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Anna/Three Houses/Quotes

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Monastery activities


Ah! This is one of my favorites! How did you know?
— Liked meal
This looks so tasty. I wonder what you could charge for this...
— Neutral meal
Uh, well... Best not to be too picky. Digging in!
— Disliked meal

Cooking together

All right, let's get crackin'!
— First
Say, you're pretty good at this. I'll try extra hard too!
— Second

Choir practice

Who knew I'd have an opportunity to show off my singing voice!
— Choir practice


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Thanks for having me! Time for business! Oh... wait...a tea party?
— Starting teatime in Part I
Hey, thanks for having me! So, what do you want to talk about today?
— Starting teatime in Part II
I just love this kind of tea! Makes me happy knowing you handpicked it just for me.
— Favorite tea
Whoa, I know this tea. It's super expensive. Just how did you get your hands on it?
— 5-star tea


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Of course I pay my taxes! The fact that I can even do business at all is thanks to the goddess.
Being a merchant is really dangerous. You have to be able to protect yourself at the very least.
There's a lot of competition between us merchants. So if you've got any ideas on how I can corner the market...
You're not half bad at brewing tea! I bet you could make a killing doing this for a living.
The Sreng region is rich in high-quality minerals. Wonder how I can distribute them to a buyer...
This place is just loaded with kids from noble families. So many fat little time!
I know it's good to get my mind off of business and enjoy simple things like tea sometimes,'s hard. Really, really hard...
You're wondering where I'm from, are you? Ha! I'll never reveal my secrets!
War pushes the profit margins up, but at what cost...


Hey, could you avert your gaze a bit? You're weirding me out!
— Part I
You can bat your lashes at me all you want. I'm not cutting you any deals, got that?
— Part I
You like my duds? They might look standard-issue, but they've got— the sales pitch for later?
— Part II
Even the most confident merchant gets uncomfortable under this much scrutiny, you know?
— Part II


Thanks for treating me! Let's do this again, yeah?

Gifts and lost items

You've got a merchant's eye for quality!
— Liked gift
Oh! Yes, please and thanks!
— Neutral gift
Hm... Mind if I sell this?
— Disliked gift
Thanks for finding this! I honestly never thought I'd see it again.
— Lost item
Uh, this isn't mine. Try someone else?
— Incorrect lost item

Advice box

Everyone seems to believe I only ever think about the buying and selling of things, but I'm very multifaceted! I also offer advice on longterm investment opportunities!
Liked response Disliked response Disliked response
Worrying is a waste of time, and time is money! Try to think about things not related to money. Don't worry—you haven't been misunderstood.
Doing business during a war is a lot more dangerous, but it can be very profitable too... I think a peaceful world is better for steady, reliable business opportunities, though.
Liked response Disliked response Disliked response
Steady work is profitable work in the long term. First-class merchants don't care about a source of profits. It's a waste of time to anticipate trouble.


Hey, Professor! Fancy meeting you here! I've got a business— Uh, I mean, I've got something I want to chat with you about. I know you're busy with a lot of things, but I was wondering if I might be able to join you. Heck, I won't even charge you for my aid! What say you? It's a killer deal!
— Ask to recruit
Yes, please join us. No, thanks.
Thank you! Now I'll have plenty of time to get to know my clients better. A merchant needs to know the inner workings of everyone they come in contact with. Helps with the making of the monies, you know. You sure you wanna pass up a deal this good? You just let me know if you change your mind.



I could do this in my sleep.
— Perfect
You could make a ton of money with your instructing skills!
— Great
Ooh, newfound knowledge!
— Great
Sorry. I was thinking about gold. Again.
— Bad
Feels pretty good getting a compliment.
— Praised
I'll learn from this...
— Consoled
Net loss, but I'll turn it around.
— Critiqued

Group tasks


Let's just get this done.
— Starting any task as the first speaker with no support with the partner
We can do this!
— Starting any task as the first speaker with C or C+ support with the partner (unused)
Woo-hoo! We're gonna nail this!
— Starting any task as the first speaker with B or higher support with the partner (unused)
We can do this.
— Starting any task as the second speaker with no support with the partner
— Starting any task as the first speaker with C or C+ support with the partner (unused)
I see the future, and it's gold!
— Starting any task as the first speaker with B or higher support with the partner (unused)


I'll make the report!
— Good
Just look at those gains!
— Perfect

Goal change request

I can't really make great recommendations on goods when I don't understand their inherent value. I'd like to better understand swords, so I can better sell them! Focusing on my skill with the blade seems the best way.
— Request for "On the Value of Swords" goal
I want to be a Great Knight. I know I've got the chops, what with my business sense, rapport with horses, and my undeniable brute strength. There's a big payoff if you let me—I just know it! What do you say?
— Request for "Journey to the Great Knight" goal
I can see study of sword and faith really going hand in hand. Physical defense plus divine protection, you know? So? How about it?
— Request for "In Remembrance of Origins" goal


Got a sec?
— Asking a question
Aha! That's it!
— Liked response to a question
I get it!
— Neutral response to a question
Is that so...
— Disliked response to a question

Part I question

Fódlan has been around for a really long time. That means it's just loaded with treasure. How do you figure I should go about finding all of it?
Liked response Neutral response Disliked response
Read up on the history of areas for clues. Investigate local folklore from different regions. Hire someone to find it, then renege on the finder's fee.

Part II question

A town I've done business in before has been deeply affected by the war. I was thinking of selling food there now—how should I go about it, in light of all that?
Liked response Neutral response Disliked response
Sell the food at a reasonable price. Give it away with a deal for them to repay later. Give it away for free.

Class change

Ha! What a relief!
— Passing a class certification
Ugh, what a waste...
— Failing a class certification
May fortune smile upon me.
— Class change
Well? What do you think?
— Class change
Ooo, this gear definitely wasn't cheap.
— Class change

Level up

If only sales were this good!
— Increasing 3 or more stats
I know a good deal when I see it!
— Increasing 3 or more stats
All in a day's work.
— Increasing 3 or more stats
That wasn't my best.
— Increasing 2 or fewer stats
Bit of a raw deal...
— Level cap

Skill level increase

I get it!
I'm getting better at this!
Impressed yet?
I've mastered that!
— S+ rank/class mastery
I'm gonna be the wealthiest merchant ever!
— Budding talent

Battle voice clips

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I sell first-aid kits.
You will pay!
Business is booming