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A Man for Flowers/Script

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(At a mountain)

Robin: *Huff, huff* Why do mountains...have so steep?
Olivia: Here. Have some water.
Robin: Thank you, Olivia. You're a lifesaver.
Olivia: Oh, hardly. I just flail around and pretend to dance, mostly. Anyway, I've started looking for new ways to be useful.
Robin: Your dancing is spectacular! It never fails to pick me up.
Olivia: Ha! I dance like a ham someone rolled down the stairs. Just thinking of people watching me makes me cringe…
Chrom: We're near the bandit's camp, Robin. They've ravaged surrounding towns with impunity for too long. It ends today.
Robin: Right.

(Near the bandits' camp)

Inigo: Not today, rogue!
Brigand: Nraugh!

(Inigo kills the brigand)

Inigo: All safe now, buttercup.
Maiden: I-Inigo?!
Inigo: The crying part is over, love. Now give us a smile. And perhaps a wink if a fellow can be greedy?
Maiden: Inigo, you stupid fool! That bandit you slew has—
Inigo: Dozens of friends who will be terribly cross with me? Aye. Worry not! I'll mop up the lot of them and be back in time for tea.
Maiden: You mustn't! They'll kill you!
Inigo: Ho ho! Don't be silly. I'd never let anyone ruin this perfect face. Surely you want them gone as well, yes? So that you may rebuild in peace?
Maiden: Of course, but…
Inigo: Then let us have no more frowns! A smile like yours is not a treasure to be locked in the king's dungeons! I'll meet you in town once I've sorted those pesky bandits. Perhaps then we can discuss my...reward. Ho ho!

In battle

Chrom: Their hold is just ahead. It should be... Wait, what's that? Gods, that man is fighting them alone. Come, let's lend him a hand!

Talk conversation

Olivia talks to Inigo

Olivia: Are... Are you all right?
Inigo: ...GYAAARRGH!
Olivia: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Wh-what's wrong?!
Inigo: S-sorry! ...Sorry. You just surprised me.
Olivia: I'd say we're even on that count!
Inigo: I shouldn't have shouted, but... Er, yes. Can we please start over? ...Ahem! It was your ravishing beauty that caught me so off guard, milady!
Olivia: I don't quite know how to reply to that.
Inigo: Er, please don't look at me so...intently. It makes me terribly bashful.
Olivia: What?! W-wait! Don't go! Drat, he's gone. He totally stole my line, too. Still, it's weird. I didn't have a problem talking to him... Maybe his shyness countered my own?

Chrom talks to Inigo if he is not Inigo's father

Chrom: You all right?
Inigo: Me? Hah! It takes more than that to wound a rogue this charming! Now then, who are you? Not an enemy, it seems.
Chrom: I'm Chrom, leader of the Shepherds. We came to deal with the bandits, so it appears our purpose is shared.
Inigo: Chrom?! Then you're Lucina's…
Chrom: What's that?
Inigo: ......
Chrom: What?
Inigo: P-please don't stare at me like that. I get so...terribly shy.
Chrom: Aren't you the one who's been staring at me? And why did that line seem so familiar?
Inigo: Er, but yes! We share a common foe, and I'm grateful for the help. Can I trust you to defend this place?
Chrom: I don't know. What are you planning?
Inigo: I aim to crush the rascals who make trouble for the village, naturally! And once the lot of them are sorted, it's off to tea with a beauty of the fields! Heh heh heh... Right, then! If that's decided, I'll be on my way. Put the kettle on, snookums! I won't be long now!
Chrom: He's nothing if not eager...

