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FEHT Al 02.png
Artwork of Al from Hasha no Tsurugi.




Half-human, half-Manakete (Archdragon)

  • 15 (stated)[1]
  • Approx. 1,000 (chronological)[2]
  • Viscount Eldreed
  • Blue Champion
Starting class


Hasha no Tsurugi

Which one is right... It's because of that kind of minor issue that people are suffering. It'd be better if humans and dragons could live together. That's why the world is so vast, isn't it?
— Al, to Athos

Al (Japanese: アル Alle) is a youth who grew up living in the mountains that separate Lycia and Bern, living with his adoptive father Magough. Upon reaching the age of 15 he decides to set out into the world on his own like his father. On the outset of his journey he saves Gant, a knight of Tania, from the service of the corrupt lord Richten. He also learns of the Fire Emblem and endeavors to seek it out, leading him to travel across Lycia, eventually rescuing the Princess of Tania, Tiena. Learning of the necessity of obtaining the Fire Emblem in ending the Disturbance of Bern from Marquess Ranward, Al eventually joins with the Lycian army and befriends its leader, Roy, son of Marquess Eliwood. Intent on bringing an end to the war, Al's travel see him learning of the truth of his origins and the dark forces that have acted in the shadows of Elibe since the time of The Scouring.

Al is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi; the weapon Al's Sword present in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is in reference to him.


Early life

Al was born shortly after year 0 following the conclusion of The Scouring to Melitha and leader of the Eight Legends, Hartmut. Initially unbeknownst to Hartmut, Melitha was a dragon; upon learning of this Hartmut made the decision to seal Melitha and Al away using the Binding Blade, believing that as the man who defeated the dragons, he could never be together with one.

Nearly a thousand years later, between Year 981 and Year 996, Al and his mother were found by the leader of the Black Bone Clan, Audamorze and unsealed for the purpose of enacting his revenge upon the world. Being held prisoner for an unknown amount of time, the two were eventually freed by Magough, who was at the time known as "One-horned." Successfully able to escape, but at the cost of Melitha's life, Magough would raise Al as his son, the shock of his mother's death and young age causing him to forget his past.

Al would spend the next few years living with Magough, learning survival skills and being trained in combat, eventually learning of the Champion's Blade, a sword that Magough had been tempering for years, but that he claims he is not meant to use, instead stating that Al would be able to use it one day, should he attain true strength.

The Disturbance of Bern

Having reached the age of 15, and being gifted with a sword and the parting words "Fire burns everything, and then gives birth to something new"; Al descends his mountain home and ventures of into the world. First stopping at the town of Alta, he is arrested by Gant for protecting a girl whom Lord Richten was trying to kill. While in the dungeon of Alta castle, Gant offers Al his food, leading Al to question him on his act of kindness and his reason for serving Richten, though Gant walks away telling him that it does not involve him. Al manages to successfully escape his cell and evade the castle guards in search of his sword which was taken by Gant before witnessing him be attacked by a dragon. Al fights the dragon, only being able to defeat it after Gant throws him his sword; using his sword to pierce its skull, the dragon writhes in pain and inadvertently kills Richten.

The two are able to successfully flee the city with the aid of an old woman who Al had encountered when he first entered the town. While outside of town, Gant informs Al about the origins of his sword, how Hartmut brought an end to The Scouring and the missing Fire Emblem. Taking an interest in it, Al decides to seek out the Fire Emblem himself, though due to being unsure of where to look, he opts to travel with Gant and help him save to the princess of the Tania, Tiena, who is set to be executed.

Together the two encounter fellow knight of Tania, Warren and his men on their travels; expecting them to join him in their rescue, Gant informs them of the Tiena whereabouts. They all become hesitant upon learning where she is being held, leading to Gant becoming infuriated with their cowardice and instigating a fight with Warren before he and Al choose to mount their rescue alone. At Graizel Prison, Tiena is being held, the two are vastly outnumbered and nearly caught until Warren and his men arrive and aid in the rescue. Managing to save the princess, and learning of Tiena's uncle Ranward whom she claims may know of the Fire Emblem, Al, Tiena and Gant set off for Worde.

