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A King Without a Kingdom/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Silver Snow
Guardian Moon

A King Without a Kingdom

Opening Narration FETH Crest of Flames banner.png

Cg fe16 guardian moon mural part 2.png
Having parted ways with Edelgard, former students of the Black Eagle House now work alongside the Knights of Seiros at Garreg Mach. They begin to create a resistance army strong enough to take on her Imperial forces.
— Chapter 14 opening narration

Event - In the Heart of Fodlan

Date: 1/1
Reception Hall

(The Knight of Seiros, Hanneman, Manuela and Cyril show up.)
Alois: Ah, thank the goddess... I couldn't bear the thought of letting Jeralt down by not finding you.
Shamir: Guess you lucked out.
Catherine: We've been looking everywhere for you! But...I see Lady Rhea isn't with you. Damn.
Cyril: Everyone was real worried about you, Professor.
Hanneman: Seteth has told us everything. From here on out, you will have our aid.
Seteth: I am so grateful that everyone is safe. I am sorry things are moving so rapidly, but there is something we must discuss. Come with me.

Knights' Hall

(Byleth, Seteth, Flayn and the Knights reunited with the ex-Black Eagles)
Seteth: The time has come to make our true stand against the Empire.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Let's win, no matter what. Let's all work together. I don't feel confident, but we'll do our best.
(Support points with Seteth go up.) (Support points with Flayn go up.)

Seteth: Our base will be Garreg Mach Monastery. The interior is in less than pristine condition, but we should be able to utilize it much the same as we had before.
Catherine: Surely those Imperial jerks have this place staked out, right? It's a highly strategic location.
Seteth: It may be an area of importance, but it is far removed from the front lines. Considering the burden of transport, it is possible they are not paying too much attention to it.
Shamir: Nothing escapes the emperor. There must be at least a spy or two.
Flayn: Professor, what do you think?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I have no objections. I'm worried about supplies.
Flayn: I see! Then it must be the right idea! Seteth: Your concern is valid. However...

Seteth: The town and surrounding hamlets are still present, and though far from abundant, the church still has funds at its disposal.
Flayn: That's true... Professor, I think we can leave expanding our army to my brother. He was always good at negotiating, and I believe he is best suited to the task.
Ferdinand: In that case, I have a request. Please allow my soldiers to join your ranks as well. House Aegir already tried taking on the emperor. As a result, our territory was stolen from us. As a consequence, I do not have many soldiers left to speak of. But those I have are yours to command.
Dorothea: I feel like I should tell you that I've been protecting some kids who lost their parents in the war. They're in the town right now, but maybe we can move them to the monastery? I'm sure they'd be happy to chip in however they can.
Seteth: Hm... Yes, I understand. I will make the necessary arrangements.
Linhardt: I nabbed some valuables from my house. Father is with the emperor now, so... It's not much, but it's yours.
(5,000 G are added to Byleth's inventory as the text "Received 5,000 G." is displayed)
Bernadetta: I don't have a thing to contribute. In fact, I'm still in my same old clothes!
Caspar: I've been wandering on my own for five years. I won't go back to that house or my father, that's for sure!
Seteth: I understand. Leave it to me. No labor is too great if it means saving Fódlan...

Exploration: A King Without a Kingdom

Potential Dates: 1/4, 1/11, 1/18 and 1/25

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Event - Imperial Invasion

Date: 1/30
Reception Hall

(Byleth, Seteth, Flayn stand in front of a crowd)
Seteth: Your attention, everyone. The Knights of Seiros and our most trusted allies have gathered. We have rallied our troops for the purpose of stopping the Adrestian Empire's efforts to rule all. We have prepared a new flag to fight under...
(Church Soldiers display the Crest of Flames banner)

Cg fe16 crest of flames banner silver snow.png

Seteth: Much like the professor, it bears the Crest of Flames. I hope everyone finds this suitable. Beneath this flag, we will bring back peace to the great land of Fódlan!
(Sounds of a crowd cheering can be heard as the scene cuts to black)

Advisory Room

Flayn: Professor, I'm not sure I understand... Why is the Empire intent on making an enemy of the church?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I don't understand either. They must oppose the way of the church.
Flayn: Quite perplexing... If the church disappears from Fódlan, I wonder if the Empire thinks it will benefit them in some way? I feel, I feel that it will only confuse the people. Flayn: What is meant by "the way of the church"? What do they dislike about it?

