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Atlas/Quotes (Heroes)

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Atlas: Forest Muscle

At the castle

Name's Atlas. I'm just a woodcutter, not some warrior, but if someone's in trouble, I'll lend a hand!
— When summoned
I owe the priestess a debt for saving my little brothers. If she's in this world, I'll help her however I can.
— At the castle
Right after I left to serve as a soldier, the village was attacked by bandits. Damn it, if only I'd stuck around...
— At the castle
Can't say I like fighting much. You're the same way, right? I can see it in your eyes.
— At the castle
The mountains here in Askr sure are something else. They're so majestic, I never get tired of looking at them.
— At the castle
I've used this axe to chop down hundreds, if not thousands of trees. All to keep my little brothers fed...
— At the castle
Name's Atlas. I'm a woodcutter. I've got a little something for you from <friend>.
— Delivering greetings from a friend

On the character status screen

Name's Atlas. I'm just a simple woodcutter.
— On the character status screen
Huh? The heck was that?! Oh... You call that a prank?
— On the character status screen
I ain't really cut out for being a warrior. I'm better suited for chopping trees, if you ask me.
— On the character status screen
Summoning? Divine Weapons? Sorry, friend, but you're gonna have to explain it simpler to me.
— On the character status screen
That priestess Celica has got smarts, sophistication, and on top of that, she's strong... She's just amazing.
— On the character status screen
Just you wait... Your big brother's definitely coming home...
— On the character status screen
I don't really like fighting, but if you need me to, I'll put my life on the line.
— On the character status screen

Level 40 quote

I was just a woodcutter back home. Never thought of myself as a hero or anything grand like that. And it's not like I really understand politics or religion. I always figured that stuff was more for royals. But I also ain't a lowlife who would just turn a blind eye to someone in trouble right in front of him. If innocent lives are in danger, I'll do whatever I can to help—even if all I've got is this old axe. I can't just do nothing. Not after everything I've seen. Scorched villages, rivers of blood... Not even the mountains themselves are safe from the ravages of war. You wanna put a stop to it too, don't you? In that case, we've got our eyes set on the same goal. Once there's peace, I can go back to being a simple woodcutter. So let's get all this fighting over with!
— After reaching level 40 at five-star rarity

Map quotes

Can do.
— When selected on the map screen
— When selected on the map screen
— When selected on the map screen

Level up quotes

Guess my woodcutting skills aren't as relevant as I thought...
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level up
Who's next?! I'm gonna beat the snot outta you!
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level up
Heck, I do this kinda thing to unwind!
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level up
Thanks! I'll pay you back for this on the battlefield!
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity

Special skill quotes

I'll cut you down!
— When using a special skill
Don't you underestimate me!
— When using a special skill
You wanna brawl?!
— When using a special skill
Ready to fall? Bring it on!
— When using a special skill

Defeat quote

Not here... Not...
— When defeated