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Aether Raids/Script

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Anna: If I wasn't looking at it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it... And even now, I'm not sure I do.
Alfonse: It's just as it seems, Commander... This is the Aether Keep left behind by Líf, first king of Askr.
Sharena: It's just as mother used to tell us when we were little. A castle that flies as freely as a bird... Seeing it is like seeing a dream!
Alfonse: You're right, Sharena. It's just as mother said. I was certain those were mere fairy tales... Never did I imagine we would find it lying dormant all the way out here.
Anna: I can't help but wonder about the source who gave us the information that led us here... Just who could it have been?
Alfonse: Hmm...
Sharena: Alfonse! Commander Anna! Over here—you can see the whole thing! It's been untouched for so long, it's practically in ruins. What do you think it was used for?
Alfonse: Battling in the heavens.
Sharena: Huh?
Alfonse: A fire appears to have consumed much of the castle's library, but a trace of literature remained. It seems that the ancient Askrans used to travel the skies and do battle with Aether Keeps in other realms. The ultimate goal was to soar ever higher into the sky. It was a battle for power over the heavens.
Sharena: Amazing! They waged battle so high up?
Alfonse: That's right. It's also said they employed special weaponry, both offensive as well as defensive.
Sharena: Weapons on a castle? That sounds incredible! Do you think there are any still lying around?
Alfonse: Good question, Sharena. I'm sure any we can salvage will come in handy later. Let's give this place a proper look right away.