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Abducted Princess/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


At one time, the Macedon region was ruled by the Dolhr Empire. 100 years ago the whole continent was controlled by the dragon tribe, who sent numerous slaves to these undeveloped forests. The slaves were forced to excavate ruins and construct the country. Many people could not find food, were forced to work, and died from abuse. Amongst such tragic conditions, finally one youth stood up. His name was Iote. He and his companions escaped from the forests and fought, riding dragons, to continue the battle of liberation. After Dolhr's fall, the slaves established their own country at these rich and newly developed lands. And the heroic Iote was encouraged to become its first king. Afterwards the Kingdom of Macedon was feared as the land of dracoknights, and that was how it was born. However, this strong country not only lost its Prince Michalis, said to be the second coming of Iote. But now, even the "Red Dragoon", Princess Minerva, has been lost.
— Chapter 3 Intro


(Palla flies to Julian)
Palla: Julian! Catria has finally brought the Altean knights here. I will go with them to rescue Princess Minerva. Please take Lena and hurry to safety.
Julian: That isn't possible, Palla. Miss Lena's gone missing... I'm not leaving just by myself.
Palla: Huh, Lena's also... Princess Maria has also vanished. Why are the clerics the only ones missing...?
Julian: Anyway, I'm staying to search the village. So, apologies, but I can't help you rescue your princess.
Palla: Oh, it's alright. We should be able to save Minerva by ourselves. But Julian, although I know you're worried about Lena, don't push yourself.
Julian: Ah... I'm sorry, Palla. Say "hi" to Prince Marth for me.
(Julian enters the village, Palla joins)


  • Woman: What's going to happen to Macedon now? First they said Prince Michalis died, then Princess Maria went missing... And now Princess Minerva has been captured, and her life is in danger. Ah... This country won't become like Grust, right...?
  • Old man: Without Est, the Pegasus sisters have become really lonely. I am a fan of their Triangle Attack... Oh, Est... Please come back soon.
  • Young Woman: Not long ago, there was a travelling paladin who visited here. He was wearing a mask, but I bet he's a really handsome person underneath. He was very gentle, but he seemed very sorrowful as well. Sigh, will I see him again?
  • Man: I'll tell you a secret. That armory seems to have connections with the rebels. If you're going to visit it, be extra careful.

West Village

Man: Your highness. Thank you for rescuing this village. We don't have much to reward you with, but please take this Silver Axe. It is a very expensive item, so it should fetch a good price in the shops.
Silver Axe obtained!

North Village

Julian: Your highness, it's been a long time. It's me, Julian.
Marth: Julian!? Even though I heard you went to Macedon with Lena, I didn't expect to see you here... Is Lena well? Of course, since she is with you.
Julian: Well... Miss Lena suddenly disappeared... I... What should I do?
Marth: Huh? Wait, Julian, what happened?
Julian: Miss Lena vanished yesterday. I heard from the villagers that a nasty-looking bishop came by. It seems Miss Lena was taken by him.
Marth: A bishop...? Julian! I heard Princess Maria has also gone missing. I have a bad feeling about all of this. Anyway, staying here won't achieve anything. You should come with us. I am also worried about Lena. We can help you look for her.
Julian: Your highness... Thank you.
(Julian joins)

Turn 2

(Michalis flies to Lykke)
Michalis: Lykke, a coward like you wouldn't dare to do something this big. Did Hardin fool you with his fancy words?
Lykke: Ah! ...You are... How are you still...?
Michalis: You thought I was dead? Haha... Nevermind. Give Minerva back to me. I don't care about this country anymore. You can do what you want with it. However, I won't rest until I have dealt with "that guy" personally.
Lykke: Yes... But... Princess Minerva has already breathed her last... She cannot be saved...
Michalis: Don't waste my time. Hand her over now, or do you prefer to die by my lance?
Lykke: O-okay! I understand. Hey, you, bring the princess here!
(Minverva enters)
Michalis: Minerva, it's been a while. This isn't like you at all. Losing your precious Maria, and even being abandoned by your men. Is this really the perfect country that you wanted?
Minerva: Mi... Michalis... How...?
(Michalis leaves with Minerva)

Fighting Matthis

Matthis: Lena... Where are you? Even just once, I want to see you before I die...

