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Villager: This can't go on, Elder! We barely have enough to get by as it is!
Elder: Their leader is a former Valmese general! We'll be crushed if we resist…
Chrom: What's that about Valm?
Villager: Who are you?
Chrom: My name is Chrom.
Elder: The ruler of Ylisse?!
Villager: Elder! He may be able to help us!
Chrom: Um, I can hear you. But tell me your problem, and I'll see what I can do.
Elder: Oh, thank you, sir!

(scene change, inside a fortress)

Soldier: Urgent news, sir! Armed soldiers approach! Their leader claims to be Chrom of Ylisse!
Nelson: Dammit! Why would he come here? Well, if they insist on dogging me, I've got hounds of my own to welcome them with.
Severa: I'm not your dog, scum!
Nelson: No, only a stray mutt that refuses to stop yapping. But you'll be a good dog and do as I say if you ever want—
Severa: Yes, yes, if I ever want to see it again. I'm well aware.
Nelson: I trust you're equally aware of your position, Holland?
Holland: ......
Nelson: Loquacious as ever, I see. You'll fight for me, or I'll have that lazy tongue pried from your head. Now, then. Chrom may have the Fire Emblem in his possession... And if I claim that, I've practically claimed the throne. So go out there, kill anything that moves, and get me that Emblem!

In battle

Chrom: Looks like this is the castle the villagers told us about. Let's reclaim what's been stolen and return it to the villagers.

(camera focuses on Severa)

Severa: All this grief over something so small... Once I get what I came for, I'm out of here. Maybe I can convince Holland to come with me.

Talk conversations

Cordelia talks to Severa

Severa: ...Oh, gods. It's you.
Cordelia: Have we met? If so, I'm afraid I've quite forgotten.
Severa: Well, excuse me for being so forgettable!
Cordelia: Look, there's no time for this. If you're a friend, speak now. If not, then stay out of Chrom's way or I'll have to cut you down.
Severa: Chrom, Chrom, Chrom! It's ALWAYS Chrom with you!
Cordelia: ...I'm sorry?
Severa: You should be! And I don't care about your stupid Chrom, so you can just drop it! ...I only want to talk to Holland.
Cordelia: Holland?
Severa: Yes, Holland! That sad sack over there. Watch my back so I can get to him safely, and then I'll help your stupid army!
Cordelia: O...okay?
Severa: Oh, and Holland's not here of his own will, so don't you dare hurt him!

Chrom talks to Severa

Chrom: What's a child doing here?
Severa: Child? I'm not a child, you oaf! I'm... Wait, are you the enemy general?
Chrom: I don't know. Are we enemies?
Severa: You're Chrom, aren't you? You're Lucina's father.
Chrom: That's right. ...And I suppose you came back here with my daughter?
Severa: Oh, good. Now I won't have to waste time explaining the situation. ...Weird. I didn't think you'd be quite so funny looking.
Chrom: You're a real charmer. But charm or not, if you can fight, you're welcome to join our cause.
Severa: Not the snappiest pick-up line I've heard, but I suppose it gets the job done. But I can't leave until I reclaim my property from Nelson. We'll talk then.
Chrom: Actually, we're here to take stolen goods back to the village. If I promise to add yours to the list, will that persuade you?
Severa: Mmm... Maybe. But you'll have to help my friend Holland, too. He's a bit of a sad sack, but he doesn't want to be here either.
Chrom: Will he listen to reason?
Severa: He will if I talk to him. He listens to pretty much whatever I say. Don't worry, he hates Nelson, too. Just be sure not to hurt him.
Chrom: We'll be careful.