After a brief encounter with the thief Chad and small skirmish with forces of Bern who were searching for Tiena, Al and company arrive to a decimated Worde Castle where they are informed by the sole surviving knight Danan of the traitorous minister Youzen who allied with Bern and lead to the Worde's defeat at the hands of Bern, as well as Ranward's capture. The group then agree to sneak into Olste Castle, the minister's current base; There they are betrayed by Danan leading to their capture, with Gant and Al being forced to fight in the arena. Al is able to trick Youzen and cut him down, allowing for the everyone, including a regretful Danan, to escape in the chaos. Despite their successful escape, Ranward is attacked by a mage who was lying in wait; Al and Gant are able to successfully dispatch him, but Ranward injuries prove to be fatal. With his life fading, Ranward warns them all of the dragons which Bern have brought back and the necessity of the Fire Emblem in stopping them.

After burying Ranward and parting ways with Danan, the group arrive in Ragna and assist in repelling Bern's army; after the battle they hold an audience with Marquess Dovanon who introduces them to his daughter Celdia and informs them of the current leader of the Lycian Army, Roy. It is however not long before the forces of Bern return, now lead by the Wyvern Rider Zeed who capture Tiena before retreating. Gant, having been tricked by Celdia into joining her for a picnic outside the castle, returns badly injured from an ambush; upon learning that the princess has been taken chooses to rescue her. Al and Gant eventually locate Zeed thanks to the aid of Celdia; Al allows Gant to face him in solo combat, only intervenes when he notices Gant is in danger, and together they drive off Zeed, rescue Tiena and depart after receiving new equipment from Dovanan.

Hoping to gain information on the Fire Emblem, Al and company make for Ostia, the largest territory in Lycia and current base of the Lycian army. After meeting Lance outside of city, the group are taken inside to meet with Eliwood and the remaining Lycian nobility within Castle Ostia; while the nobles discuss what to do regarding the current rebellion going on in Lycia, they are all informed of an imminent attack, which Al, Gant and Lance go to intercept. After the battle, Lance informs the three of his former friendship with the rebel leader, Kruzard; in spite of this, Lance resolves to cut him down in the coming battle, much to Al's concern. In the dead of night, Al infiltrates the rebel camp, hoping to stop Kruzard from fighting, but he is defeated and held captive until the next day when he is freed by Kruzard's wife who reveals the truth of what Kruzard wishes to accomplish.

Wishing to expose any an all corrupt individuals who would betray Lycia, Kruzard created the rebel army for the purpose of taking them all in so that they can be eliminated with the rebellions defeat. Al soon arrives at battlefield where the Lycian army and the rebels a locked in battle and faces Kruzard an in order to stop his suicidal plan. Unwilling to let Kruzard see his plan through, Al tackles him and they both roll off a cliff, and thinking on his feet, he cuts his own back with his sword in order to fake Kruzard's death. Though victory seems imminent, smoke can be seen coming from Castle Ostia, forcing Al and Lance to abandon the current battle and return to the castle, along the way, Al confirms with Lance that Kruzard was alive.

Al arrives in time to witnesses Marquess Zem holding Eliwood and Tiena hostage; while Lance is able to defeat his general, the marquess escapes, though only to meet his end at the hands of Kruzard. The rebellion quashed, Kruzard is spared execution at the behest of Eliwood but must leave Lycia in secret, though Al assures Lance they will meet again. In the following days, Lance returns to the Lycian army while Al and company remain in Lycia. This is until Cecilia, Mage General of Etruria arrives in Lycia, bringing with her a request for aid from Roy who is currently located in the Western Isles.

The Western Isles investigation

Jumping at the chance to reunite with Lance and meet Roy, Al and company depart by boat to investigate the truth of the goings on in the Western Isles and lend aid to Roy. Part way though their voyage, the ship is attack by knights of Etruria, leading Al to fall into the sea during the fight; regaining consciousness in a prison wagon alongside Mancel, Al is taken to the site of one of Etruria's mining operations. While imprisoned he meets Kilmar and several other prisoners; having no intention of remaining a prisoner however, Al makes numerous failed escape attempts, and though Kilmar callously tells him to give up, he refuses. His final attempt proves more than successful as he, after inspiring Kilmar and several other prisoners, manages to defeat the mines overseer Galdes and taking control. Al, Kilmar and Mancel eventually locate the hideout for resistance force of the Western Isles where Al is filled in on Kilmar's past before the hideout is attacked by a berserker under the employ of the Etrurian noble, Arcardo; Kilmar however, regaining his will to fight, is able to fell him in one strike.

Determined to cease the evil acts of Arcardo, Al and Kilmar decide to take the fight to Juteaux with Mancel joining them, They arrive as the forces of the Lycian army are storming the castle. Jumping in just in time, Al saves his allies from powerful fire magic sent at them by Bern's mage Jemmie; she then quickly flees to the interior of the castle before returning with the dragon Ain. Through a hard fought battle, Al, Roy and Kilmar are able to fell the dragon, and though Jemmie attempts to take her own life, she is rescued by Zeed and the two escape. News quickly arrives that Cecilia and the princess of Bern, the one who currently possess the Fire Emblem, Guinivere are being besieged while holding out in a castle located in Missur; while the Lycian army begins to mobilize, Al elects to fly ahead on a wyvern.

