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Part 1: Sinister Shadow


Robin: Greetings, strangers. Tell me, just who are you? Order of Heroes? From another world, you say? That sounds pretty suspicious to me. I’m afraid I can’t let you go any further. I wish I had Chrom here to help fight you off, but— Oh, uh, Tharja? Where’d you come from? Are you following me around again? Never mind that now. You can help me put a stop to these strangers here!


Robin: You circumvented my strategy? Incredible. I guess your tactician can’t be half bad. But I’ve got more tactics that will trip you up—many more allies to keep you from going further!

Part 5: Future Princess


Lucina: Robin has informed me that you Order of Heroes people are tricky to take on. Your tactician is clever too, which is high praise from Robin. Ah, Kiran, is it? You don’t stand a chance against me—with or without my father to help. I’ll show you how we do things!


Lucina: Wait, you’ve been fighting to free us? It’s all so clear now. How could we have been so wrong? What’s that now? You’re in search of a missing friend—a lancer by the name of Zacharias? I’m sorry to say that I’ve never heard of such a person. I know, more than most, how painful it is to lose someone precious to you. I hope that you and Zacharias are reunited soon. (Lucina leaves)

Alfonse: After all that—still, nothing?
Sharena: Where ARE you, Zacharias? Where?! He taught me all that I know about lances, and I’ve hoped he could see how much I’ve improved! But no matter how many battles I fight…and how long we look for him… I’m never going to see him again, am I?
Anna: Stop your wailing, Sharena! We’re on a mission, and I won’t have you acting like a child!
Sharena: Sorry, Commander.
Anna: You too, Alfonse! Wipe that sorry look off your face. What would Zacharias say if he saw this?
Alfonse: My apologies, Commander.
Anna: Besides, if anyone here should be heartbroken…it’s me. I’m the commanding officer. Zacharias was my responsibility. If he is dead, I will be the one to bear the grief. I need you all to stay focused on our fight. We won’t put Zacharias behind us, but we must keep our eye on the threat right in our path! Princess Veronica! She is surely scheming as we speak. Now, let’s return home.