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Ss fe02 jenny casting angel.png
Jenny casting Angel against a Mogall in Gaiden.

Black Magic

First game

Fire Emblem Gaiden

(Japanese: エンジェル Angel) is a black magic spell appearing exclusively in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Angel is a middle of the line mid-range spell able to deal effective damage against monster units.


Game Icon Rank Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Gaiden -- -- 8 4 90 0 1-2 -- -4 HP -- Deals effective damage to monster units.



Learned at Innate: Teeta
Upon promoting to Saint: SilkJenny
Level 5: CelicaSaber
Level 11: Dyute
Level 14: MaeSonya



Etymology and other languages

Black magic
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