Severa talks to Holland

Severa: Holland!
Holland: Severa! What are you doing here? If he knows you left your post…
Severa: I'm leaving, Holland, and you're coming with me.
Holland: Severa, I... I can't. You know I can't. I have a wife. If I don't earn Nelson's coin, she'll starve. I know it's blood money, but—
Severa: Your wife is PREGNANT, Holland! You know that, don't you?!
Holland: Of course I know that! And it's none of your concern!
Severa: Do you love your child, Holland? Do you love your wife?
Holland: Of course I do!
Severa: Then stop making excuses! I know that parents will do anything for their children... But I also know how it feels when a child loses her parents. This world's got far too many kids who've gone through that. If you stay, you'll be killed or worse. And your child deserves better!
Holland: Severa, I...I'm sorry. I didn't know. That must have been hard for you. ...... You're right. My child deserves better. Let's get out of here.
Severa: Really?!
Holland: Yes, really. But we have to hurry! (Holland vanishes; Severa becomes controllable)

Battle quotes

Severa dies

Severa: This time I'm...leaving you behind...Mom...

Holland dies when Severa is alive

Severa: Holland, no! You idiot! Now you'll never get to see your wife again or meet your new child... I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Families never stay together… (becomes enemy unit)

Nelson enters combat

Nelson: What are those useless fools doing?! Get them! Somebody get them!

Nelson enters combat with Chrom

Nelson: Damn... Useless fools, all of you!
Chrom: And what does that make the man cowering behind them?
Nelson: Bah! I'll use your corpse to clean the blood from my boots!

Nelson enters combat with Severa

Nelson: Traitorous wench!
Severa: You've got to be loyal before you can be a traitor, you idiot! And you're one to talk, extorting a poor, innocent girl like me... It's time you learned just how deadly this innocent girl can be!

Nelson dies

Nelson: My throne... My...empire...


Elder: You've saved the village from starvation! You're a true hero of the people, sir.

If Severa talked to Holland and survived the chapter

Severa: Yes, here it is!
Chrom: Is that a ring?
Severa: It's MY ring, and I'll thank you to stop staring so lustily at it! It's worth more than anything in the world to me... That rat Nelson stole it one night while I was sleeping.
Chrom: Well, I'm glad you were able to get it back.
Severa: ...Hmph.
Cordelia: Oh. ...You.
Severa: Wh-what do you want?!
Cordelia: Just to thank you for helping us. You fought bravely, er…
Severa: Severa. ...My name's Severa.
Cordelia: It suits you somehow. Oh, and my name—
Severa: Cordelia. I know.
Cordelia: Er, yes, that's... But how did you...? I'm sorry, did I introduce myself before?
Severa: I guess you must have if I know your name. Gods…
Cordelia: I...I see. Well, thank you all the same, Severa.
Severa: You already said that! And besides, it's not like I did anything special. I was just fighting to get back what's rightfully mine.
Cordelia: Are you referring to that ring? Oh, goodness. It looks exactly like... Ah, I see. That would explain how you know my name. You're a friend of Lucina's, aren't you? ...And you're my child. Isn't that right?
Severa: *Mutter* *grumble* ...lonely…
Cordelia: What was that?
Severa: I SAID, I thought you'd be lonely, so I came here to see you! ...You're welcome.
Cordelia: That's very sweet.
Severa: D-don't mock me! You don't care! You don't care at all…
Cordelia: How could you possibly think that? I'm thrilled beyond words to meet you.
Severa: ...Then why'd you leave me? You said you had to go off to fight for what really mattered, and you never came back! You picked Chrom over me!
Cordelia: You have me at a disadvantage, Severa. I can't answer for my future self. But when I said I was fighting for what mattered, I probably meant you. I'd want nothing more than to build a world where you could grow up happy and strong. At least, that's what I want right now.
Severa: You think I don't know that...? I mean, I DO know that, but…
Cordelia: I'm sorry I wasn't a better mother to you.
Severa: Well, you're still MY mother, which makes you the best mother in the world.
Cordelia: And the luckiest, it seems.
Severa: Oh, Mom, I missed you so much! I...I'm sorry I was so mean... I just... I didn't want to lose you again... Promise you won't leave, okay? Promise!
Cordelia: I promise.