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Azura/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Corrin... I'd like to thank you for fighting by my side.
— Azura, when encountered by the player
Our next battle will surely push us to the limit, but I promise to do my best.
— Azura, when encountered by the player.
Good work today, Corrin. I hope you're finding a way to keep your spirits up.
— Azura, when encountered by the player
It appears I have some free time. Perhaps I'll seek out a quiet place to sing...
— Azura, when encountered by the player
I'm not doing much of anything at the moment. Just thinking about the past...
— Azura, when encountered by the player
Oh, hello, Corrin. I hope you're having an enjoyable day so far.
— Azura, when encountered by the player
Aside from my pendant, I don't wear many adornments. Should I accessorize?
— Azura, asking for an accessory from Corrin.
A birthday present? For me? I...I don't know what to say. Thank you, Corrin.
— Azura, receiving an accessory as a birthday gift.
Wow! This is my favorite birthday gift ever. It's extra special because it's from you...
— Azura, receiving an accessory as a birthday gift when married to Corrin.
Your gift is... Is this some kind of a joke? I don't get it.
— Azura, receiving a bath towel as an accessory.
Event tile and conversation quotes
I'm so relaxed, even my vocal cords feel nice. This feeling makes me want to sing...
— Azura, gaining a surge at My Castle
Mmm, the rice I just ate really hit the spot. Isn't freshly made rice simply heavenly?
— Azura, gathering rice at the rice field.
I prefer fish to red meat. It's just so much lighter, and it's easier on the eyes.
— Azura, when at the fishing hole.
I can't afford to be caught off guard. My weapons and voice are always at the ready.
— Azura, when gaining weapon experience at an event tile or My Castle.
What might this be? I suppose I'd better take a look...
— Azura, when finding an item at an event tile or My Castle.
We need each other, don't you think? Let's join our strength in battle.
— Azura, asking a question about fighting together.
Shop quotes
Items can really save the day, so please buy whatever you think necessary.
— Azura, when running the Staff shop.
Is there anything else?
— Azura, when the player has backed out of her services at a shop.
I'm still on duty, so I appreciate you doing this.
— Azura, when buying items at a shop she runs.
Buying my own goods makes me feel strange...
— Azura, when selling items at a shop she runs.
Wow, this is a nice shop. What should I buy?
— Azura, when buying items at a shop.
Sell whatever we don't need. Buy what we do.
— Azura, when selling items at a shop.
Will fate be on your side today? Step right up — give it a try!
— Azura, when running the lottery.
Don't lose heart. There's always tomorrow.
— Azura, when the player wins a consolation prize at the lottery.
Arena quotes
I don't like battling for this reason, but I will do whatever I must for our cause.
— Azura, when selected to fight in the arena.
Hot Spring quotes
Corrin...! You should know better than that.
— Azura, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring.
Mess hall quotes
This is...quite delicious! It makes me feel warm and happy.
— Azura, after eating a delicious meal at the mess hall.
That meal was...nice. I do think that recipe has some untapped potential though.
— Azura, after eating an okay meal.
Private quarters quotes
Did you want some music to relax to?
— Azura being invited to the private quarters
Let's reminisce some more, Corrin. I enjoy speaking with you...
— Azura being invited to the private quarters.
Our lives have been intertwined before we even met... I'm glad we're finally getting a chance to know each other.
— Azura talking in the private quarters.
I have so many questions to ask you. Promise that we'll meet again soon.
— Azura talking in the private quarters.

Battle quotes

Takumi: Azura?! Last I heard, you were taken by Hoshidan soldiers. Ryoma worried himself sick planning your rescue. I told him it was pointless. And you proved me right, you Nohrian traitor. You should be ashamed.
Azura: I could not return to Hoshido, Takumi. Not with things as they are. It saddened me deeply to leave behind those who treated me so kindly.
Takumi: You sound just like the royal traitor. I always knew this would happen. That's why I never trusted you. Didn't you always wonder? Had I known your betrayal would come so swiftly, I'd have killed you myself. Still, I should have pressed Ryoma harder to banish you years ago.
Azura: Your grudge is clearly beyond words. Let us do what we came here to do.

— Azura fighting Takumi in Conquest Chapter 10
Hinoka: Azura?! Is that really you?
Azura: Hello, Hinoka.
Hinoka: Thank goodness you’re safe! I was so upset when I heard you were missing. I’m sorry we couldn’t stop those rogue soldiers from taking you away. You must have gone through a lot of pain and suffering, but it’s over now. Come on back to Hoshido with me, I’ll keep you safe from the Nohrians.
Azura: I’m sorry, Hinoka. I cannot return to Hoshido with you.
Hinoka: What?! Why would you say that? Y-you’re not really siding with the Nohrians, are you? Say it isn’t so…
Azura: I am. I will never forget the kindness your family showed me… I bear you no ill will, but even so, I have chosen to fight alongside Corrin.
Hinoka: So you’re to betray us too? …So be it.