Seteth: I have no idea what Edelgard was thinking or how she arrived at the decision to raise an army. However, I do have some small insight as to what she is after. She is attempting to destroy the existing social order. That is why the Church of Seiros is first on the list of institutions that must be destroyed. It may very well be her goal to rebuild Fódlan from the ground up...
Flayn: I see... But that is only Edelgard's desire, is it not? I cannot imagine that the people of Fódlan would want that for themselves. She may have high ideals, but she certainly lacks any compunction about throwing the world, and its people, into an awful war... It just seems so illogical!
Seteth: You have a point, Flayn. I do not believe the people will ever understand her aim. So long as she makes the people suffer, our Knights of Seiros will fight on and strive to protect them. If we do not defeat Edelgard and retake control of this world, Fódlan's future shall be as dark as night.
Flayn: Thank you, dear Brother. I finally feel I understand what is going on.
Seteth: I am always happy to answer your questions, Flayn. Is there anything else you wish to ask?
Flayn: Well, um... Actually, I have a question for the professor. My brother mentioned slumbered for five years. Where was it that you slept?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
At the bottom of a valley. Under a rock. I don't know.
Flayn: The bottom of a valley? In the water? That certainly sounds frigid! I would never choose such a place myself. I am surprised you did not fall ill. Flayn: Under a rock... How similar we are! As it were, I took my rest in a casket made of stone. Flayn: Oh. Well, I suppose one's first long slumber is difficult to recall...

(A Knight of Seiros suddenly arrives)
Knight of Seiros: Pardon the intrusion, but we must prepare a counterattack! Now! It seems the Imperial Army found out about us entering the monastery!
Seteth: Hm. That is sooner than expected. They must have been spying on us...
Flayn: I wonder if we can win on our own...
Knight of Seiros: There aren't many of them... It looks like we'll just be facing the ones who were stationed nearby.
Seteth: Did they move on us too soon? Perhaps if we fight by using the land to our advantage...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's proceed carefully. Let's destroy them.
Seteth: Of course. If we are careful, we will not lose. Flayn: Yes, I agree. Let us take them out in one fell swoop!

Seteth: Never again will those Imperial scoundrels disgrace Garreg Mach with their presence! Onward, Professor!

Narration - Protecting Garreg Mach

Though preparations are still being made to raise troops for the resistance army at Garreg Mach, the Imperial army is already one step ahead. Anticipating the resistance army's actions, General Randolph and the Imperial vanguard under his command begin their advance towards Garreg Mach to reclaim the monastery.
— Introduction to Protecting Garreg Mach

Battle: Protecting Garreg Mach

Date: 1/31
Monastery (West Wall)

Before Battle

Randolph: The Knights of Seiros are a powerful enemy, but we have more soldiers. We'll take them down all at once!

Seteth: Clever tactics are our only hope here. We will use fire to deal with the main enemy force.

Player Phase 1

Knight of Seiros: Report! The enemy has entered the periphery of Garreg Mach!
Seteth: If we allow them to take the interior, the monastery will be lost. We must drive them back!

Enemy Phase 1

Imperial Soldier: What? That strange battle flag is... But isn't our enemy the Church of Seiros?
Randolph: They didn't have enough soldiers with just the church, so they upped their numbers by joining with those filthy rogues. It doesn't matter what flag they fly. They're nothing more than a mob. We'll destroy them all!

If the Defended location is Captured

Seteth: Ugh... To think we'd let Garreg Mach fall twice to these rebels...

