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Armored Wall

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Armored Wall

Is feh armored wall.png
Icon of the Armored Wall skill in Heroes.


Passive (Type B)



Armored Wall (Japanese: 覇鎧障壁 Hegemon Armored Barrier) is a passive type B skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes; it comes in only one tier. While it's users HP is sufficiently high, Armored Wall accelerates its user's special cooldown count while decelerating that of it target's, and restores HP after combat; additionally if the user has transformed, Armored Wall reduces the damage of the first attack the user takes each phase.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Heroes Is feh armored wall.png If user's HP is 25% or higher at start of combat, accelerates user's special cooldown by 1 per strike while slowing down target's special cooldown by 1 per strike and restores 7 HP to user after combat.
If the user is in their transformed state while their HP is 25% or higher, reduces the damage output of the first enemy strike during combat once per phase by 40%.
-- -- Cost: 300 SP



Units Edelgard: Hegemon Husk

Flavor text

Game Text
Heroes At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 25%,
grants Special cooldown charge +1 to unit,
inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per
attack during combat (only highest value
applied; does not stack), and restores 7 HP
to unit after combat.

During unit's first combat in player phase or
enemy phase, at start of combat, if unit's
HP ≥ 25% while transformed, reduces damage
from foe's first attack by 40%.



Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Armored Wall

From the Heavily Armored Wall barrier unique to Edelgard in Azure Moon Chapter 22.



Hegemon Armored Barrier; the Japanese name of Heavily Armored Wall.


Barrera reforzada

Reinforced barrier; the Spanish name of Heavily Armored Wall.


Mur renforcé

Reinforced wall; the French name of Heavily Armored Wall.


Befestigte Mauer

Secured Wall; from the German name of Heavily Armored Wall, Stark befestigte Mauer "Strong secured Wall".


Barriera corazzata

Armored barrier; the Italian name of Heavily Armored Wall.


Barreira blindada

Armored barrier

Traditional Chinese


Hegemon defensive barrier; the Traditional Chinese name of Heavily Armored Wall.


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