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Anna/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Hello there, Lord <Avatar>. In the market for anything?
— Anna, being talked to by the player when there is not an event.
Today's a lucky day for me! My profits will soar through the roof!
— Anna, gaining a surge in My Castle.
I'm fascinated to see what people will buy... but even more so when it's a gift for me!
— Anna asking for an accessory.
You're a lifesaver, Lord <Avatar>! I'll care for this like it's gold.
— Anna receiving an accessory she likes.
Oh yay, thanks! It'd be really hard to put a price tag on a present like this.
— Anna receiving an accessory she likes on her birthday.
Who would throw this away? One man's trash is another man's profit!
— Anna finding an item

Event tile and conversation quotes

I credit the quality of my weapons to the many other great supplies I also stock!
— Anna, gaining weapon experience from an event tile or My Castle.

Private Quarters quotes

Next time you hold an auction, you might want to invite a few more guests...
— Anna, being invited to the private quarters
You two make a great match. Maybe I'll give you a discount. What are we buying today?
— Anna being invited to the private quarters if the Avatar is married
Let me know what you need! My wares are second to none!
— Anna talking in the private quarters
You're a good listener. Ever thought of going into sales?
— Anna talking in the private quarters

Battle quotes

DLC quotes

What do you think this is? A 24 hour convenience store?! I don't mind opening the shop a little early, but only for customers who pay!
— Anna in Ghostly Gold
I'd heard that Faceless could mutate under the right conditions. But those gleaming, golden ones... I wonder how much they'd sell for?
— Anna in Boo Camp
Oooh! Talk about swag! This is gonna be a good haul. Just try not to struggle to much. I'd hate to damage the goods.
— Anna in Museum Melee
Is that thief chasing one of my sisters? This situation feels familiar. It must run in the family. Well, nothing to do but help her out. What else are sisters for? I just hope she's appreciative enough to adequately compensate us...
— Anna in Anna on the Run

Death/retreat quotes

Penny on a dead woman's eyes? Please...?
— Anna's death quote in Classic Mode

Level up quotes

This is better than gold! Ha, no it's not.
— Anna gaining four or five stats in a level up