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A Reason to Fight/Conversations

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Micaiah: I wonder what this is?
Sothe: Let me see. Ah, that's a master crown. King Pelleas got one especially for you.
Micaiah: How do you use it?
Sothe: He said that beorc who honed their combat skills could use it to gain further power.
Micaiah: Someone who has refined their skills. I see. So, not everyone can use it.
Sothe: Sounds like it. It's a very precious item, so choose the recipient with care.
Micaiah: All right.

(You got a Master CrownIs wii master crown.png.)


Micaiah: Here you go, Jill. This weapon is for you.
Jill: ...Thank you. Um... Lady Micaiah, I have to ask. What is the purpose of this war?
Micaiah: King Pelleas has decided to come to the aid of Begnion.
Jill: Has he deigned to share his reasoning with you? Micaiah, this war is madness! Why would he ask us to aid Begnion!?
Micaiah: ...I don't know.
Jill: Wonderful.
Micaiah: I believe in our king. That's all I can say.
Jill: At least someone does.

(You got a Brave AxeIs wii brave axe.png.)


Micaiah: Edward, I have something for you...
Edward: Really? What is it?
Micaiah: It's a gift from King Pelleas. One of Daein's national treasures, the blade Caladbolg.
Edward: What? Whoa, this is amazing! I've never seen a blade so sharp! Is it really for me? That means the king's counting on me, right? Well, Caladbolg and I won't let him down!
Micaiah: Um... Listen, Edward, this war... Daein really shouldn't be...
Edward: Huh? Shouldn't be what?
Micaiah: Oh, never mind. It's nothing. Forget I said anything.
Edward: OK, sure. Um, Micaiah? Look, I don't know anything about kings, or nobles, or anything else like that. But you're fighting because you believe it's what's best for Daein, right? And, well, that's good enough for me. I'm with you, no matter what.
Micaiah: Oh, Edward...
Edward: Now, I want to use this sword! They're going to write songs about me after this, I just know it!

(You got the CaladbolgIs wii caladbolg.png.)


Micaiah: Leonardo, King Pelleas asked me to present you with this bow. This is Lughnasadh. It's been stored away in the vaults of Daein, waiting for someone worthy enough. It's more powerful than the purest silver bow.
Leonardo: It's beautiful... Honestly, this bow is beyond my skill. It was crafted for better hands than mine. I guess...I guess we really have to win now, don't we?
Micaiah: Yes, I suppose we do.
Leonardo: Don't look so sad, Micaiah. You're not responsible for this war. We're doing the best we can hope to do. But I'm fighting for Daein. The circumstances may change, but my feelings never will.

(You got the LughnasadhIs wii lughnasadh.png.)


Micaiah: Hello, Nolan. A gift from King Pelleas has arrived for you.
Nolan: You're kidding can't be! That's Tarvos, isn't it? That's one wicked-looking axe. I'd heard stories about the fabled axe of Daein, but to actually feel the heft... King Pelleas wants me to have it? I always did like that man. I'll take good care of it, don't you worry.
Micaiah: I know you will, Nolan. King Pelleas does too. That's why he's chosen to give it to you.
Nolan: Micaiah, look... I know how hard it is to be a commander, especially with all of this confusion and doubt flying around. Fighting a war you don't believe in is a bitter pill to swallow.
Micaiah: Nolan, I--
Nolan: Just remember something, will you? We're still the Dawn Brigade. Lots of us aren't your "comrades," we're your family. If you need anything, we're with you, no matter what. Nothing's going to change that.
Micaiah: Oh, Nolan... Thank you so much.

(You got the TarvosIs wii tarvos.png.)