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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Arran's paired base conversations.

Arran and Kris

First conversation

Kris: Sir Arran, there is something I want to ask of you. Please teach me what it means to be a knight.
Arran: To be a knight...?
Kris: Yes, sir. What is it that really defines a knight? I've always pondered this. Be it prowess, nobility or loyalty... Each knight seems to have a different answer. I want to know what you think, Sir Arran.
Arran: The way of the knight, huh...? Sadly, I can't teach you... Argh! Cough...! ...Guh...!
Kris: Sir Arran, are you all right?
Arran: ...Yes, this happens all the time. No need to fret. Kris, before serving Prince Marth... I used to be a wandering knight. I have served two masters. I am not worthy to speak about what it means to be a knight.
Kris: But, that's exactly why I wanted to ask you, Sir Arran. I've been thinking... Perhaps there's more than one way to be a knight– Maybe each knight holds his own meaning in his or her heart. I am inexperienced as a knight, so I was hoping you could help me find my way, Sir Arran...
Arran: ...Sorry, but I still haven't figured it out for myself. I'm afraid I can't help you.
Kris: I see... That's a pity.
Arran: I'm sorry...

Second conversation

Arran: Cough...! Guh...! Gah...ha...!
(Arran collapses; Kris appears)
Kris: Sir Arran!? What's happening to you...!? Pull yourself together! Somebody, please help! Sir Arran is...!
(Arran stands up)
Arran: Wait! Please... Don't tell the others.
Kris: But, you look absolutely terrible...!
Arran: This won't kill me. Not while this war rages. I swear it on my honor as a knight. This will likely be my last war. I don't want to leave with any regrets.
Kris: Sir Arran... Why are you pushing yourself so hard...?
Arran: You asked me before what it means to be a knight... Long ago, I went astray... This war shall be my redemption.
Kris: Sir Arran...
Arran: For a knight, sacrificing yourself for your cause is the highest honor... Kris, I beg of you. I'm sure you understand, as a fellow knight...
Kris: ... ...Yes. If you are set on this... I will not stop you.
Arran: You have my thanks, Kris...

Third conversation

Arran: It happened a long time ago, when I was a knight for my old kingdom. There was a rebellion and my liege ordered me to suppress it. But what I met was no army... They were poor peasants, unable to survive the harsh winter due to the poor harvest.
Kris: ...
Arran: They didn't intend to fight. But, in order to survive... they had no choice but to make themselves heard. My liege understood that and ordered me to slay them to set an example. And I... followed that order.
Kris: ...Sir Arran...
Arran: I used to think absolute loyalty to one's liege was a knight's most important duty. But, I was mistaken. So, I left my liege and spent a long time wandering...
Kris: That's... But it wasn't your fault, Sir Arran. The one responsible for it was...
Arran: No, I... can't forgive myself. "I was just following orders... It wasn't my fault..." I could tell myself that endlessly, but deep inside I'd never be convinced. And it would not erase my sins. I can't forgive myself more than anyone.
Kris: Sir Arran...
Arran: A liege I could swear loyalty to from the bottom of my heart... I searched far and wide for such a liege and finally I found him. Prince Marth is my liege. As long as I fight for him, I can be a true knight.
Kris: So that's why you're fighting so hard in this war...
Arran: I won't last long. I probably won't survive this war at all. But, I have no regrets. A knight isn't a puppet that blindly follows orders. That is not loyalty. To fight for a cause I believe in, under a liege I believe in. That is what it means to be a knight.
Kris: Sir Arran... Sir Arran, please let me follow your path.
Arran: Kris...
Kris: After listening to your words, I can now see it clearly– The path I must follow as a knight.