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An Oasis of Magic/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Khadein, city of magic… This hallowed place is now under Gharnef's control. No warrior, no matter how brave, can stand up to the spells of Khadein. Though they may try, one by one…they will inevitably fall. Has this place truly sunk into shadow?
— Chapter 15 Opening

Houses and Villages


  • Man: You can't hope to fight Gharnef! His evil magic Imhullu protects him. Only Gotoh's Starlight can break his evil spell… But you didn't hear this from me! Get out of here!
  • Young man: Strong armor is no use against magic. Have a curate use the spell Barrier instead!

Gharnef initiates a battle

Gharnef: You must not value your life very much… I will show you the true terror of the darkest of magic, Imhullu!

On Turn 8

Gharnef: I don't have time to play with you, little prince! If you want Falchion, you'll have to come to Thabes!
(Gharnef retreats)


Gotoh: Can you hear me, Prince Marth? I am the sage Gotoh. Through magic, I have reached out to you. Gharnef is too much for you. Listen to me if you want to defeat him! Gharnef and Miloah were both my students. But Gharnef stole Imhullu from me and disappeared. I believe he has Falchion as well… With both Falchion and Imhullu, he fears nothing, not even Dolhr. He aims to rule the world! As long as he wields Imhullu, he cannot be challenged. However, there is one way to defeat him. Bring me the Lightsphere and the Starsphere. If you can do this, I will grant you the one and only spell that can defeat him, Starlight!

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Khadein, the land of magic. It is ruled by the Demon King, Gharnef, and is a sanctuary for mages. As soon as the mages begin chanting, no warrior can defend themselves. One... and another one... Brave warriors come and fall, one by one. Khadein... A cursed town of darkness...
— Chapter 11 Intro


Gharnef: Hahaha... It seems those fools have come running here after all. They understand nothing. As long as I have my Imhullu spell, I am invincible. White Sage, even you will be unable to stop me. As long as the Dragon Goddess remains at the Fane of Raman no star's light can illuminate my darkness.


  • Woman: You can't use armor to defend against magic. Instead you can use the Barrier staff or Pure Water.
  • Young man: You can't defeat the Demon King, Gharnef. His Imhullu spell protects him. The only thing that can harm him is Gato's Starlight... ...Oh, this is bad. Please leave this place at one.

Fighting Gharnef

Gharnef: Those that dare to wield weapons against me will die. I'll show you the horrors of my sealing magic, Imhullu.

On Turn 4

Gharnef: Marth... I'm afraid I don't have time to continue playing games with you. If you want to recover the Falchion, then come to Thabes.
(Gharnef retreats)


Gotoh: Prince Marth... I am Archsage Gotoh. I am currently using my magic to communicate with you. ... It is saddening to see you being mocked by Gharnef... Listen to me well. Gharnef and Miloah were both my pupils. But Gharnef stole Imhullu from me and disappeared. Mmm... He indeed has the Falchion as well. With Imhullu and the Falchion, the Dolhr Empire has nothing to fear. This world will eventually be theirs. So long as Gharnef has Imhullu, you won't be able to defeat him. ...However... There is one method. Find the Starsphere and Lightsphere and bring them to me. With them both, then the only magic tome that can penetrate Imhullu, Starlight can be...

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Khadein, city of magic. Ever since Gharnef named himself ruler of this mecca for the magically inclined, the sands surrounding it had run red. Many knights had tried to oust Gharnef, but what defense did they have against the mages the fiend had bent to his purpose? One by one the heroes fell to blades unseen and fires within their armor; and it was not long at all before Khadein's wickedness outstripped its wisdom.
— Chapter 15 intro

During battle

Gharnef: What? The dregs of Archanea have come to challenge my kingdom? Ha ha ha... Really, do they think people have not tried before? So long as I possess this Imhullu magic, they cannot snuff my life out. No one can. As for the White Sage... He will trouble me no longer. With the dragon-goddess right where I want her, in the Fane of Raman, there is no way for Gotoh's Starlight to disperse the shadows that guard me.


Villager: Fight Gharnef? Are you mad? You'll never stop him! His magic, Imhullu, summons up foul spirits that protect him! Only the White Sage Gotoh's magic can undo him: the magic of Starli— Whoa, there. I need to hold my tongue! He might be listenin' in with those wizard ears of his, for all I know. Go on, work a little magic yourself and disappear, huh? Shoo!

Villager: You think those clothes o' metal will protect you from magic? Ha! Armor won't save you. You need a Barrier staff! Another thing, about Gharnef—here, move in closer in case he's listenin'—you don't want to fight him head-on. He never stays put in Khadein for very long anyway. If he tries to attack you, ride it out. Good things come to those who wait.

Against Gharnef

Gharnef: You dare oppose me, fool? You must not value your life. Cower before the might of the magic Imhullu: once forbidden, now unleashed!

On turn 6

Gharnef: Altean prince! I fear you are not quite imposing enough to warrant my staying here. But if it's Falchion you want, come and take it. I shall be waiting at the Temple of Thabes.

(Gharnef leaves the map)


Marth: No Falchion...The battle was for naught.

Gotoh: ...Marth...Prince Marth.

Marth: Huh? Who are you?!

Gotoh: My name is Gotoh...I am speaking to you from Macedon through magic.

Marth: Gotoh...the White Sage?

Gotoh: Some have used that name, yes. You must listen to me. As you suspect, Gharnef has made off with Falchion. With Imhullu and Falchion in the sorcerer's grasp, Dolhr now must think twice before challenging him. Gharnef knows this. And one day, he plans to conquer Dolhr and rule the entire world.

Marth: Is Imhullu so powerful a magic, then?

Gotoh: Yes. The mage who wields it cannot be killed; cannot be so much as scratched. I was the magic's guardian once. Knowing its forbidden power could work terrible evils, so I kept it close. But Gharnef, one of my two pupils- Miloah being the other- took the forbidden tome and vanished. Now you are paying for my carelessness. Forgive me. I wish to make amends by teaching you the only way to undo Imhullu's power.

Marth: Which is...?

Gotoh: It is called Starlight. One blast is enough to break through Imhullu's shadowy protection. But to cast the magic, you need two orbs: the Lightsphere and the Starsphere. Heed me, Marth. When you find the Lightsphere and Starsphere, bring them to me. Then I will give you the magic you seek. Then you will have Starlight, and with it, Gharnef's reign will end.