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An Ocean View/Script

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Entrance Hall

(Flayn is seen chasing Seteth. She seems to be in a hurry.)
Flayn: Brother, please wait!
Seteth: For the last time, Flayn, the answer is no.
Flayn: You are departing for the Rhodos Coast, are you not? I must come!
Seteth: You will do no such thing. I am not going there to pay respects at the cemetery, but to do battle. With you there, I will be beside myself with worry. It will be easier for me to fight if I know you are safe.
Flayn: But...I must!
(Byleth passes walking by, catching Flayn's attention.)
Flayn: Professor! You have come at just the right time.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What's going on? I don't like the sound of that...
Flayn: Surely it must be fate that you have appeared at a time of my greatest need! Flayn: I only wish to make a small request.

Flayn: My dear brother is about to set forth on a most dangerous mission.

A mission?

Seteth: Indeed. The Western Church is attempting to seize sacred ground by force.

If the paralogue Falling Short of Heaven has not been completed...

Seteth: With this action, they are no longer merely believers of a different creed. They are a dangerous threat that cannot be ignored.

However, if the paralogue has been completed...

Seteth: Though they now have a new bishop, it seems that a radical faction has emerged to resist the new order.


Seteth: We cannot allow the holy artifacts enshrined there to fall into their hands.
Flayn: I, too, wish to be of use to the church! And I do admit I am terribly worried about my brother. No matter my protests, he will not allow me to come.
Flayn: Professor, this is where you can help. Will you accompany us both on this expedition?

Why me?

Flayn: If you are there to protect me, my brother's fears will be allayed. Isn't that right, Brother?
Seteth: I suppose your aid would indeed be useful, yes.
Flayn: I knew it! Please, Professor, will you join us?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Very well. (Begin Paralogue battle) Not right now. (Return to previous screen)
Flayn: Wonderful. Let us depart at once! Flayn: Please tend to your errands promptly. Then you will come along with us, yes?
Seteth: There is still time before we must depart. If you are able to accompany us, let me know.

Battle: An Ocean View

Rhodos Coast

Before Battle

Priest(1): You heretics, who defile our goddess! The sacred coast belongs to us, the Western Church!
Seteth: You are the heretics! Begone from here at once!
Priest(1): Silence, dog of the apostate! Prepare to receive our righteous blades!

Player Phase 1

Seteth: I will recapture the monument. Everyone else should focus on removing the surrounding enemies.
Flayn: Wait, Brother! I shall accompany you!

Flayn Enters a Combat Phase

Flayn: Leave! Let Mother rest in peace!

If Flayn Falls

Flayn: This very precious to me... Please...protect it...for me...

If Seteth Falls

Seteth: I must pull back... I leave the rest to you. Do not let them take this position!

Boss - Northwest Priest/Priest(1)

Vs Anyone:

Heretics! Prepare to taste the power of the true servants of the goddess!
— Priest(1) Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

If one of the priests already escaped...
Brothers... Help the remaining priests escape! Be the shield that stops these their tracks...
— Priest(1)'s Death Quote if a priest has already escaped
However, if no priest has escaped so far...
Priest(1): We're no match for them... Brothers... Retreat...
Seteth: Do you dare compound your crimes further? There will be no escape for you!

— Priest(1)'s Death Quote if none of the other priests have escaped

Boss - Southeast Priest/Priest(2)

Vs Anyone:

It is our duty to worship Saint Cichol! We will not allow heretics to come near!
— Priest(2) Vs Anyone

Priest reaches the escape point:

Priest(2): It's like the goddess herself commanded me to live... I must offer her my thanks!
Seteth: The goddess doesn't want your thanks!

— Priest(2) escapes

Death Quote:

But it was...for the sake of the goddess...
— Priest(2)'s Death Quote

Boss - Northeast Priest/Priest(3)

Vs Anyone:

The goddess protects us! We will never yield to the likes of you!
— Priest(3) Vs Anyone

Priest reaches the escape point:

Priest(3): I got away, thanks to the protection of the goddess!
Seteth: Insufferable arrogance! We'll have to send someone after them...

— Priest(3) escapes

Death Quote:

Goddess... Have you abandoned us?
— Priest(3)'s Death Quote

After Battle

If the paralogue ended after a priest escaped...

Seteth: We will send the knights to chase down the rest. Flayn, will you place some flowers at the monument?

However, if the paralogue ended after a priest was defeated...

Seteth: That is the last of them. Flayn...will you place some flowers at the monument?


Flayn: Of course, Brother. That is what I came here to do.


Seteth: Your assistance is most appreciated. We will make certain to capture the priests who escaped. I can only hope that the Western Church will now see reason and abandon this place.
Seteth: But just to be safe, I have retrieved the holy artifacts. We cannot risk them falling into their hands.
(Seteth hands Byleth the recovered artifacts.)

FETH Spear of Assal.png
FETH Caduceus Staff.png

Seteth: I will entrust them to you.
(The atmosphere seems to be calming down.)

Seteth: I must confess, despite the situation, it was a pleasure to return here. This coast has a certain sentimental significance to my sister and me.

Sentimental significance?

Seteth: Yes. This stone monument is not merely here to commemorate Saint Cichol. It is also the grave of my wife.
(Flayn gets closer to Seteth's wife's grave, when...)
Flayn: You are safe now, Mother. Finally, you may find peace.

Your mother is also buried here?

Seteth: I suppose you have earned the right to know. But this must remain between us.

Seteth: Flayn is actually my daughter. My late wife and her mother are the same person.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I had no idea. I suspected as much.
Seteth: Due to certain...circumstances, it is more convenient for us to masquerade as siblings for the time being. Seteth: And here I thought we had hidden it skillfully.

Seteth: There are many who would seek to harm Flayn due to the unique blood she bears. Falsifying her identity is necessary to conceal her from such individuals.
Seteth: Mercifully, I happen to look quite young for my age. We make rather convincing siblings, do we not?

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's true enough. If you say so.
Seteth: Hm. I was certain our cover was adequate.

Flayn: Mother loved the coast so much. She and I came here together often. Fishing was her favorite pastime. I used to sit and watch while she cast her line.
Seteth: I remember it fondly. You did so love to eat the fish she caught, as well.
Flayn: Fish is my favorite food, it is true. Due in no small part to Mother.
Seteth: I still come here to fish, from time to time, using the skills my wife taught me. It reminds me how deeply I appreciate those years... and how I wish I could return to them.
Flayn: We cannot turn back the clock, Father. We must live our lives fully, in the present moment.
Seteth: You're right. That is what she always said, isn't it? Dwell too much on the past, and you may be unable to move forward. Come, then. Let us return home.
(Flayn looks at the ocean to wish farewell.)
Flayn: Good-bye, Mother. I love you. I shall bring flowers again for you next time.