— Azura fighting Hinoka in Conquest Chapter 11
Ryoma: Azura... Hinoka and Takumi told me you were fighting with the enemy. I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it. What a pity. I suppose the Nohrian blood flowing in your veins lends itself to betrayal...
Azura: Think of me what you will, Ryoma. But know that I am, and ever shall be, grateful for my time in Hoshido. I'm especially grateful for your family, who raised me as their own. That includes you too, Ryoma. You were like the brother I never had.
Ryoma: Azura... Leave it to you to craft such a lovely farewell. I wish I could forget our time together. It would make this a lot easier. But enough with farewells. Let us battle!

— Azura fighting Ryoma in Conquest Chapter 12
Sakura: Azura!
Azura: Sakura... I'm surprised to see you here. When did you learn to fight?
Sakura: After M-Mother died, I began training, so I could protect the ones I love. I won't let anyone get past me - not even you!
Azura: I see. I always knew you would grow into a strong woman. I'm happy to see you like this, Sakura. Whatever happens, I'm proud of you.
Sakura: Azura... *sniff... sniff... * My... sister...
Azura: Don't cry, Sakura. This is a battlefield, and we are at war. Ready your weapon, dear Sister. Show me how strong you've become.
Sakura: *sniff* OK! Let's b-begin!

— Azura fighting Sakura in Conquest Chapter 22
Arete: King Anankos will see you destroyed.
Azura: ...

— Azura fighting Arete in Revelation Chapter 22
Arete: Why is it that looking at you gives me such an incredible headache?
Azura: I... Could it be...
Arete: No matter—killing you will make the pain go away. Prepare yourself for the next world.
Azura: After our last encounter, I readied myself for this moment. I knew that, if we met again, I might have to be the one to take you down.

— Azura fighting Arete in Revelation Chapter 23
Paired battle quotes
Let's go.
— Azura
Here we go.
— Azura
Be careful.
— Azura
We need each other.
— Azura
You have my support.
— Azura
We can do this.
— Azura
How troubling.
— Azura
Trust me.
— Azura
Look me in the eyes!
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
This should help!
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
You're too slow!
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
It's my turn!
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
Let me help.
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
Are you alright?
— Azura, performing a Dual Guard
Just in time!
— Azura, performing a Dual Guard
Don't be reckless!
— Azura, performing a Dual Guard
Critical quotes
It's over!
— Azura
Let us begin!
— Azura
My heart is singing!
— Azura
Time for your final bow!
— Azura
Victory quotes
I must never rest.
— Azura, after defeating an enemy
Rest in peace.
— Azura, after defeating an enemy
Victory is ours.
— Azura, after defeating an enemy
We had no choice.
— Azura, after defeating an enemy
Here we go.
— Azura, if her partner defeated the enemy
My apologies.
— Azura, if her partner defeated the enemy
Thank you.
— Azura, if her partner defeated the enemy
That was impressive.
— Azura, if her partner defeated the enemy
Level up quotes
So be it. I will work harder from now on.
— Azura, when one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.
Even my voice feels a little stronger...
— Azura, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
I'm so happy I could sing...but I won't.
— Azura, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
I will use this power to make a difference.
— Azura, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
I could not ask for more than this.
— Azura, when all stats are capped in a Level Up.
Defeat quotes
So this it ends...
— Azura's defeat voice clip
I wish I could keep fighting...but these wounds are too grievous. I must retreat...and save my secret weapon for when it's truly needed...
— Azura's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
I'm sorry,'ll have to go without my song now. I need to fall back and heal my wounds...
— Azura's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
Endgame quotes
It is not your time, Corrin. Open your eyes. Let me hear your voice again!
— Azura in the Birthright Endgame.
You must not die here, Corrin. The world still has need of you…
— Azura in the Conquest Endgame.
DLC battle quotes
Tests of courage never scared me. I sang to myself to keep the fear away. But the people started to talk about the ghostly voice haunting the castle... The rumors were so widespread that I was embarrassed to admit it was me.
— Azura, in Boo Camp
Goodness. I tried to stay up last night, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Now, I wish I had slept. Ghosts? I never expected such a rude awakening!
— Azura, in Ghostly Gold
Another fight? Why couldn't this have been a normal museum? Well, I suppose we do need better weapons... You, there! Drop your arms!
— Azura, in Museum Melee
You all have the same face... Do you each share a voice as well? I bet that helps a lot with harmonizing. What a chorus you'd make! Er...but enough of these silly fantasies. I'll hear your voice one way or another.
— Azura, in Anna on the Run.