Chrom talks to Inigo if he is Inigo's father

Chrom: You all right?
Inigo: Me? Hah! It takes more than that to wound a rogue this charming! Now then, who are you? Not an enemy, it seems.
Chrom: I'm Chrom, leader of the Shepherds. We came to deal with the bandits, so it appears our purpose is shared.
Inigo: Chrom?! Then you... You're my father.
Chrom: What? You, too?!
Inigo: Then you've already met Lucina?!
Chrom: Yes, she's with us now.
Inigo: Oh, good. She was so terribly eager to see you! Ah, but forgive me. I still haven't introduced myself. I am Inigo, Lucina's younger brother and a crown prince of Ylisse myself. If you need further proof, I bear a Brand in the opposite eye as Lucina.
Chrom: Hmm... Yep. That's a Brand all right.
Inigo: Um, could I ask you to stop staring now? I get a bit...bashful.
Chrom: Ah, right. Sorry.
Inigo: Aha ha! Not to worry. Now, then. It's back into the fray with me, Father. Then it's off for tea with a farm girl! ...And perhaps a bit more. Don't wait up! Aha ha ha!
Chrom: Oh, gods. I raised a philanderer. ...Well, he seems content enough. Heh. A son. Who knew?

After Inigo's recruitment

Inigo: Well, then. I should think five kills would be enough to impress a simple village girl. Though six might earn me a sweet kiss... Hmm... That IS tempting...

Battle quotes

Inigo dies before recruitment

Inigo: I fear I've for the flowers... I wish I could have seen you...just once...

Jamil enters combat

Jamil: All who defy the will of Grima will be purged in the flames of destruction!

Jamil dies

Jamil: Lord Grima... Rain down...retribution...


Regardless of Inigo's survival

Chrom: That's the last of the bandits. The hold is reclaimed.
Frederick: The villagers will sleep better for our good works, milord.

If Inigo was recruited and defeated at least one enemy

Maiden: I can't begin to thank you, good sir.
Chrom: Actually, Inigo did most of the heavy lifting on this one.
Maiden: He is so terribly brave... Part of me wishes I could have been there to witness it. Er, but yes. Please accept this gift from all us villagers.
Chrom: Your kindness flatters me. If bandits ever trouble you again, you need but call and we'll come running. Rebuilding a town is hard work, but I trust you'll be just fine.
Maiden: We'll do our best!

(Elixir, Killing Edge, Speedwing, Bullion, Hammerne, if Inigo defeats one to five enemies)

If Inigo survived

Inigo: Um... Olivia? Might I have a moment?
Olivia: Wh-what? With me? Why?! ...Wait, how did you know my name?
Inigo: A little bird tweeted it out. So is that a yes?
Olivia: Um, all right, I guess.
Inigo: ...Er, yes. You see... What I mean to say is... Goodness, this is much harder than chatting up other girls I've met. I suppose it would be quickest to just show you this…
Olivia: M-my ring? But...I'm wearing it! How did you...?
Inigo: Indeed. How does Inigo have your ring when there is only one in all the world? Unless it IS your ring and I brought it back from the future!
Olivia: What? You mean, like Lucina...?
Inigo: Exactly. I knew my mother was a dancer, you see. So I've been scouring the land looking for all the dancers I could find. Not the worst job in the world, mind. Heh heh heh... But now I've finally found you, Mother! And my dancing is all the better for it!
Olivia: Oh! You dance?
Inigo: Er sort of, yes. That is to say, I try my best. But some people don't appreciate male dancers. Not that I care! I'm content to just shake my hips for the ladies.
Olivia: Oh, don't listen to them! I think it's wonderful. I' to watch you dance sometime.
Inigo: N-no! Impossible! I'd be far too embarrassed for that! Besides, I'd rather watch you dance.
Olivia: What?! N-no! I couldn't possibly!
Inigo: I'm shyer than you are, Mother!
Olivia: You are not!
Inigo: ......
Olivia: ......
Chrom: Would you two stop it already? Now I'm the one who's getting embarrassed...

(In another part of the camp)

Inigo: At last, teatime has arrived!
Chrom: We're leaving, Inigo.
Inigo: What, right now? B-but...teatime!
Chrom: War is hell, Inigo. Now come with us or be left behind.
Inigo: Fine, fine! I'm coming. ...I suppose there'll be more buttercups blooming along the road ahead.