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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Abel's support conversations.

Abel and Kris

First conversation

Abel: You're... Kris, right? Why the befuddled look on your face?
Kris: Oh, Sir Abel! The truth is I'm trying to light a fire, but to no avail. I was considering going to the storehouse to collect another flintstone, but...
Abel: Ah, I have a flintstone if you need one. Here, take it.
Kris: Oh, thanks.
Abel: Use this tinderbox as well, if you think it'll be useful. I have some pieces of wood, too...
Kris: Y-you're awfully well prepared, Sir Abel.
Abel: I used to run a small shop in Altea, you see. I dealt with these kind of items there.
Kris: So that's why. In that case, should I be paying you...?
Abel: Nah, no need. Just tell me whenever you want them.
Kris: I appreciate the favor, but... Is it really okay? Won't it be problematic for a merchant if you give away things for free?
Abel: Yeah, if you put it that way... Est often got mad at me for it, saying the shop would go bankrupt because I'm too nice...

Second conversation

Kris: I heard you fought in the previous war as a knight of Altea, Sir Abel.
Abel: Yeah. I was particularly close to Cain. We were friends and rivals who endeavored to surpass each other.
Kris: May I ask why you resigned from knighthood?
Abel: I wasn't discontent or anything. However, I had this dream of opening a shop in Altea. To live a quiet life with my wife, while running a small shop... I longed for a simple life like that. Of course, part of me still wanted to serve as an Altean knight.
Kris: Yes. I can tell that intention clearly from when I see you fight.
Abel: Being a knight and opening a shop... Both were very precious to me. I worried about it for a long time and in the end chose the shop, but leaving the knighthood was hard. When you have two things precious to you, it's quite hard to achieve them both...

Third conversation

Abel: ...I met Est during the previous war. She was cheerful and pure, and we were drawn to each other as we fought together. It was a modest life, but I was really happy to run the shop with her.
Kris: Just by listening to you describe it, I can already picture your days of happiness. Once this war is over, that peace should return.
Abel: ...You're right. By the way, do you perchance have a lover?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: No, I am a knight after all.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Huh... But I'm a knight.

Abel: It isn't written anywhere that knights are forbidden to love. Don't you think Prince Marth would be happy if you managed to find yourself a lover?
Kris: ...I-I'll do my best.
Abel: But, that's right... If you do find somebody precious to you, be careful. If you have two people important to you, you might be driven into a dilemma...
Kris: Sir Abel...
Abel: Back when Est was taken hostage by the Archanean army... That time, I had to make a terrible choice. Est or Prince Marth? Which one should I choose? Both were precious to me...
Kris: ...
Abel: In the end... I couldn't choose either. No matter how much I pondered, I just couldn't. When you have two things precious to you, it's quite hard to achieve them both... And even now, after all that... I don't know what I should have done.
Kris: I believe you did the best you could, Sir Abel. And besides, what's important, more than the past... is the future.
Abel: You're right, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks, Kris. After this war is over... I want you to come to my shop. I'll give you a personal discount.
Kris: Thanks, Sir Abel.

Abel and Est

First conversation

Est: Abel!
Abel: Est, you haven't been in an actual battle for a while. Try not to overdo it.
Est: I told you I'm alright! Sure, I'm not at my peak, but my skill as a former Whitewing hasn't faded just yet. But nevermind me, Abel, I don't want you to get hurt, either. If you'd like, I could let you ride my pegasus. That way, you wouldn't get a scratch on you.
Abel: You said it. I used to be an Altean knight, you know. They called me "Abel the Black Panther." No mere soldier could possibly hope to defeat me. Hmm... If I were to ride with you though, I'd be able to protect you...
Est: Eh? ...Oh dear. Sorry, Abel. I, um, don't think that he wants you to ride him.
Abel: I-I see. I knew it; so he really does hate me... Even back home, he'd go out of his way to savage me each time I tried to touch him.
Est: You ending up getting kicked all the time too... Heehee, you were so certain that you'd need to get along with him in order to be family with me.
Abel: And in the end, I couldn't even pat his head...

Second conversation

Est: Sigh...
Abel: What's wrong, Est? Why the long face?
Est: Oh... Abel. No, it's nothing. I was just thinking about stuff.
Abel: ...I see. That's okay then.
Est: Say, Abel... Once this war is over, will things--will we really be able to go back to how we used to be?
Abel: Of course. In fact, I'm sure we'll be happier than before. We'll expand the shop, have children...
Est: Oh... yeah. Yeah, that's right. Of course.
Abel: Est...? Are you really alright? That isn't the smile I'm accustomed to. Are you forcing yourself, Est?
Est: Ahaha, 'c-course not. But anyway, Abel. What do you think we should name our child?
Abel: Ah, yes. Let's see...

Third conversation

Est: Sigh... What should... I do...?
Abel: Est, my love! So you were here.
Est: Abel, what is it? You look so flustered.
Abel: I heard from Prince Marth. You've been terribly worried about something, haven't you? What is it, dear? If there's something the matter, tell me.
Est: ...Say, Abel. Why did you fall in love with me?
Abel: T-that's uh... rather sudden.
Est: Please, Abel. I must know.
Abel: Good grief... It was so... natural, I never gave it a second thought.
Est: ...
Abel: Ah, are you crying!? I'm sorry, I'll answer properly this time! Err...
Est: Abel, thank you. It's okay.
Abel: Eh?
Est: That... was more than enough. I get it. Hey, scoot closer. Now... Just for now, hold me tightly in your arms.
Abel: Est... We'll always be together... So, don't cry anymore. It hurts me... to see you cry. The thought of you all alone, with no one to turn to... I'm afraid to leave your side... Afraid to depart for battle.
Est: ...I'm sorry. Teehee, I'm so silly. I guess all this fighting's been taking its toll on me. Sorry, Abel. I'm okay now. But... Let us stay like this, just a little longer...
Abel: Oh, Est...