Flying directly to Missur, Al crashes into the castle as Narcian, Bern's Wyvern General, is pursing Guinivere; Al attempts to escape with her on his wyvern but they are stopped by the arrival of the king of Bern, Zephiel. Al attempts to face Zephiel in combat but even with the power of the Fire Emblem around Guinivere's resonating with his sword he puts up little resistance and after Zephiel claims Al to be of Bern, even speaking the same words Magough did, Zephiel uses the might of Eckesachs to cut Al's own sword with ease. As Zephiel readies the finishing blow, Guinivere dives between them, forcing Zephiel to redirect his attack and causing Guinivere to drop the Fire Emblem, which Al proceeds to pick up. This causes Al to experience a class change, promoting him to a Dragon Lord, changing his appearance and personality and giving him the power to contest with Zephiel, but only briefly before the power leaves him fully and he loses consciousness, dropping the Emblem as well.

Liberation of Etruria

Zephiel returns to Bern with Guinivere and the Emblem, while the remainder of Bern's forces in Missur are defeated by the arriving Lycian army; they discover Al's body and though initially believed to be dead, the shaman Sophia reveals that she can feel dragons blood within him, and that he can still be saved if he is brought the village of Arcadia in the Nabata Desert before the sun sets. With the help of Shanna and Thea, Tiena takes Al to find Arcadia, but are eventually attacked by masked figure and separated before being discovered by Zeed who chooses to help them after deserting Bern and though they too get separated when they are attacked by Fae, Tiena and Al end up within Arcadia. Despite having traveled as fast as they she could, Al's body disintegrates at the site or Athos's grave. Al then finds himself within a realm of pitch black where he confronted by a what remains of the Archsage's soul that he left behind. In this realm Al is tested, with Athos posing the question: would Al fight for humanity, or for the dragons, to which Al chooses to create a world for both humans and dragons; pleased with his answer, using what little of his power he has left, Athos grants Al a dragonstone with which to contain his powers and revives him. Using his newfound power, Al defeats several masked figures attacking Tiena before the remainder of the Lycian army regroup in Arcadia.

The group discuss the theft of various legendary weapons across Elibe and its connection to the masked figures before eventually departing to bring an and to the coup in Etruria. Meeting with Knight General Perceval of Etruria, Al discover the true identity of the Lycian armies tactician Elffin to be Etruria's prince Myrrdin. Through this revelations Al also learns that Elffin is willing to put his father, king Mordred and Etrurian Great General Douglas's lives at risk liberating Etruria, so on the day of the battle, Al decides to prevent that outcome by saving the king, though unexpectedly being accompanied by Fae. Making use of her dragon form, Al is able to protect Mordred from the desperate Narcian; his tricks all proving incapable of granting him victory, Narcian easily defeated by Al.

Newly promoted for their successful efforts in returning peace to Etruria, and with the corrupt nobles Arcardo and Roartz slain, Al and the army celebrate their victory that night, though Al is racked by thoughts of his connection to Bern; the following day, Al chooses to return home to find out the truth from his father while the Lycian marches for Bern to bring an end to the war once and for all. Upon arriving to his old home, he unexpectedly reunites with Niime. With her crystal ball, she reveals to him to truth of his past, that he was born nearly 1000 years ago to Hartmut and the Dragon Melitha and that mysterious masked individuals they encountered in Nabata are somehow involved. Although shocked by all he had seen, Al reaffirms his resolve to create a world in which humans and dragons can co-exist. Before he goes, Niime give him the Champions Blade, informing him that she was entrusted to give it to him should he ever return while Magough was ever away.

The Final Battle

Arriving just as Roy and his allies have defeated the Wyvern General Murdock, Al, Roy and the combined forces of Lycia and Etruria march on Bern castle as they make their last stand. Whilst storming the castle, Al and Roy make their way to Zephiels throne room, where the king awaits their arrival with both weapons of Hartmut, Eckesachs and the Binding Blade in his possession. While Al is initially unnerved by this, with the aid of Roy he finds his resolve and engages Zephiel. The confidence he feels from being able to match blows with Zephiel with the Champion's Blade is quickly shattered as he realizes that the he has been cut by the Binding Blade and has begun to be sealed once again; compounded onto that, he is forced to watch helplessly as Roy faces Zephial alone and is nearly killed, the overwhelming despair of the situation and anger at himself causing him to lose control and begin transforming into a dragon. In his rage he is able to knock the Binding Blade from Zephiel's hand before the seal fully encases him; Roy picks up the Binding Blade and using the opportunity Al presented him, Roy finally defeats Zephiel.

