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Awakening (chapter)/Script

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(The group arrives at Mount Prism)

Lissa: It's beautiful…
Lucina: The divine dragon's power flows through every blade of grass here.
Chrom: Wait... Something doesn't feel right.
Robin: Nngh... We must prepare for battle! Grima has sent servants here. I can sense it. They'll be on us soon!

In battle

Lucina: How could Risen infiltrate this sacred place?
Chrom: Their power must be linked to Grima's. We must destroy them!

Battle quotes

The Risen Chief enters combat

Risen Chief: will...never...

The Risen Chief dies

Risen Chief:


(At the altar)

Chrom: We've made it—the altar. Wait here... I'll be back.
Lissa: Be careful, Chrom…
Lucina: We must believe in him, Aunt Lissa.

(The Fire Emblem is shown)

Chrom: Hear me, Naga! I bear proof of our sacred covenant! In the name of the exalted blood, I ask for the divine dragon's power! Baptize me in fire, that I may become your true son!

(Naga appears. She is transluscent and shimmering)

Chrom: Hrrraaagh!

(Chrom endures Naga's flames)

Lucina: Father!
Chrom: I'm... I'm all right!
Naga: Be welcome, Awakener. Your heart has been tested and deemed worthy. Cleansed in my fire, your desire has proven to burn the stronger.
Chrom: Then you will grant me the power to defeat Grima? ...The power of a god?
Naga: Yes. But know this: I am no god.
Lucina: But milady, you are the divine dragon!
Naga: So do sons of man name me. But I am no creator. I possess not the powers of making or unmaking. And neither does Grima. Neither of us bears the power to destroy the other utterly.
Chrom: Then what power can you grant me?
Naga: With my blessing, thou may draw forth Falchion's true might. The blade of the exalts shall again strike like the dragon's fang. Your strength will then be my equal.
Chrom: But not strong enough to destroy Grima?
Naga: Alas, Grima cannot be slain. Sleep alone can be your victory. Just as your ancestor put the fell dragon to sleep a millennium ago. But you must weaken him first. Only as the final can my power be used to bind his.
Lissa: Isn't there ANY way to destroy him for good?
Naga: There is, perchance, a power that could end Grima. However... 'Twould be his own.
Frederick: ...He has to kill himself?
Naga: Yes. And never would he do so of his own volition. He seeks only to add to his power, and set ruin upon the world. Now come. There is little time…
Chrom: Where is Grima now?
Naga: To the west lies a volcano known as Origin Peak. You shall find the fell dragon there.

(Chrom's Falchion will transform into the Exalted Falchion)