Allied Reinforcement Appears

Seteth: Our troops are preparing the attack. Protect them until they reach their destination!

Allied Reinforcement Falls

Seteth: Our fire unit was destroyed. The plan has failed...

Randolph: It looks like they were planning something, but it failed!

Allied Reinforcement Reaches the Marked Tile

Seteth: All is prepared. Now we just need to draw the enemy's attention.

Seteth: Traitors! Repent of your sins and the goddess may yet show you mercy!
Randolph: Quiet! Don't think you'll get away with mocking me! Attack! Make sure they never speak again!
(Imperial Forces walk towards the center of the map.)
Seteth: Now! Begin!

(The town is set ablaze.)
Imperial Soldier(1): Fire! Gyaaaaaah!
Imperial Soldier(2): It burns! Save me!
Randolph: Argh, a fire attack... The damage is too great. We can't fight anymore! All units, retreat! I'll take on our pursuers! Carry away the injured soldiers!
Seteth: Press the attack! Give them no quarter!

Randolph Starts Moving

Randolph: A total loss... But we can't just return home like this...
Seteth: Watch out, Professor! They're coming for you!

Boss - Randolph

Vs Anyone

For my house! For justice! I will not be defeated!
— Randolph Vs Anyone

Vs Caspar

Caspar: You must be Randolph... My uncle.
Randolph: Caspar?! Yes, indeed... So, I see you have chosen to oppose the Empire. If so, be warned that I won't hesitate. I'll strike you down, even if we're of the same house!
Caspar: You took the words right outta my mouth! Graaagh!

— Randolph Vs Caspar

Death Quote:

Mother... Fleche... I'm so...
— Randolph's Death Quote

Victory Condition has been Reached

Seteth: We face a powerful enemy today. But Garreg Mach will remain secure.

Event - The Resistance Army's Objective

Reception Hall

Seteth: We drove back the Imperial army. The real fight has only just begun...
Caspar: I never thought I'd be fighting Randolph... I guess it can't be helped, seeing as how I've left my own territory and all. But...what will I do if my father or brother get involved. I really don't want to face them...

We must stay strong.

Ferdinand: Too true, Professor. So long as the Empire is our enemy, we cannot avoid fighting those we are acquainted with. Though I suppose I have it easier since my house is no longer on the Empire's side.
Dorothea: My friends from the opera said they would leave the capital and go west... So, at least I won't be seeing them in battle..
Linhardt: Hmm, I don't think I care if my own house falls. Let's make it a grand fight...after a grand nap of course...
Petra: It does not give me happiness to have the people of Brigid involved...but it is not the time to be thinking of that. If it is a possibility, I will be having their strength.
Bernadetta: I don't mind at all. Really! I have no friends anyway, and my father hasn't done much to make me care for him. Not that he'd ever step on a battlefield anyway! Oh, but I do wonder how Mother is doing...
Seteth: Each of our situations is unique. What we share is companionship and the will to fight as one. Professor, you are the heart of our efforts. We will support you as best we can.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Seteth: I have a proposal. t would be most difficult to fight the Imperial army with the forces we have now. As such, I believe we should send messengers to whatever lords we can trust in the Kingdom and the Alliance so that we may gain their support. Do you agree?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I agree. It concerns me.
Seteth: (Support points with Seteth go up.) It is heartening to hear you say that. Seteth: It is difficult to know who we can trust, of course. But we cannot just stand idle either.

Seteth: If all we do is bide our time, out enemy's main army will come down upon us like a hammer from above.
Shamir: Who are you planning to ask?
Catherine: Sadly, House Charon is out. We can trust them, but they have no help to offer.
Alois: Hm, how about House Daphnel of the Alliance? Their leader is sure to at least respond.
Seteth: Judith, the Hero of Daphnel... Yes, that is a fine suggestion. That territory is on the border of the Kingdom and the Alliance. It has not yet been claimed by the fires of war. If they agree to lend us their troops, out forces will be greatly strengthened. We shall send along a secret messenger at once.