Unsealed with the power of the Fire Emblem by Guinivere, Al steps out with Roy to cheers of their victory over Bern and the conclusion of the war; Al's celebration however is cut short upon the discovery of Tiena's kidnapping by the masked figures. With the desire not get Roy involved, Al chooses to face the coming threat alongside Gant and Kilmar and are subsequently teleported to a cave where they witness Tiena chained up with the Legendary Weapons of Elibe, including Eckesachs. The leader of Black Bone Clan, Audamorze, congratulates Al upon his arrival, and offers to let his allies live should he comply with his wishes, which he refuses before engaging "One-Horned" in battle. Al's will to fight vanishes upon the revelation that "One-Horned" is his father, Magough and he is only willing to strike a seemingly fatal blow against him when nearly kill Gant; the grief of this act causing him to once again lose control of himself and this time fully transform into a dragon. Enacting the plan he had held on to for so long, Audamorze uses the power of the legendary weapons to steal Al's dragon powers transform himself into a dragon powerful enough that he is unaffected by the divine weapons. Only after hearing words from Magough, who survived Al's attack and his mother whose soul resided within the Champions Blade, is Al able to utilize the true power of the blade to vanquish Audamorze.

Vanishing for two years after the conclusion of the war, Al suddenly reappears as if no time had passed at all. Receiving the title of Viscount Eldreed for his action in the war, he weds Tiena and the two work together to maintain peace throughout the world.

Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi


Al is the main protagonist of Hasha no Tsurugi.

Starting stats

FEHT v01c01 al portrait.png
Level 1
Affinity Is gba fireaffin.png
Max HP 18 Luck 6
Strength 7 Defense 3
Skill 4 Resistance 0
Speed 8 Constitution 6
Movement 5 Aid --


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Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Al is featured on four cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Al

Normal SR+

TCGCipher B09-051SR.png

Blue Champion, Al



"Everyone... This world... No matter what, I will protect them! I will never stop protecting them!"
Attack: 70 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Dragon Lord Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
"We can't afford not to try!": [Trigger] [Once per turn] After this unit's attack, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is an 'Al', untap this unit. Afterwards, send the revealed card to the Retreat Area.
Champion's Sword: [Always] While you have 6 or more cards in your Bond Area, this unit gains +10 attack, this unit loses it's Dragon affinity, and loses the [Once per turn] restriction on "We can't afford not to try!".
Card #B09-51SR(+) • Artist: Kotaro Yamada
TCGCipher B09-052N.png Fierce Blue Light, Al



"I'm satisfied with myself! I'll defeat you!"
Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Dragon Lord Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Unlocked Seal: [Trigger] When you class change into this unit, until the end of this turn, this unit gains +20 attack.
Attack Support Ruler's Sword: [Support] If the attacking unit is Elibe, until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B09-052N • Artist: Doji Shiki
TCGCipher B09-053HN.png Brave Youth, Al


"I'm Al! Nice to meet you!!"
Attack: 40 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Villager Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Al's Sword: [Always] During your turn, while this unit is being supported by a Elibe card, this unit gains +10 attack.
Attack Support Fate Emblem: [Support] If the attacking unit is Elibe, draw a card, then choose a card from your hand and place it on top of your deck.
Card #B09-053HN • Artist: Kotaro Yamada
TCGCipher B22-107R.png Going Our Separate Ways, Al



"I promise...I won't ever cause such despair again. I won't ever try to seize power again."
Attack: 70 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 5
Class: Dragon Lord Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 4
True Power: [Always] This unit gains +30 attack.
Returning the Sword of the Champion: [Trigger] At the end of your opponent's turn, until this unit leaves the battlefield, this unit loses True Power.
"The flames shall consume all - and hence, something new will be born.": [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip two bond cards] If this unit lacks True Power, reveal the topmost card of your Deck, and deploy it.
Card #B22-107R • Artist: Kotaro Yamada
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Al .


Etymology and other languages

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Officially romanized as Alle.


Official artwork

Cipher artwork


  1. "I'm now 15 too! I want to find out what I want to do by myself!" — Al, Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi
  2. Inferred based on the time of the Scouring taking place 1,000 years prior to the events of the story
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