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Adult (Cavalry)

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Adult (Cavalry)

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First game


Adult (Cavalry) (Japanese: 成獣の化身・騎馬 Adult Form · Cavalry) is a weapon skill in the beast category which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes. Adult (Cavalry) is the third weapon skill of the cavalry subtype of the beast category of weapon skills, and as such is a somewhat strong weapon amongst the subtype but lacks any special effects other than those common to all weapons of the subtype.


Game Icon Type Might Range SP cost Refine cost Prerequisites Usable by Inheritable Other effects and notes
Is feh skill weapon.png Beast weapons 9 1 200 -- Yearling (Cavalry) Cavalry If user is not adjacent to human allies (i.e. allies with non-breath or -⁠beast weapons) at start of turn, user transforms; otherwise, user reverts.
If user transforms, grants +2 attack to user, and if user initiates combat, inflicts −4 each to attack and defense on foe during combat and foe cannot make follow-up attacks.



Method Data
Unit (★★★) Panne: Proud Taguel
Unit (★★★★) Kaden: Refreshed KitsuneLyre: Lap Cat of LuxuryPanne: Welcoming DawnYarne: Hoppy New Year
Unit (★★★★★) Eitr: Hand of NothingFreyja: Fleeting SummerFreyja: Lady of NightmareFreyr: Dream-KingFreyr: Estival DreamsKaden: Kitsune BraggartLethe: Gallia's ValkyrieLethe: New Year's ClawNerþuz: Beach ChaperoneNerþuz: God of the LandNerþuz: New-Year DoterRanulf: Friend of NationsRatatoskr: Mending HandSelkie: Free SpiritSelkie: New Year's SpiritYarne: Timid Taguel

Flavor text

Game Text
At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to only beast
or dragon allies or if unit is not adjacent to any
ally, unit transforms (otherwise, unit reverts).
If unit transforms, grants Atk+2, and if unit
initiates combat, inflicts Atk/Def-4 on foe
during combat and foe cannot make a
follow-up attack.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Adult (Cavalry)




Adult Form · Cavalry


Fiera adulta veloz

Fast adult beast


Adulte (cavalerie)

Adult (cavalry)


Adultus (Reiter)

Adult (Rider); from the Latin adultus "adult".


Adulto (fantino)

Adult (rider)


Adulto (cavalaria)

Adult (cavalry); abbreviated as Adulto (caval.).

Traditional Chinese


Adult beast incarnation · riding

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