Killing Matthis

Matthis: Lena... Forgive this useless brother.

Recruiting Matthis

Julian: Hey! That was uncalled for. Why do you always keep picking on me? If you continue like this, you'll make Miss Lena sad.
Matthis: Oh, it's Julian. Are you still clinging onto Lena? No way, I'm not handing my cute sister to a thief like you.
Julian: Don't worry... Lena and I aren't that close. I just wanted to help her, any little that I can.
Matthis: Oh, I finally understand. You're really cool, Julian!
Julian: Well, I... uh... never expected to hear you say that... Nevermind. If you're worried about Lena, come with us.
Matthis: Oh, really? Thanks. I was forced to join the rebels. I didn't really want to fight. Well, "little brother", let's join forces to find my cute Lena!
(Matthis joins)

Fighting Lykke

Lykke: Da-damn... Why would Altea... I'll send you to your graves, die!

Killing Lykke

Lykke: The Altean knights... Truly impressive...


Marth: Jagen, how is the situation at the castle? Have they found Minerva yet?
Jagen: Right, about that... Although the enemy has fled, there seems to be no trace of the princess.
Marth: Huh, why is that? Minerva should have been taken here...
Jagen: Ah... Your highness, General Lang appears to have arrived. I wonder what kind of nonsensical request he's going to give us this time.
(Lang enters)
Lang: Ah, I should have expected no less from you, Lord Marth. Very impressive. Good work. Leave Macedon to me. Your highness, you have a new mission.
Marth: General Lang, what is it this time?
Lang: ...Well... My castle was attacked, and the captured Grustian royal children appear to have been taken. The culprit seems to have escaped to Macedon. Your highness, you will chase after them and bring back the royal children!
Marth: What!? Really, those children... They're safe... That's great. General Lang, I will not follow your orders. We're going back to our own country.
Lang: What did you say!? You're going to disobey my orders? So you were behind it, I knew it.
Marth: What? What do you mean?
Lang: The one who escaped with the royal children was Ogma, the Talys mercenary. He once served under your highness, correct? It was you who ordered Ogma to escape with those two!
Marth: I don't know a thing. But if I could, I would have done just that. Since that time, when I couldn't rescue the two, I have been deeply regretful. Even if I must fight you, I will still rescue them.
Lang: What, you! Your actions are treasonous! Do you want me to inform Emperor Hardin about this!?
Marth: Go ahead. We're planning on going to Millennium Court anyway. We will inform Hardin and Nyna of the truth, and of you crimes. Jagen, I'm sorry, but I can no longer stay silent. I want to find Ogma, so we can rescue those children.
Jagen: I understand. You've had to stay patient for so long. I have also already reached my limits. Lang, you have constantly mocked our prince of Altea with your actions. Even if his highness could forgive you, I certainly could not. Come, draw your sword. Even thought I, Jagen, am old, I will not lose to somebody like you.
Lang: Wh-what...! Damn, you... I will not forgive you for this!! I will inform the Emperor, and turn Altea into dust! Mark my words!
(Lang leaves)
Jagen: Ha... He fled fast despite his big words. He should be pretty faraway by now.
Marth: Jagen... You really surprised me. I couldn't believe you would say something like that.
Jagen: You think I'm too old? Haha... Your highness, I won't lose to you youths just yet. That said. Even I, who persuaded your highness to stay calm, got into a dispute with Lang. I was too careless. What should we do next?
Marth: Hmm. Well, we should go and find Ogma. If Lang was correct, he should have come to Macedon. I bet he's probably heading for the village of Wendell's residence. Even though I'm worried about Minerva, there's nothing we can do right now. We should go and meet Wendell as well.
Jagen: Understood. But, I wonder about Lang... I hope nothing bad will happen...

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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