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Anri's Way (chapter)/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Kris: Sir Merric, are you familiar with Anri's Way?
Merric: I don't know it in detail, but it seems to be a land ruled by mighty dragons and barbarians. I've heard that among them, the wyverns are particularly dangerous.
Kris: Wyverns... Do they have any weakness?
Merric: Yes. Wyverns are weak to wind magic, like Excalibur, as well as arrows. Myself included, it would be a wise choice to prepare a number of people with those.
Kris: I see... You have my thanks, Sir Merric.


Caeda: Kris, listen to me. When I was scouting out in the desert... I saw someone who might have been an ally from the previous war. I can't be certain because I saw him from afar, but I think it was Jake.
Kris: Jake?
Caeda: Yes. Jake used to be a Grustian ballistician, and had a girlfriend named Anna. They were really close, and Jake did his best for Anna's sake.
(Flashback starts)
Jake: She would? Hmmm... All right, you win. But I'm doin' it for Anna- just to be clear!
(End of flashback)
Caeda: Kris, I'll try and talk to Jake. Perhaps he would fight alongside us again.

Current status

Jagen: We have said our goodbyes to Khadein, and are now about to challenge Anri's Way. Do you remember what Lord Gotoh said? We have to save Hardin, now a slave to the Darksphere, if we hope to bring salvation to our homeland. If we reach the Ice Dragon Shrine beyond Anri's Way, we'll obtain the Lightsphere, and then we'll be able to neutralize Hardin's Darksphere... But to do that, we first have to cross the Desert of Death.