lyn: Eliwood, you're more than strong enough yourself.
Eliwood: Hm?
Lyn: Look at all that's happened in the past few months. Especially for you, Eliwood. One horrible thing after another...
Eliwood: ......
Lyn: Yet you're still here. You didn't run away. Through all the battles and've held your head high and marched on. Your... Your strength, I admire. Your kindness...I adore.
Eliwood: Lyndis...
Hector (off-screen): Hey! What are you two doing? Let's go! Both of you!
Lyn: Well... I guess we should go.
(Lyn leaves)
Eliwood: Uh, Lyndis...
Hector: Eliwood, what are you yammering about? Huh? Are you feeling OK? You're all flushed.
If Lyn has unlocked her A support with Hector
Eliwood: ...Lyndis, let's go.
Lyn: Mm...

In battle

Player phase of turn 1

Soldier: Lord Hector! Sir Oswin! I have brought you the 30,000 gold you asked for from the treasury.

If Mark is present and Bartre is deployed

Bartre: Will you look at that! It's an arena! That is a battleground for men to test their strength! Come on, Mark! We can fight to our heart's content!!


Eliwood: ...That should cover it. Let's head out for Badon. Then to the Dread Isle!!

(At the Dragon's Gate)

Limstella: Welcome home, Master.
Nergal: Limstella, look at this.
Limstella: The children's dragon stone. What will you do with it?
Nergal: I will infuse it with quintessence.

(Flashes of light emit from Nergal; the Dragon's Gate begins to glow)

Limstella: This is...
Nergal: The dragon girl... Ninian's essence. Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful...... With this, I will be able to call dragons whenever I please.
Limstella: Shall we begin the process right away?
Nergal: No, I lost some quintessence from the injuries I took from Athos. To summon the numbers I need, I must have more essence. One must be fully prepared when dealing with dragons. If they wrested free from my control and killed me, all would be for naught.
Limstella: I fear to report...that the quintessence from the Black Fang has all been used. Where shall the next harvest come from?
Nergal: Heh heh heh... All the materials we need are heading this way even now.
Limstella: ...I see. Eliwood and friends.
Nergal: That's right. I will crush them, steal their essences, and call forth my dragons!! Heh heh heh... Haaa haa haha haha hah!!!

Talk conversations

Hector and Lyn

Requires that Hector and Lyn have unlocked their A support.

Lyn (off-screen): Hector! Wait up a minute!
Hector: Hm? What is it?
(Lyn moves on screen)
Lyn: ...I'm sorry.
Hector: Huh?
Lyn: ...When we first met, I criticized your fighting style, remember? ...I wanted to apologize...
Hector: Oh, that? Don't worry about it. ...Why bring this up now?
Lyn: I used to think you were selfish, oblivious to others' needs. Even after all this time, I only saw you as crude and insensitive.
Hector: Hey, now... Do I really need to hear this? I mean, what's your point?
Lyn: ...I used to be like that, too. I relied too much on my own strength and stuck to myself... All I did was cause problems to the people around me. ...I think you're like that, too... So, sometimes, I feel I'm looking at the old me. Sometimes...I treat you horribly.
Hector: Yeah, that's true. Sometimes, you really lay into me.
Lyn: ...But after I heard you speak back there, I realized I was wrong. So...I'm sorry.
Hector: ...You apologized once before. I admitted that I've got a bad attitude... It's fine, right? Just let it go.
Lyn: "Let it go"? I can't just "let it go"! That doesn't satisfy me. ...Hit me! It'll make me feel better!
Hector: What?
Lyn: C'mon! I won't move! Wind up and let it fly!
Hector: You... Hahhh...
(Hector leaves)
Lyn: Hm?... ...Hector? What is it? Are you afraid?!
(Hector returns)
Hector: Give me a break. Do you think I could hit a woman?
Lyn: It's OK. Just don't think of me as a woman.
Hector: I can't smack a woman I've lost my heart to.
Lyn: C'mon! Hurry-- ...What?
Hector: Look, enough of this foolishness. Let's go!
Lyn: ...What did you just say? Hold it! Hector!!