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A Mystery Revealed/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Artemis's Curse

Jagen: Kris, the Ice Dragon Shrine stands before our eyes. For his beloved Artemis, Anri—Altea's forefather—obtained the divine sword Falchion here. He then proceeded to defeat Medeus and, acclaimed by the people of Altea, become their first king. However... though Anri and Artemis loved each other, they could not marry...
Kris: Why?
Jagen: The nobles of Archanea didn't want Anri, a commoner, to become their king. More than that, they strongly encouraged the princess to wed Duke Cartas, who led the liberation army. Princess Artemis had no way of refusing. "The bearer of the Fire Emblem must give their life to the royal family." That is a saying passed down unchangingly in House Archanea. And so, without telling a word to Anri, the princess accepted her engagement to Duke Cartas.
Kris: No way... Then, King Anri...
Jagen: The princess was just as worthy of pity. It's said she died soon after giving birth to her newborn prince. King Anri never married. So, the kingdom of Altea was then succeeded by his younger brother, King Marcelus—Prince Marth's great-grandfather.
Kris: What a tragedy...
Jagen: That was Artemis's Curse. The sorrowful curse associated with the Fire Emblem...

Current status

Jagen: Seeking the Lightsphere, we passed the harsh Anri's Way... and now, finally, we stand before the Ice Dragon Shrine. Lord Gotoh should be waiting for Prince Marth here. But, the revelation about the Binding Shield, which, with its five orbs, seals the earth dragons in its bind, and that the seal would fragment should any of the orbs break... I wonder if that's what Lord Wendell meant when he said the world would fall into ruin if any of the orbs were lost?